Shoko Nakajima Piñata Photobook Review

Shoko Nakajima Pinata - Cover
While Stardom is the Joshi promotion most often associated with photobooks, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling releases a couple photobooks a year as well. The most recent Tokyo Joshi Pro wrestler to be featured in a photobook is the popular Shoko Nakajima. You can read reviews for more photobooks on the Joshi Photobook Reviews page.

Full Photobook Details

Title: Shoko Nakajima “Piñata”
Release: January 2020
Pages: 38
Cost: ¥2,500
Where to Buy: Tokyo Joshi Pro Online Shop

Whenever a Joshi wrestler goes to a different country (whether it be to wrestle/train like in Mexico or for the specific reason to do a photoshoot like in Guam), it isn’t unusual for a photobook to be released very soon thereafter. Shoko went to Mexico in November and had a handful of matches for the Lucha promotion CMLL, as well as trained there. Naturally she also found time for sightseeing during her stay, and along the way she had a photographer to capture her adventures.

The best thing about excursion photobooks is they tend to have a nice variety of pictures, and Piñata is no exception. It really felt like she just took the camera wherever she went and didn’t have a set Photoshoot Day, making the pictures feel more authentic. Shoko has pictures of her around the town during the day, at night, and visiting historical sites – normal vacation activities. There are also photos of her in training while at CMLL so its not strictly a “personal” photobook, in addition to pictures of her in her ring attire. The only section that felt like a typical photoshoot were the six or so bikini pictures, which came across more like planned posed shots than natural, however that aspect wasn’t the focus of the photobook and just presents a different side of Shoko. For the ground that it covers and the price, certainly a must-buy for fans of Shoko Nakajima. Here is a sample of photos from the photobook: