VISUALIST Women’s Pro Wrestling Mook Review

While individual Joshi wrestling promotions release photobooks on a somewhat regular basis, it is rare for there to be a full release from wrestlers in different promotions. Not a lot of publishers have the clout to pull wrestlers from different promotions together, but Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine certainly does. This mook was released in May and contains almost 100 pictures of photos from many popular wrestlers from around the scene. You can read reviews for more magazine and photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Details

Title: VISUALIST Women’s Pro Wrestling Mook
Release: May 19th, 2021
Pages: 98
Size: A4
Cost: ¥1,500
Where to Buy: Amazon Japan and Third Party Vendors

For many months leading up to its release, every week in Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine there was a featured picture of a Joshi wrestler under the “VISUALIST” heading. This led to the release of this mook (magazine + book = mook, basically its a thicker magazine), which is almost 100 pages of modeling-style pictures of some of the most popular Joshi wrestlers. Many different promotions are represented as wrestlers from Stardom, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Ice Ribbon, Actwres girl’Z, and more are featured.  The complete list of wrestlers in the mook is:

  • Giulia (Stardom)
  • Yuka Sakazaki (Tokyo Joshi Pro)
  • Saori Anou (Freelancer)
  • Maya Yukihi (Ice Ribbon)
  • Tam Nakano (Stardom)
  • Mizuki (Tokyo Joshi Pro)
  • Nagisa Nozaki (WAVE)
  • Saki Akai (DDT)
  • Himeka (Stardom)
  • Risa Sera (Ice Ribbon)
  • Miku Aono (Actwres girl’Z)
  • Yuki Kamifuku (Tokyo Joshi Pro)

For fans of the visual, as the name implies, this mook certainly delivers. Each wrestler gets one page of text, but all the other pages are purely pictures, giving fans a lot of bang for their buck. Many of the photos do veer towards the PG-13 side, but there is no nudity or implied nudity. Some of the wrestlers here are very familar with this style of photoshoot (Tam Nakano, Maya Yukihi, Yuki Kamifuku, etc.) but for others its a more rare look at a different side of them. Every wrestler has at least a couple different outfits/settings, giving the photos for each individual wrestler some variety. All in all, this is a very thorough mook and the best print media for professional modeling-style photos of Joshi wrestlers in recent memory just based on the length and variety of wrestlers. Here is a sample of pictures from the mook: