Kana: Beauty Personified

As in the United States, one aspect of female wrestling is the beauty that some wrestlers emphasize to enhance their wrestling characters.  This is not a requirement of Joshi of course as many wrestlers do not sexualize themselves in any way, but many over the years have released gravure videos, photo books, and other modeling-type media to show off how beautiful they are.

Even though most of the posts in this category will feature wrestlers in Stardom, which is the promotion that puts out the most modeling type products, I have to begin with my personal favorite wrestler and in my opinion one of the most stunning wrestlers in the world.  The World Famous Kana.

Kana has produced three gravure videos over the course of her career.  A gravure is glamour photography, showing the women in different poses and in different locations.  These are popular in Japan, and there are some women that are famous simply for being gravure models.  Some wrestlers have crossed over into that, and in their gravure videos they also put in wrestling matches as well.  It is an easy method of self promotion as it presents the wrestlers as both sexy but still tough wrestlers at the same time.

Kana has produced two videos of her own, and one with her tag team partner at the time Mio Shirai.  Besides the videos, Kana has also been highlighted in many magazines as well.  These videos and photo shoots have increased Kana’s popularity, which was already high as she is also an amazing wrestler.

You didn’t click on this page to read text, so here are some pictures of Kana.  I will be showing more pictures in the future as Kana will pop up from time to time in this section since she has produced more tantalizing media than the average wrestler.  Enjoy!