Kana Announces Wrestling Hiatus

Today it was announced that Joshi wrestler Kana will be taking an indefinite hiatus from wrestling, effective in September.  According to the Yahoo! News article and roughly translated, it appears Kana will continue wrestling scheduled dates until mid-September, including a match tomorrow in REINA.  As Kana holds the REINA World Women’s Championship it is currently unknown if she will lose the title, be stripped of the title or if REINA will wait for her to return.  Kana did not give a reason for the hiatus.

Kana last wrestled in Wave on 7/5, wrestling two singles matches.  As the event has not ‘made air’ yet, it is impossible to know if something happened on the event that caused injury.  Kana has wrestled over 50 matches so far in 2015, and has had a heavy workload as she does wrestle in a number of promotions.  Since no reason was announced, anything else is purely speculation at this point, however Kana was clear that she is not retiring from wrestling.

From Kana’s Press Conference

Kana had a press conference on July 9th to provide further information.  She clarified that she will be wrestling on the September 15th Kana Pro event, however there were no current dates currently planned after that for matches.  She did not provide an exact time table for a return.

Sources: Kana’s BlogYahoo, and Kana’s Official Twitter Account