Stardom Collection Card 2019 Details and Review

This review is a little bit too late to be as useful as I would have liked it to be, as it comes after the set is sold out. However, starting this year I want to be more diligent for providing a look into all Joshi card sets that are released, and I didn’t want to skip what may turn out to be one of the best card offerings of the year.

The cards were sold directly by Stardom, here are the basics:

Card Set: Stardom Collection Card 2019
Cards per Pack: 10
Number of Cards in Set: 234
Cost per Pack:  Sold at $50 for five packs, plus shipping
Where to Purchase: Out of Stock

To make my life easier this year in case Stardom releases more card sets (as hopefully they will), here are some staples that are true of all Stardom releases:

  • On card autographs. As an autograph card collector, its important to me that the autographs aren’t on stickers. Sometimes stickers are necessary but the cards look so much nicer without them so it is worth noting. Since Stardom makes their cards in-house, the wrestlers are always available so no sticker autographs are used, not even for multi-signed cards.
  • Card pictures and variety. Stardom never disappoints when it comes to card variety. Wrestlers will have multiple cards, however the cards will vary from in-ring action shots, casual shots, promo shots, sexy shots, and whatever else they can think of. They also include cards for the titles (generally showcasing the champions at the time the set was made).
  • Can only purchase in bundles. The cheapest way to buy Stardom cards internationally is in a bundle of five packs for $50, so if you want to check out the cards the lowest amount you will pay is $65 with shipping (and possibly higher depending on your country’s shipping and customs fees).

Here is what was different or special about this release:

  • Obscene autograph ratio per pack. I opened 50 packs and in those packs I got over 160 autograph cards. Usually with Stardom releases the average number of autographs per pack is one (although not guaranteed), so having a ratio over 3:1 is much higher than we’ve seen before and was not expected. From talking to others that received packs this appeared to be the average across the board, however it should be noted there was still no method to the madness as some packs may have ten autographs while others could have none. Still, for the price of the packs it is one hell of a value, even if I am sure the wrestlers had sore wrists from signing their name so many times.
  • Great variety of cards with multiple autographs. Again, Stardom outdid themselves with this set with the multi-signed cards. There were a total of eight multi-signature cards with one card signed by five wrestlers, three triple autograph cards, and four dual autograph cards. This covered all the major factions in Stardom so no one was left out.
  • “The Sexy” cards. This is both a pro and a con. As a shop owner, I can confirm that the cards labeled “The Sexy” sold very well and were popular, as Stardom understands their fan base. The cards feature the wrestlers in an attire similar to what they wear in Stardom photo books, usually a bikini or some type of lingerie. While on the surface there is nothing wrong with that, the “con” is that they also had “The Sexy” cards for the underage wrestlers, including AZM, Starlight Kid, and Hanan. Its a bit awkward pulling a card of a 14 year old wearing a bikini with “The Sexy” on the back. I have no issue with the concept with wrestlers 18+, but it would have been better to just exclude the children from that particular card variety for a number of obvious reasons.
  • Notable Gaijin offering. Stardom always tries to get the latest Gaijin (foreign) wrestlers on tour to participate in their latest card offerings, and this set was no different. Wrestlers such as Jamie Hayter and Session Moth Martina had their first autographs included in this set, along with returning wrestlers Bea Priestley and others. For the base cards, they cheated a bit and have wrestlers that had not toured recently with the company such as Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray included as well. All told, a pretty decent variety of new Gaijins.
  • Utami Hayashishita debut. Utami is setting the Joshi world on fire, and this set is the first time she has been featured in a card set. She had over ten cards total, including three autograph cards (a single, a mask fiesta autograph, and a dual autograph with Momo Watanabe). Any hardcore Utami fan would be very pleased with her representation in her first set.

Below I have scanned examples of what the cards look like. The first picture shows the base cards, the second picture the standard autographs, the third picture the Mask Fiesta autographs, and the final picture an example of some of the multi-signed cards.


Finally, I have translated the card list for those looking to complete their collections or see which wrestlers are available in this set:

Red = Regular Autograph
Blue = Mask Fiesta Autograph
Green = Glitter Card
Orange = Dropkick on My Devil Glitter Card

1. Mayu Iwatani
2. Mayu Iwatani
3. Mayu Iwatani
4. Mayu Iwatani
5. Mayu Iwatani
6. Mayu Iwatani
7. Arisa Hoshiki
8. Arisa Hoshiki
9. Arisa Hoshiki
10. Arisa Hoshiki
11. Arisa Hoshiki
12. Saki Kashima
13. Saki Kashima
14. Saki Kashima
15. Saki Kashima
16. Saki Kashima
17. Saki Kashima
18. Tam Nakano
19. Tam Nakano
20. Tam Nakano
21. Tam Nakano
22. Tam Nakano
23. Tam Nakano
24. Starlight Kid
25. Starlight Kid
26. Starlight Kid
27. Starlight Kid
28. Starlight Kid
29. Starlight Kid
30. Shiki Shibusawa
31. Shiki Shibusawa
32. Shiki Shibusawa
33. Shiki Shibusawa
34. Shiki Shibusawa
35. Shiki Shibusawa
36. Hanan
37. Hanan
38. Hanan
39. Hanan
40. Hanan
41. Natsumi
42. Natsumi
43. Natsumi
44. Natsumi
45. Natsumi
46. Momo Watanabe
47. Momo Watanabe
48. Momo Watanabe
49. Momo Watanabe
50. Momo Watanabe
51. Momo Watanabe
52. Konami
53. Konami
54. Konami
55. Konami
56. Konami
57. Konami
58. AZM
59. AZM
60. AZM
61. AZM
62. AZM
63. AZM
64. Jungle Kyona
65. Jungle Kyona
66. Jungle Kyona
67. Jungle Kyona
68. Jungle Kyona
69. Jungle Kyona
70. Natsuko Tora
71. Natsuko Tora
72. Natsuko Tora
73. Natsuko Tora
74. Natsuko Tora
75. Natsuko Tora
76. Ruaka
77. Ruaka
78. Ruaka
79. Ruaka
80. Leo Onozaki
81. Leo Onozaki
82. Leo Onozaki
83. Leo Onozaki
84. Kagetsu
85. Kagetsu
86. Kagetsu
87. Kagetsu
88. Kagetsu
89. Hazuki
90. Hazuki
91. Hazuki
92. Hazuki
93. Hazuki
94. Hazuki
95. Nao Yamaguchi
96. Nao Yamaguchi
97. Nao Yamaguchi
98. Nao Yamaguchi
99. Utami Hayashishita
100. Utami Hayashishita
101. Utami Hayashishita
102. Utami Hayashishita
103. Utami Hayashishita
104. Utami Hayashishita
105. Janken Tournament
106. Janken Tournament
107. Janken Tournament
108. Janken Tournament
109. Janken Tournament
110. Rina
111. Rina
112. Rina
113. Hina
114. Hina
115. Hina
116. Natsu Sumire
117. Natsu Sumire
118. Natsu Sumire
119. Natsu Sumire
120. Hana Kimura
121. Hana Kimura
122. Hana Kimura
123. Hana Kimura
124. Yurie Kozakai
125. Yurie Kozakai
126. Yurie Kozakai
127. Yurie Kozakai
128. Viper
129. Viper
130. Viper
131. Viper
132. Bea Priestley
133. Bea Priestley
134. Bea Priestley
135. Bea Priestley
136. Toni Storm
137. Toni Storm
138. Toni Storm
139. Toni Storm
140. Mary Apache
141. Mary Apache
142. Mary Apache
143. Mary Apache
144. Faby Apache
145. Faby Apache
146. Xia Brookside
147. Xia Brookside
148. Xia Brookside
149. Rachael Ellering
150. Rachael Ellering
151. Rachael Ellering
152. Nicole Savoy
153. Nicole Savoy
154. Nicole Savoy
155. Kay Lee Ray
156. Kay Lee Ray
157. Kay Lee Ray
158. Chardonnay
159. Chardonnay
160. Chardonnay
161. Chardonnay
162. Session Moth Martina
163. Session Moth Martina
164. Session Moth Martina
165. Jamie Hayter
166. Jamie Hayter
167. Jamie Hayter
168. Kelly Klein
169. Kelly Klein
170. Zoe Lucas
171. Candy Floss
172. Brandi Rhodes
173. Kimber Lee
174. Cinderella Tournament (Momo)
175. 5 STAR GP (Mayu)
176. Tag League (Momo and Utami)
177. STARS
178. STARS (Triple)
179. Queen’s Quest
180. Queen’s Quest (Triple)
181. Oedo Tai
182. Oedo Tai (Triple)
183. JAN
184. JAN (x5)
185. AMA (Mayu and Arisa)
186. Momo and Utami
187. Natsuko and Jungle
188. Kagetsu and Hazuki
189. Famalia de Apache
190. Mayu Iwatani
191. Saki Kashima
192. Starlight Kid
193. Shiki Shibusawa
194. Konami
195. AZM
196. Natsuko Tora
197. MAYUCHIKA (Mayu)
198. La Gatita (Saki Kashima)
199. Dom Do Panko (Tam Nakano)
200. Starlight Kid
201. Shiki Melody (Shiki)
202. Nyanki (Hanan)
203. Cielo de Verano (Natsumi)
204. Black Fuzzy Peach (Momo)
205. Masked Wanchan (Konami)
206. Mini IOTICA (AZM)
207. Back Fairy Jungle (Kyona)
208. Night Bear (Natsuko)
209. Bear Dog (Ruaka)
210. Gao (Onozaki)
211. Yukari Ishino (Kagetsu)
212. Reo Hazuki (Hazuki)
213. Cuty Yamaguchi (Nao)
214. Red Snake (Utami)
215. Hanita (Hana)
216. La Maestra (Mary Apache)
217. Natsuki Urabe (Sumire)
218. Reeya (Rina)
219. Heeya (Hina)
220. Colorful Dropkick (Kozakai)
221. World of Stardom
222. Wonder of Stardom
223. Goddesses of Stardom
224. Artists of Stardom
225. Future of Stardom
226. High Speed
227. Goddesses Tag League
228. Goddesses Tag League
229. Stardom Idols
230. Stardom Idols
231. Rossy Ogawa
232. Rossy Ogawa
233. Referee Card
234. 2019 Stardom Calendar


Final Thoughts:


I normally don’t give anything a perfect score but this set deserves it. When the only possible complaint is “too many autographs” you know the set is a banger. While I don’t love the kids having The Sexy cards, that for me didn’t take away from the quality of the set, I just am not keeping those and will enjoy all the autographs I pulled. Between the autograph pull rate, the variety of cards, and the debut of Utami Hayashishita, this set is a slam dunk.