2023 BBM Women’s Pro Wrestling Ambitious!! Checklist

2023 BBM Ambitious!!

Card Set:
2023 BBM Women’s Pro Wrestling Special Card Set Ambitious!!
Release Date: December 25th, 2023
Base Cards in Set: 47 Regular Cards
Cost per Box: 15,400 Yen
Where to Purchase: Various online third party vendors (Buyee, Rakuten, eBay, etc.)

To the surprise of millions of Joshi card collectors around the world, in October 2023 BBM announced a surprise Joshi card set to be released later that year. This is not a “full” card set and does not replace the annual Spring release, but rather an expansion to the 2023 set. The checklist is very limited compared to the regular set, with only 47 different wrestler base cards. The set was released on December 25th and quickly sold out at retail, as BBM Joshi sets tend to do. The big selling point for this set (and probably why it exists) is BBM has autograph cards of KAIRI (Kairi Sane aka Kairi Hojo), Hikaru Shida, Riho, and Sareee as well as the last signed cards of the recently retired Saki Akai. So its a very stacked set.

The structure for 2023 BBM Women’s Pro Wrestling Special Card Set Ambitious!! is dramatically different from the usual release. First of all, the boxes do not contain packs of cards. Every box has this configuration:

  • 47 Base Cards (a full set of base cards)
  • 8 Special Cards

For the eight special cards, the cards included could be any of the other cards available in the set. Here is the breakdown of what every box has:

  • 2 Autograph Cards
  • 1 Additional “Hit” (could be an additional autograph card, a Cheki, or a /50 pink foil card)
  • 1 Acrylic Card
  • 4 of any combination of – SP Cards, Secret Cards, Silver Paper Cards, and Inserts Cards (both regular and serial numbered)

There are pros and cons of this setup. First, the main “con” is that if you buy multiple boxes, you are guaranteed to get a duplicate of every base card. Getting duplicates is never fun, as most don’t have a lot of value so fans that already have one complete set just have another one. This means the only “excitement” of opening any boxes are the eight special cards as the bulk of the box contents is already known. Other negatives about the release is the price (about $115 retail) and the fact every box only has two guaranteed autographs which is lower than any other BBM Joshi release ever made.

It is not all bad though! One benefit of having a small checklist is the chances are pulling a good autograph are much higher. There is very little “fluff” here as the set is full of the biggest stars (not in Stardom) and all the rookies that debuted since the last set. I opened four boxes and in those I got a total of two Ram Kaicho autographs, a Hikaru Shida low serial autograph, a Saori Anou low serial autograph, plus a Cheki and from looking at other breaks these results weren’t that unusual. Also, the low serial numbered insert cards (to both /40 and /20) are a fun surprise and a quick way to boost the value of the box, as its been a long time since BBM had non-autograph serial numbered cards in their Joshi set.

For fans of Joshi cards, I can 100% recommend buying a box. Getting a complete base set in one box is nice if you are only buying one, the autograph checklist is killer, and the low serial base cards are a fun surprise. My recommendation does go down if buying multiple boxes as the duplication can be frustrating and the price is high, so just keep that in mind if you are going to get more than one.

Here is the full checklist, translated from BBM’s website:

Base Cards (47 + 5 Secret Variations)

Red = Rookie Card
Blue = Tag Team Card
Green = Legend
* = Wrestler also has a “secret” alternative version of their base card

Wrestlers also have a Pink Foil (Printed) Autograph Card, limited to 50 each

1. Saki Akai
2. Saori Anou
3. Yuki Arai  *
4. Maki Itoh
5. Tomoka Inaba
7. Yuki Kamifuku
8. Yuka Sakazaki
9. Sareee *
10. Hikaru Shida *
11. Suzume
12. Mei Suruga
13. Rika Tatsumi
14. Arisa Nakajima
15. Shoko Nakajima
16. Hikari Noa
17. Hyper Misao
18. Mizuki
19. Miyu Yamashita
20. YuuRI
21. Raku
22. Ram Kaicho
23. Riho
24. Miu Watanabe
25. Kyoraku Kyomei (Hyper Misao and Shoko Nakajima)
26. Daisy Monkey (Arisu Endo and Suzume)
27. Up Up Girls (Miu Watanabe, Shino Suzuki, Raku, and Hikari Noa)
28. Inaba Sisters (Tomoka and Azusa)
29. 1111 (Misa Kagura and Sumika Yanagawa)
30. Cutie Suzuki
31. Megumi Kudo
32. Yasha Kurenai
33. Villainous Alliance (Dump Matsumoto and Crane Yu)
146. Azusa Inaba
147. Wakana Uehara
148. Runa Okubo
149. Haru Kazashiro
150. Sunny
151. Shino Suzuki
152. Nonoka Seto
153. ZONES
154. Kizuna Tanaka
155. Chi Chi
156. Toga
158. Honoka
159. Riara

Special Cards

Insert Card – also a special /40 and /20 version of each card

SP01.  Saki Akai
SP02.  Saori Anou
SP03.  Yuki Arai
SP04.  Tomoka Inaba
SP06.  Yuki Kamifuku
SP07.  Sareee
SP08.  Hikaru Shida
SP09.  Suzume
SP10.  Mei Suruga
SP11.  Rika Tatsumi
SP12.  Hikari Noa
SP13.  Mizuki
SP14.  YuuRI
SP15.  Ram Kaicho
SP16.  Riho
SP17.  Miu Watanabe

Acrylic Card

A01. Saori Anou
A02. Yuki Arai
A04. Sareee
A05. Hikaru Shida
A06. Arisa Nakajima
A07. Mizuki
A08. Ram Kaicho
A09. Riho

Silver Paper Secret Card

EX1.  Hikaru Shida
EX2.  Ram Kaicho

Base Autographs

The first number is the serial number for the wrestler’s base autograph, the second number is for the wrestler’s secret autograph (if applicable), and the third number is the serial number for their Cheki autograph (if applicable).

Saki Akai    /100,  —,  /10
Saori Anou     /100,  —,  /10
Yuki Arai     /100,  /35,  /10
Maki Itoh    /100,  —,  —
Tomoka Inaba    /100,  —,  /10
KAIRI    /100,  —,  —
Yuki Kamifuku    /100,  —,  /10
Yuka Sakazaki    /100,  —,  —
Sareee    /100,  /35,  /10
Hikaru Shida    /100,  /35,  /10
Suzume    /100,  —,  /10
Mei Suruga    /70,  —,  /10
Rika Tatsumi    /100,  —,  /10
Arisa Nakajima    /100,  —,  /10
Shoko Nakajima    /100,  —,  /10
Hikari Noa    /100,  /35,  /10
Hyper Misao    /100,  —,  /10
Mizuki    /100,  —,  /10
Miyu Yamashita    /100,  —,  /10
YuuRI    /100,  —,  —
Raku    /100,  —,  /10
Ram Kaicho    /100,  —,  /10
Riho    /100,  /35,  /10
Miu Watanabe    /100,  —,  /10
Kyoraku Kyomei     /100,  —,  —
Daisy Monkey    /100,  —,  /10
Up Up Girls    /100,  —,  —
Inaba Sisters     /100,  —,  —
1111    /100,  —,  /10
Cutie Suzuki    /100,  —,  —
Megumi Kudo    /100,  —,  —
Yasha Kurenai    /100,  —,  —
Villainous Alliance    /100,  —,  —
Azusa Inaba    /100,  —,  /10
Wakana Uehara    /100,  —,  /10
Runa Okubo    /100,  —,  /10
Haru Kazashiro    /100,  —,  /10
Sunny    /100,  —,  /10
Shino Suzuki    /100,  —,  /10
Nonoka Seto    /100,  —,  /10
ZONES    /100,  —,  /10
Kizuna Tanaka    /100,  —,  /10
Chi Chi    /100,  —,  /10
Toga    /100,  —,  /10
HIMAWARI    /100,  —,  /10
Honoka    /100,  —,  /10
Riara    /100,  —,  /10

Insert Autographs

Saki Akai   /100
Saori Anou   /60
Yuki Arai   /60
Tomoka Inaba   /10
KAIRI   /30
Yuki Kamifuku   /60
Sareee   /60
Hikaru Shida   /60
Suzume   /60
Suruga Mei   /60
Rika Tatsumi   /60
Hikari Noa   /60
Mizuki   /60
YuuRI   /60
Ram Kaicho   /60
Riho   /60
Miu Watanabe   /60

Silver Paper Secret Autographs

Hikaru Shida   /30
Ram Kaicho   /30

Super Secret Autographs

Saori Anou   /5
Yuki Arai   /5
KAIRI   /5
Sareee   /5
Riho   /5
Megumi Kudo   /30

Below are scans of many of the cards available in the set!

Base Cards (in order):

Super Secret Autographs: