Joshi Wrestling at Fortune Dream 4 on 6/14/17 Review

Event: Kenta Kobashi Produce “Fortune Dream 4”
Date: June 14th, 2017
Location: Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 1,300

I don’t normally do full review for just one match, but I love all four of these wrestlers and if I am going to watch it, I may as well talk about it. Fortune Dream is produced by wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi, they don’t have shows very often but they tend to be pretty entertaining. There is always one Joshi match on the show, often featuring the same wrestler or two as Kobashi has his favorite Joshi wrestlers just like we do. Here is the Joshi match on the show:

  • Meiko Satomura and Mika Shirahime vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto and Konami


If you are going to have just one Joshi match, you could certainly do a lot worse than these four. Meiko and Hiroyo are veterans of Fortune Dream, as it is each of their third match in Kobashi’s produced events. Meiko brings along her young student from Sendai Girls’, Mika Shirahime, who is still working her way up the card almost two years into her career. Hiroyo teams with Konami, they are not a normal tag team however they are familiar with each other as both wrestle in Stardom. Nothing is really on the line here, just pride and the desire to put on a good match as wrestlers tend to work harder on wrestler produced shows.

Konami and Mika start the match, Konami elbows Mika against the ropes but Mika catches her with a dropkick. Meiko comes in and they both kick Konami, cover by Mika but it gets two. Mika knocks Konami into the corner but Konami gets around her and dropkicks Mika in the head, giving her time to tag in Hiroyo. Hiroyo clubs on Mika and hits a hard shoulderblock, she throws down Mika by the hair and stomps her down into the corner. Hiroyo sets Mika across the ropes in the corner, Konami comes in and dropkicks Mika before Hiroyo hits a running body avalanche for a two count. Hiroyo slaps Mika but Mika fires back with mounted elbows, which Hiroyo reverses into a single leg crab hold. Meiko breaks it up by kicking Hiroyo in the back, Konami runs in to take care of her while Mika reverses a backdrop suplex into a cradle for two. Elbows by Mika but Hiroyo elbows her back, she goes off the ropes but Mika catches her with a superkick. Enzuigiri by Mika and she tags in Meiko, Meiko trades elbows with Hiroyo and she elbows her in the corner.

fortune6-14Meiko comes back with a rebound elbow smash, Mika runs in and kicks Hiroyo but Hiroyo hits a backdrop suplex on both of them. Hiroyo gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a reverse double kneedrop, but Meiko kicks out of the cover. Irish whip by Hiroyo but Meiko hits a heel kick, she goes off the ropes but Hiroyo delivers a back elbow. Hiroyo tags in Konami, she goes up top and hits a missile dropkick onto Meiko. Konami kicks Meiko in the chest but Meiko kicks her back, elbow by Meiko and she kicks Konami into the corner. Backdrop suplex by Meiko, and she covers Konami for two. Meiko tells Konami to fight back but it doesn’t go well for her, Hiroyo grabs Meiko from the apron but Mika kicks Konami from the apron to even things off. Cartwheel Kneedrop by Meiko, she goes up top but Konami hits her before she can jump off and dumps her back into the ring. Now Konami goes up but Meiko uppercuts her and pulls her to the center of the ring, she goes for the Death Valley Bomb but Konami reverses it into a cross kneelock. Mika tries to break it up but Hiroyo puts her in a backbreaker before tossing her to the mat, however Meiko makes it to the ropes for the break. Kick to the head by Konami, and she covers Meiko for a two count. Pele Kick by Meiko and she kicks Konami again in the head, Death Valley Bomb by Meiko and she picks up the three count! Meiko Satomura and Mika Shirahime win the match.

Even though the match was early on in the card, the veterans Meiko and Hiroyo only know one way to wrestle (Konami’s lip got busted at some point from Meiko’s kicks) so it felt like a bigger match than it was. While I do wish that it was longer, it was still entertaining with all four getting a bit of a chance to shine. Meiko really took it to Konami in the last section of the match, they haven’t wrestled in two years so I guess they had time to make up for. Overall a well paced and hard hitting match, nothing that will blow you away but a good effort by all of them, and if anyone in the crowd was new to Joshi I hope they came away impressed with what they saw.  Recommended