Joshi City Website Update for February 5th, 2022

Not much to add to kick off the month, but I did want to talk about the recent roster page changes.

  • Joshi Streaming Service Evaluation 2022! Last April, I carefully tracked all events uploaded to official Joshi streaming services and evaluated each one on if they were a good value. I was going to do it again this month, however with the coronavirus impacting some promotions I decided to wait until March to give everyone a chance to recover. So look for that to drop again next month to see which services have improved and if any got worse.
  • Roster Page Updates! As many have noticed over the last few years, the gallery app I was using for the Joshi Wrestler Roster pages sometimes did not load correctly (or at all). I had adjusted the settings a hundred times to try to fix it, but it still sometimes happened. Well I finally got tired of it and took the time the last few days to switch over to a new app, which meant re-doing every roster page one by one. Which took awhile. But it has been completed and hopefully going forward the roster pages will behave better. While I was updating the pages anyway, I went ahead and made a few changes to rosters themselves to get them as up to date as possible. Here is a full list of all the wrestler profile roster changes: