ARSION Card Set 1998 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Card List and Review

ARSION Card Set Vol. 1ARSION Card Set Vol. 2

In my collection I have a wide variety of Joshi card sets from over the years, many of which do not have a card list anywhere on the Internet. So I hope to slowly add more of them to Joshi City, starting with the dual HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING ARSION Card Set Vol. 1 and Vol 2 released in 1998.

The cards came in two ‘volumes’ in CD cases, here are the details:

Card Set: HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING ARSION Limited Edition Collector’s Series Card Set Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Release Date: 1998
Number of Cards in Set: 63
Cost per Pack:  Unknown
Where to Purchase: Third Party Vendors

This is an unusual card set, and one that is difficult to find information on. The card set was split into two volumes and were sold in a CD case (each CD case called “Volume 1” and “Volume 2”, respectively). Each volume was limited to only 2,500 sets, and the outside of the case has the serial number of that volume. While each case is packed with cards, it is not possible to get a full set with just one purchase of both sets as there are more cards in the set than will fit in the case. In addition, there were cards included separately as “bonus” cards when I purchased both Volumes that match with the card list but were not included within the case itself.

Each combined set has one autograph card, which is an enlarged card that is the size of two typical sports cards. The card appearance of all autographs cards is the same as it is a “team” picture, with a different ARSION wrestler signing the bottom. Since I pulled Mary Apache, I could read who signed it, but there is some risk that if a Japanese wrestler had signed it I may not have known who it was if I could not read the signature. The signed cards are a neat concept with the extra size, however it would be nice to have a list of wrestlers who signed the cards.

What I lack in general information about how the set was sold, I will make up for with a set list and lots of pictures! Even though both Volumes have a lot of the same wrestlers, the front picture and the back of the cards is different. First, here is the official checklist:

Red = Poster Collection
Blue = Visual Card
Green = Bonus Card
Grey = Special Card

Purple = Media Card
Orange = Premium Card

Volume 1 Volume 2
1. Aja Kong
2. Mariko Yoshida
3. Mikiko Futagami (GAMI)
4. Rie Tamada
5. Michiko Ohmukai
6. Yumi Fukawa
7. Candy Okutsu
8. Reggie Bennett
9. Jessie Bennett
10. Mari Apache
11. Fabi Apache
12. Lady Metal
13. Naoko Kumagai
14. Aya Mitsui
15. Natsumi Nakazawa
16. Ayako Hamada
17. Sakie Hasegawa
19. ARSION VIRGIN Poster Card
20. ARSION STARLET Poster Card
21. Rie Tamada
22. Yumi Fukawa
23. Yumi Fukawa
24. Tamada and Fukawa in Mexico
25. Tamada and Fukawa in Mexico
26. BAD BOY Faction Card
27. Michiko Ohmukai and Aya Mitsui
28. Ayako Hamada
29. Rie Tamada
30. Michiko Ohmukai
31. Yumi Fukawa
32. Candy Okutsu
33. Aja Kong
34. Mariko Yoshida
35. Mikiko Futagami (GAMI)
36. Rie Tamada
37. Michiko Ohmukai
38. Yumi Fukawa
39. Candy Okutsu
40. Reggie Bennett
41. Jessie Bennett
42. Mari Apache
43. Fabi Apache
44. Lady Metal
45. Mika Akino
46. Ayako Hamada
47. Tiger Dream
48. Saki Hasagawa
49. Mariko Yoshida
50. Rie Tamada
51. Michiko Ohmukai
52. Yumi Fukawa
53. Candy Okutsu
54. Ayako Hamada
55. CMLL
56. Candy Okutsu
57. Michiko Ohmukai
58. Yumi Fukawa
59. Professional Wrestling Video Card
60. Tournament ARS ’98
61. Ayako Hamada
62. Unknown

In the two volumes I purchased, I received most of the cards. These are scanned in number order, with just a few gaps here and there.

Finally, two examples of the autograph card:

ARSION Card Set Autograph ARSION Card Set Autograph