Joshi City Website Update for February 4th, 2023

Joshi City Update 
Even though for the time being the website is not being updated regularly, I still will occasionally hop back in to update the roster pages. They were a little bit behind, so lots of updates today:

  • BBM Joshi Cards Pre-Orders! As any fan of Joshi cards probably knows, in a couple weeks the annual BBM Joshi card set releases! I will have a limited number for pre-order soon, and I will also have some 2022 boxes for sale as well as singles from both sets. Since it is a pop-up shop type situation it won’t be posted about here on the main Joshi City site, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for when pre-orders are put up.
  • Joshi Promotion Roster Updates! This is one of the biggest updates I’ve done in awhile, as the rosters were about six months out of date. The big addition is AgZ finally updated their website with a roster, so I have added all of their regular wrestlers to the website. Here are all the changes: