Joshi City Website Update for January 1st, 2020

Honori HanaSyuri and Sareee vs. Yumi Ohka and Miyuki TakaseMeari Naito

Happy New Year! Lots to talk about so without further ado:

  • January Plans for Joshi City! With a new year here, I’d like to set a goal – update Joshi City once a day for the month of January. I tried this once before and I think I managed 24 or 25 updates, so I’ll try my best to at least meet that. The site has gotten more popular the last few months even with my poor updating schedule due to the increased popularity of Stardom, so I’d like to take advantage of that by actually adding content. I hope to have a variety of content added to keep things fresh and interesting, so look for the following additions during the month:
    • Current Event Reviews
    • Classic Event Reviews (both GAEA Japan and other promotions)
    • Joshi Card Set Reviews
    • Photobook Reviews
    • Best of 2019 and Best of the Decade Content
    • Roster Updates (with a focus on updating profiles with more current pictures and details)
  • New Profiles Added! I try to add rookies in a timely manner and I’m also working on getting the Retired Wrestlers section more complete, so that continued to be the focus for this update. The following profiles have been added or modified:
  • Recommended Matches! I have added a new match video to the Recommended Matches page. Remember that not all the matches I add are MOTYCs, my goal is to have a variety of quality matches for those that don’t have the time/effort to hunt down what to watch and hopefully discover new wrestlers to enjoy. The following match was added: