Tokyo Joshi Pro Photobook はじけちゃえ! Review

Title: 東京女子プロレスファースト写真集「はじけちゃえ!」(Tokyo Joshi Pro First Photobook Hajime!)
Release: August 2017
Total Pages: 108
Cost: ¥3,000
Where to Buy: DDT Shop

This is the first ever photobook release from Joshi promotion Tokyo Joshi Pro. TJP is under the DDT umbrella, so some fans may recognize the wrestlers as they also take part on the bigger DDT events. For their first photobook, TJP focused on four wrestlers: Miyu Yamashita, Mizuki, Rika Tatsumi, and Yuka Sakazaki.

As far as photobooks go, this offering by TJP is one of the higher quality ones I have seen. It is 108 pages, full sized, and is strictly photos with no text. It has a lot of weight to it as the pages are of high quality stock, and was very professionally created. Each of the four wrestlers has pictures in each setting and most settings also have group pictures with multiple wrestlers as well. The settings are as follows: beach attire, formal attire, topless (still tastefully done of course), and casual attire. Miyu Yamashita is focused on the most, however all four wrestlers get a fair representation. Below is a sample of the pictures included: