Joshi City Website Update for September 16th, 2021

Some major roster updates this week, lets get right to the fun:

  • Joshi City Shop Closing! Another reminder that very soon the Joshi City Shop will be closing. Currently, items are 46% off, which is the highest discount that will be done until items start being removed in the next week or two. So stop by and see if there are any items you are interested in, no new inventory will be added leading up to the closing.
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro Roster Update! I went through every profile on the Tokyo Joshi Pro Roster page and added new pictures, updated the profiles with the latest information, and also added move GIFs to every profile. These updates are very time consuming, and because of this the rosters were about four years out of date. So I hope everyone enjoys the updated profiles.
  • More Profile Updates! A lot happened in the last two months, the following wrestler profiles were added or moved: