GAEA Japan “Never Ending Bump” on 11/3/95 Review

Event: GAEA Japan “Never Ending Bump”
Date: November 3rd, 1995
Location: Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 2,100

Over the next eternity, I will be watching and reviewing all GAEA Japan events in order, starting with their debut show on April 15th, 1995. Visit the GAEA Japan Project page for a brief history of the promotion, the roster page, my favorite matches from the promotion, and the full list of all events reviewed. I will also be uploading my favorite match from each show so that everyone can enjoy it.

If you want to watch the GAEA Japan events I am reviewing, Mike Lorefice sells the complete seasons at a very reasonable price both via download and physical copy. Mike’s is one of the sites I’m using extensively to write these reviews, its a great resource for learning more about GAEA Japan and wrestling in general.

After a bit of a break, I am back to watching more GAEA Japan! This airing from GAORA TV is really interesting – they actually don’t air the main event from this show at all. The show ended with a big match between Chigusa Nagayo and Shark Tsuchiya, so while I don’t think there was an official reason why it never aired, either FMW didn’t give permission (less likely) or the match was really bad (more likely). In fact most of the matches from this show didn’t make the recording, as they only show two matches from the six match card. Here are the matches we will be watching:

The airing is still an hour long, so safe bet that one of these matches will be on the lengthy side. You can click on the names above to go directly to that wrestler’s profile here on Joshi City.

Meiko Satomura, Miyazaki, and Toshie Sato vs. Amano
, Chihiro Nakano, and Kanako Motoya
G & J 3 on 3 MIX

For the live crowd, this was the third match on the card, as a slew of young wrestlers collide. Chihiro Nakano, Meiko Satomura, and Toshie Sato are all rookies trained in GAEA Japan and have all shown a lot of promise early in their careers. Reiko Amano, Kanako Motoya, and Yuki Miyazaki are all from JWP, so as the name of the match implies, it is a true mix of rookies between the two promotions.

Yuki and Chihiro start the match but Amano quickly comes in to help before Kanako is tagged in. Kanako takes down Yuki and puts her in an armbar, but Toshie quickly breaks it up. Yuki tags in Toshie, kicks by Toshie to Chihiro but Chihiro hits a scoop slam for a two count. Irish whip by Chihiro and she nails a jumping knee, but that gets a two as well. She tags in Amano, dropkick by Amano and she scoop slams Toshie. Snapmare by Amano and she puts Toshie in a crab hold, but Yuki breaks it up. Meiko is tagged in and she trades elbows with Amano, running elbow by Meiko and she hits a scoop slam. Meiko tags in Yuki, dropkicks by Yuki but Kanako tags herself in. Crossbody by Yuki to Kanako and she puts her in a headscissors, she lets Yuki go after a moment and dropkicks her into the corner. Another dropkick by Kanako and she tags in Chihiro, snapmare by Chihiro and she puts Yuki in a crab hold. Yuki gets to the ropes for the break, Chihiro drags her back to the middle of the ring and starts working on her leg. Chihiro tags Kanako, crossbody by Kanako but Yuki kicks out. Yuki finally gets control of the match, snapmares by Yuki and she puts Kanako in a bodyscissors. Chihiro runs in and breaks it up, Kanako and Chihiro double team Yuki and Kanako dropkicks Toshie when she tries to help.

Kanako tags in Amano but Yuki avoids her diving body press, Amano tags Kanako back in and Kanako cradles Yuki for two. Meiko and Toshie come to to get Yuki back in control but she immediately hits a series of running boots from Kanako. Kanako tags Chihiro but Yuki slaps her against the ropes and delivers a hip attack. Another hip attack by Yuki and she tags in Toshie, face crusher by Toshie to Chihiro and she gets a two count cover. Irish whip by Toshie and she trades waistlocks with Chihiro until she delivers a neckbreaker. Chihiro quickly puts Toshie in a kneelock but it gets broken up, she tags in Amano while Meiko is tagged in as well. Amano tosses Meiko into the corner and hits an elbow, but Meiko returns the favor, jumping lariat by Amano but Yuki boots her in the head. Yuki goes up top and hits a missile dropkick onto Amano, Toshie then hits one as well until Meiko delivers a diving lariat. Amano is dragged back to her corner so that Kanako can tag in, Yuki stays in too but Chihiro comes off the top with a knee to Toshie. We settle back to Meiko in the ring with Amano, they trade flash pins but neither can get the three count. Amano goes off the ropes and hits a jumping lariat, but Meiko avoids the next one and goes for Amano’s arm. Meiko goes for the cross armbreaker but Amano gets away, cradle by Meiko but Amano reverts it into a cross armbreaker and Meiko submits! Your winners are Reiko Amano, Chihiro Nakano, and Kanako Motoya!

When you put six young wrestlers in one match without any type of veteran to keep them under control, you are going to get chaos, which is what this match was. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a mid-card fast paced match but if you are looking for structure then this isn’t the match for you as they were just running in and out with no regard to traditional tag rules. Chihiro’s jumping knee was the most memorable thing about the match, it was hit very flush and she looked great here. Even though they are young and inexperienced, it was certainly an exciting match and they all showed potential to be great wrestlers down the road (which many did in fact become).  Mildly Recommended

Devil Masami and Mayumi Ozaki vs. KAORU and Hikari Fukuoka

As I mentioned at the top, this was not the actual main event of the show, making this the first time we have watched a GAEA Japan event without a match from Chigusa Nagayo. Like the last match, this one also is heavily influenced by JWP, as three of the four wrestlers are part of the promotion. KAORU is the only wrestler here that is a GAEA Japan wrestler, she has been with GAEA Japan since it opened and before that wrestled in AJW and Universal Pro. Devil Masami is the highest ‘ranked’ wrestler in the match as she is one of the top wrestlers from JWP, but there are no true weak links here so it should be a heated and close battle.

We join the match in progress with Ozaki in the ring with KAORU, KAORU applies a sleeper but Ozaki gets out of it, she manages to tag in Masami but KAORU immediately jumps on her back and applies a sleeper to her as well. Fukuoka goes up top and hits a missile dropkick onto Masami, but Masami fires back with a lariat out of instinct. Fukuoka still recovers first and puts Masami in a sleeper, Masami struggles for a few minutes until she finally reaches the ropes. Fukuoka picks up Masami and hits a German suplex hold, but Ozaki breaks it up. Fukuoka tags KAORU back in and KAORU puts Masami in a Mexican Surfboard, she lets go after a moment and hits a leg drop to Masami’s back. KAORU tags Fukuoka, Irish whip by Fukuoka but Masami blocks it and hits an overhead toss. This gives her time to tag in Ozaki, German suplex hold by Ozaki but it gets a two count. Liger Bomb by Ozaki, but that gets a two count as well. Ozaki goes up top and hits a twisting body press, but again Fukuoka kicks out. Short armbar by Ozaki, she picks up Fukuoka and snaps down on her arm. She goes back to the armbar before tagging Masami in, Irish whip by Masami but Fukuoka rebounds out of the corner with a dropkick. Rolling Cradle by Fukuoka, but Ozaki breaks up the eventual cover. Dragon sleeper by Fukuoka to Masami but Masami gets out of it, Irish whip by Masami and she slams Fukuoka. Fukuoka elbows Masami, Masami goes for a powerbomb but KAORU breaks it up before she can finish the move. Ozaki comes in to even the odds, Masami slams Fukuoka near the corner and she picks up Ozaki to powerbomb her onto Fukuoka, but KAORU dives off the top with a lariat to Ozaki instead. German suplex hold by Fukuoka to Masami, but Masami gets a shoulder up. Masami rolls out of the ring and Fukuoka goes out after her, but Masami slaps her hard in the chest and takes her up into the crowd. Masami tosses chairs at Fukuoka but Fukuoka gets behind her back and pushes Masami off the stage.

Masami lands on her feet but KAORU goes up on the stage and Fukuoka helps catapult her off the stage and onto Masami. Fukuoka then does a cartwheel on the stage before diving down onto both Masami and Ozaki with a crossbody. Back in the ring, Fukuoka tosses Masami into the corner and delivers the Space Rolling Elbow, she puts Masami on the top turnbuckle but when she goes for the Frankensteiner she gets powerbombed instead. Sleeper by Masami but KAORU breaks it up, Masami grabs KAORU and tosses her over the top rope to the floor. Masami picks up Fukuoka and hits a Liger Bomb, but it gets a two count. Masami goes back to the sleeper but Fukuoka gets a foot on the ropes for the break, KAORU suddenly flies in the ring with a swandive dropkick to Masami’s back and she drags Fukuoka back to her corner so she can tag her. KAORU charges Masami but Masami hits a Samoan Drop, scoop slam by Masami and she goes up top, but KAORU dropkicks her before she can jump off and joins her. Ozaki runs over and slams KAORU to the mat, powerbomb by Ozaki and Masami comes off the top with a leg drop attempt, but KAORU moves. KAORU picks up Masami but Masami kicks her in the back of the head, she gets KAORU on her shoulders as Ozaki goes up top, but KAORU slides off before Ozaki can connect with a dive. Ozaki stays in, cradle by KAORU to Ozaki but it gets a two count. Ozaki applies a short armbar, Masami then dives off with a leg drop to KAORU’s arm before Ozaki covers KAORU for two. Masami powerbombs KAORU, she gets KAORU on her shoulders as Ozaki goes up top, but KAORU armdrags Ozaki off the top turnbuckle before Fukuoka nails Ozaki with a Rider Kick. Space Rolling Elbow by Fukuoka to Ozaki followed by an assisted dropkick by KAORU, KAORU covers Masami but it gets a two count.

KAORU boots Masami in the head as does Fukuoka, KAORU picks up Masami and drops her with a brainbuster and she hits a second one, cover by KAORU but Ozaki breaks it up. Masami slowly gets up but eats a Rider Kick to the back of the head for her trouble, KAORU covers Masami but the referee won’t count it probably due to Fukuoka knocking her out when she wasn’t the legal wrestler. KAORU grabs Masami but Masami elbows her off of her, Ozaki dives off the top turnbuckle with a somersault but Fukuoka runs in and takes care of her. Scoop slam by KAORU to Masami and Fukuoka delivers a moonsault. Sleeper by KAORU but Ozaki breaks it up, Fukuoka takes care of her however and then goes up top and nails a moonsault footstomp onto Masami. KAORU then goes up top and hits two moonsault footstomps to Masami, cover by KAORU but Ozaki breaks up the cover. KAORU applies a sleeper to Masami while sitting on the top turnbuckle, but Ozaki runs in and elbows her before Masami delivers an Electric Chair Drop. Masami picks up KAORU and nails a Liger Bomb, but Fukuoka breaks it up. Ozaki powerbombs Fukuoka, Masami covers KAORU again but Fukuoka rolls over to break it up again. Ozaki comes in and nails the Tequila Sunrise onto KAORU, but KAORU gets a shoulder up. Another Tequila Sunrise by Ozaki, but KAORU gets her shoulder up again. Ozaki goes up top but KAORU recovers and joins her, Masami hits KAORU from behind and gets her on her shoulders before Ozaki dives off with a crossbody onto KAORU. Fukuoka breaks up her cover attempt, Ozaki picks up KAORU and goes for a powerbomb, but KAORU reverses it with a hurricanrana. Fukuoka goes up top while KAORU gets Ozaki on her shoulders, but Ozaki rolls up KAORU when Fukuoka goes for a Rider Kick. Masami powerbombs Fukuoka, Ozaki grabs KAORU and powerbombs her as well while Masami goes up top. Fukuoka feeds KAORU to Masami so that Masami can hit a leg drop on KAORU from the top turnbuckle, but the bell rings before she can make a cover. The match is a Draw.

This match started really slow since they were aiming for the 45 minute time limit but once it got going it stayed entertaining until the end. If anything they were doing too much, especially since it wasn’t the main event, with all the wrestlers hitting their finishers (or variations thereof) with not a lot of selling between moves. I was surprised how much offense Devil Masami took, she has a reputation of being selfish sometimes but here she was basically the “Face in Peril” during a good chunk of the match. Fukuoka is crazy and takes a lot of risks, she delivered the vast majority of the time here and it just added to the chaotic scene. This match wouldn’t look out of place even if it took place in 2018, they were ahead of the curve when it comes to fast paced hard hitting action and they delivered that here in spades.  Recommended

Final Thoughts:


Even though this was a two match show (due to one match taking up 30 minutes), at least both matches delivered. The rookies match is very different from the rookie matches we see currently in Joshi, as they all were going all out and put on a fast paced (although not very controlled) match. The big tag team match was entertaining, it would have been better if the Draw time wasn’t so high as it did leave to some slower moments early, but the insane level of offense they displayed helped make up for it. While not the most complete GAEA Japan airing we have seen, its still worth the watch.