Sendai Sachiko Announces Retirement

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In exciting news for her but sad news for her fans around the world, Sendai Sachiko announced this week that she will retire in January of 2016. I say that it is exciting news for Sachiko because the reason for her retirement is she is getting married, as she enters the next phase of her life.

Since Joshi wrestlers start so young, even though Sachiko is only 25 years old she has already been wrestling for almost ten years. She has spent her entire career affiliated with Sendai Girls, a promotion owned and operated by Joshi legend Meiko Satomura. In her career she held two titles, both of which were tag titles with her sister DASH Chisako while wrestling in JWP. They are actually still tag team champions as we speak, having won the titles on July 26th. They also won the JWP Tag League The Best in 2013.

Even though Sendai Sachiko was at times overshadowed by her big sister DASH Chisako, she was a popular wrestler and well known for her high speed and high flying style. Due in part to that style, her career was not without setbacks, as in 2009 she missed 10 months due to an injury and in 2014 she missed eight months after an injury while training. Like most wrestlers however she plans on going out on a high note, with a big retirement event on January 17th, 2016. While no matches have been announced, it is a safe bet she will be teaming with (or possibly facing) her sister in the main event.


While seeing long time wrestlers leaving the sport is always a bit sad, it is great to see a wrestler leaving on her own terms. I hope that everyone will join me in wishing Sendai Sachiko the best of luck, and we’ll certainly enjoy watching her close out her career over the next several months.

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