LADYS RING Joshi Magazine Vol. 11 Review

Product: LADYS RING Volume 11
Release Date: January 20th, 2017
Pages: 93
Retail Cost in Japan: ¥ 1,200 (approximately $11.00)
Where to Buy: Puro Central Shop

LADYS RING is a popular Joshi magazine that is released every month or so in Japan. As is generally the issue with printed media, the information tends to be about a month behind, however they make up for that by having great pictures from a wide variety of Joshi promotions. Since Joshi is not as well covered in Weekly Pro, LADYS RING provides one of the best pictorial displays of the Joshi Scene.

LADYS RING Volume 11 has a feature article on Stardom wrestler Kairi Hojo, as well as her partner Yoko Bito. It includes an interview with both (in Japanese of course) and lots of pictures. Also featured in the magazine is an interview with Dynamite Kansai, with pictures from earlier in her career. On top of that, this edition of LADYS RING has their annual awards, with a panel of judges picking their top choice in a variety of categories. The following Joshi events are covered with pictures:

  • Stardom on 12/22/16
  • OZ Academy on 12/11/16
  • Ice Ribbon on 12/31/16
  • Ice Ribbon on 11/19/16
  • RIZIN on 12/31/16
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on 12/15/16
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on 12/29/16
  • Pro Wrestling WAVE on 11/27/16
  • Gatoh Move on 12/24/16
  • REINA on 11/19/16
  • JWP on 12/28/16
  • SEAdLINNNG on 12/21/16
  • Diana on 12/18/16
  • Memorial to Harley Saito