Joshi City Website Update for March 28th, 2021

Arisu Endo Ai Hozan

Not a whole lot going on but wanted to give an update on a few things:

  • BBM Women’s Wrestling 2021 Cards! It is almost that time of year again! The latest Joshi cards from BBM are expected to ship this week. As soon as the boxes I pre-ordered are on the way from Japan, there will be pre-orders for both boxes and unsorted packs in the Joshi City Shop. So keep an eye out as they tend to sell out fast, I expect to be able to list them around March 31st.
  • Lack of Recommended Match Uploads this Update. This is an update on a non-update. I do not have any Recommend Matches this week as it is getting more difficult to find matches to upload. I have always tried to add matches that the promotions do not make available on their own streaming service to encourage fans to sign up for them, but more and more events now being made available in that manner. Which is good for Joshi fans, but it does mean there are less matches “available” for me to upload. The section will continue to be maintained, uploads may just be slightly less frequent going forward.
  • Profile Updates! The following profiles have been added or updated: