Maya Yukihi “Color of Snow” Photobook

Ice Ribbon wrestler Maya Yukihi has released her first photobook! Maya debuted two years ago and has really come into her own in 2016. Here is the basic information for the photobook:

Full Details

Title: Maya Yukihi “Color of Snow”
Release: November 23rd, 2016
Photographer: Isamu Nagawa
Wrestlers Featured: Maya Yukihi
Total Pages: 100
Cost: 3,000 yen
Where to

The photobook is full size (A4), which is a nice change of pace from the last few photobooks I previewed. The photobook is 100 pages, with many of the pages being either full size or across both pages. There are a few pictures of her in her two wrestling attires from the year, however most of the pictures are of Maya in a bathing suit or lingerie. A wide variety of pictures were taken, as clearly a lot of time and effort was put into creating the photobook. Here is just a very small sample of the pictures included: