LADYS RING Joshi Magazine Volume 6

Product: LADYS RING Volume 6
Release Date: June 16th, 2016
Cost: ¥ 1,200 (approximately $11.50)
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LADYS RING is a popular Joshi magazine that is released every month in Japan. As is generally the issue with printed media, the information tends to be about a month behind, however they make up for that by having great pictures from a wide variety of Joshi promotions. Since Joshi is not as well covered in Weekly Pro, LADYS RING provides the one of the best pictorial displays of the Joshi Scene.

LADYS RING Volume 6 had a feature article on Marvelous, which is Chigusa Nagayo’s promotion. The following events are also covered in the magazine:

  • Marvelous on May 3rd
  • Stardom Cinderella Tournament
  • Stardom on May 15th
  • Ice Ribbon on May 4th
  • SEAdLINNNG on May 18th
  • Diana on May 5th
  • Jd’ Anniversary on April 3rd
  • JWP on May 4th
  • OZ Academy on May 22nd