Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine on 6/10/20 with Hana Kimura

Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine 6/10/20

After the tragic passing of Hana Kimura, Weekly Pro Wrestling quickly put together a tribute for her to include in the next edition of the magazine, which was coming out just a few days later. On May 27th, the June 10th edition of the magazine was released (the official dates on the magazine are always a few weeks ahead). Not only did it have several pages remembering Hana Kimura, but it also included a “last” interview with Arisa Hoshiki and a section on Asuka’s success in WWE, which were already planned.

Normally I don’t do full scans of magazines and photobooks, however since this magazine was highly sought after and going for high prices on eBay, I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the pages and translate the text/interview if they wanted to read it. Below are all the pages that had content with Hana Kimura, Arisa Hoshiki, or Asuka in the magazine. The images as uploaded are far larger than they appear below, open them in a new tab to display the full size.