Joshi City Website Update for January 2nd, 2022

Bulldozer Amisa 
Happy New Year! Let’s get right into what has changed since the last general update.

Profile Updates! There were two major events that took place in the last few weeks that lead to many wrestler profile changes:

  • First, AgZ announced they will no longer do professional wrestling events and are focusing on stage/theater events. Since that is how they are categorizing their events, Joshi City is following suit and removing them as an active pro wrestling promotion. With their roster, some will continue wrestling elsewhere, some will stick to theater, and others we aren’t 100% sure about. For this update, any wrestlers that have announced they will continue wrestling have been moved to their new roster page (mostly Freelancers). Those that are staying in theater, for now I am moving to “Inactive Wrestlers” as things can change (unless the wrestler specifically announced they are retiring). This situation is still rather fluid and some wrestlers may continue to be shuffled around over the next few months.
  • Second, a group of wrestlers have left Ice Ribbon to form their own group called PROMINENCE. That group is lead by Suzu Suzuki. Maya Yukihi has also announced she will be going Freelancer, however she will still be appearing in Ice Ribbon. So those adjustments have been made as well.
  • Here is a full list of all the wrestler profile roster changes: