Wrestler Spotlight: Hudson Envy

photo: wwr-stardom.com

In 2015, few invading gaijins made more of an impact on the Joshi scene than American wrestler Hudson Envy. Envy debuted in July of 2012, and she spent the bulk of her early career flying under the radar as she wrestled in various smaller indies across the United States. Envy had her most success in Alternative Wrestling Show, where she won the Women’s Championship on March 22nd, 2014, a title she still holds to this day with 11 successful defenses.

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Hudson Envy first debuted in Stardom in January of 2015, touring with the promotion until early April. She eventually joined the faction Oedo Tai, joining Stardom wrestlers Kris Wolf, Act Yasukawa, and Kyoko Kimura, along with other touring Stardom USA wrestlers such as Heidi Lovelace.  During her first stretch in the promotion, Envy got a shot at both the Artist of Stardom and Goddesses of Stardom Championships, and while she fell short in both attempts she left a sizable impression on the other wrestlers and the fans.

Hudson Envy Stardom Debut on 1/11/15

In July of 2015, Envy returned with a vengeance as she continued teaming with Oedo Tai. After battling her old foe Cheerleader Melissa in both tag and singles action, Envy entered Stardom’s yearly points-based tournament, The Five Star Grand Prix. Envy excelled in the tournament, first picking up victories over Yoneyama and La Rosa Negra before defeating Stardom ace Io Shirai to reach the Finals.

Hudson Envy vs. Io Shirai on 9/13/15 in Stardom

In the Finals of the tournament, Envy faced off against former champion Kairi Hojo in Envy’s highest profile match in the promotion thus far.

Hudson Envy vs. Kairi Hojo on 9/23/15 in Stardom

Hojo would win the match and the tournament, but Envy was so impressive that even in defeat she earned an immediate title shot at Io Shirai’s Wonder of Stardom Championship. Shirai defeated Envy, which would be Envy’s last match in Japan for 2015 as she had been working through a knee injury that required surgery.

Hudson Envy is currently recovering from her knee surgery, and looks to be back later this year. Hopefully Envy will return to Japan soon, so she can continue to wreck havoc in Stardom or wherever her career takes her.

All photos and videos are credited to World Wonder Ring Stardom (www.wwr-stardom.com)