SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night! on 2/21/22 Review

SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night! Poster

Event: SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night!
Date: February 21st, 2022
Location: Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 125
Broadcast: PPV Stream on

It has been awhile since I reviewed a SEAdLINNNG event, so let’s see what they are up to. A lot has changed in the last few months, as Nanae Takahashi has left the promotion but Yoshiko made her return from injury. The promotion currently only has three active contracted wrestlers, as Honori Hana retired last year to add to the loss of Nanae. So needless to say, they use a lot of Freelancers. This event has a big title match and a High Speed match that actually looks interesting, so there is some potential here for goodness. Here is the full card:

All the wrestlers on the show have a profile on Joshi City, you can click on their name above to go straight to it. As this streamed online, all matches will be shown in full.

Riko Kawahata vs. Yumiko Hotta
Riko Kawahata vs. Yumiko Hotta

While this on paper may look like a normal “veteran vs. young wrestler” match, it is not! Riko Kawahata is going through a trial series of sorts in SEAdLINNNG, and to cap it off she is going against the legend Yumiko Hotta. Hotta isn’t just a legend, she also trained Riko in AgZ back in the day and they continue to sometimes team since then. So this is the trainee taking on the master to show her growth, and maybe pick up a win? Probably not, but trainers tend to be a little more giving to their own students (even Hotta) so this may be a closer match than one would expect.

Riko attacks Hotta as soon as she gets into the ring before the bell rings, elbows by Riko but Hotta shrugs it off and hits a lariat. Riko jumps back up and hits more elbows, she goes to the top turnbuckle but Hotta throws her jacket at her to knock her to the floor. Hotta goes out after Riko, Riko goes to the apron and goes for a PK but Hotta catches her leg and tosses her back to the floor again. Riko keeps fighting back but Hotta hits a hard elbow, more elbows by Riko but Hotta throws her into the ring post. Kicks to the chest by Hotta and she slides Riko into the ring, Riko pushes Hotta away and hits more elbows but Hotta rocks her with one elbow in return. Dropkick by Riko and she kicks Hotta in the leg, more kicks by Riko and she finally knocks Hotta off her feet. Riko knees Hotta against the ropes before picking her up, but Hotta trips her and applies a single leg crab hold. Riko gets to the ropes for the break, Riko ducks Hotta’s elbow and applies a sleeper hold. Hotta flings Riko off of her and kicks Riko in the back before applying a sleeper hold of her own. Riko almost goes out but Hotta releases the hold and kicks Riko out of the ring so that the people at ringside can revive her.

Hotta gets her chain and throws it at Riko, she then chokes Riko with the chain before finally letting go. Riko ducks the next chain shot attempt and returns the favor, hitting Hotta with the chain and delivering a series of mounted elbows to her chest. She gets on the apron and dives off with a footstomp to Hotta’s midsection, she goes to the apron while Hotta gets up and rolls back in the ring. Riko goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick, she goes up top again and hits a second one for a one count. Riko applies a figure four leglock but Hotta quickly gets to the ropes, high kicks by Riko and she re-applies the figure four. Hotta manages to get to the ropes for the break, PK by Riko and she goes to the top turnbuckle, but Hotta gets her feet up on the moonsault attempt. Riko applies a quick cradle for two, head kick by Riko but that gets a two count as well. Riko picks up Hotta and goes off the ropes, but Hotta catches her with a heel kick. Sleeper by Hotta but Riko gets a foot on the ropes, lariat by Hotta and she hits a second one for a two count. Hotta picks up Riko and nails the Pyramid Driver, and she picks up the three count! Yumiko Hotta is the winner.

If this is how Hotta treats people she likes, imagine if she doesn’t like you. Hotta hasn’t lost a singles match to a younger wrestler lower than her on the totem pole in an eternity and she isn’t about to start now, but she gave Riko quite a bit of offense here even as she mostly stayed in control. I loved how feisty Riko was at the start even as Hotta shrugged her off, and the “put someone to sleep but they wake up super angry” spot isn’t done often so the old-school spin was fun. Riko really took it to Hotta for the middle portion and showed a lot of fight, and even though she lost this was certainly not a one-sided affair. A really entertaining match and how trainer/trainee matches should be done as Hotta elevated Riko by both being vicious but taking it right back from her.  Recommended

Miyuki Takase vs. Rina Yamashita vs. Yoshiko
Miyuki Takase vs. Rina Yamashita vs. Yoshiko

Now this is a unique High Speed match. First, none of these wrestlers are really known for doing high speed (although Miyuki can be speedy). Second, there is a clear divide here as Yoshiko, Rina, and Natsuki Taiyo (the referee) are all friends so Miyuki appears to be at a strong disadvantage. But these matches tend to be more light-hearted so the union may crumble as the action progresses.

I am still adjusting to Yoshiko’s weight loss, she looks like a totally difference person. As expected, Miyuki is targeted by all three (two opponents + referee) to start the match as she is beaten down in the corner. Running boot by Rina but she bumps Yoshiko in the process, Yoshiko doesn’t like that so she goes after Rina. Irish whip by Yoshiko but Rina reverses it, boot by Yoshiko and she hits a slingshot headlock takedown followed by a spinning headscissors. Yoshiko goes for an Octopus Hold but Miyuki jumps on her back, applying one of her own as they are all stacked on top of each other. Taiyo gets them apart, dropkick by Miyuki to Rina out of the corner and she applies a Fujiwara Armbar. Yoshiko breaks it up and stomps Miyuki out of the way, she goes to Rina and they for the moment work together again. Double vertical suplex to Miyuki but Yoshiko quickly rolls up Rina for a two count. Rina is naturally annoyed by this betrayal and kicks her, Rina puts Yoshiko in the corner and hits a lariat.

Chops by Rina as Miyuki joins in, but Rina chops Miyuki out of the ring. Rina scoop slams Yoshiko and puts Yoshiko in a crab hold. Miyuki joins her as she puts Yoshiko in a camel clutch, but Taiyo breaks it up. Miyuki kicks Taiyo out of the ring but Taiyo trips her and pulls Miyuki out to the floor. Rina and Yoshiko trade elbows, Yoshiko kicks Rina and delivers a running boot. Miyuki runs in with a senton but Yoshiko hits a senton as well on both of them. Taiyo puts Miyuki in the ropes but Rina attacks all three of them, she goes back to Miyuki and puts her in a leg submission. Yoshiko and Taiyo both return to the ring, Yoshiko elbows Rina and puts her in a stretch hold before letting go to hit a lariat. Yoshiko picks up Miyuki but Miyuki throws her into Taiyo and hits a cutter. Lariat by Miyuki to Rina in the corner, cradle by Miyuki but Rina reverses it. Lariat by Rina, she goes off the ropes but Miyuki is back up. Rina lariats her again but Miyuki recovers and cradles her for two. Kick by Rina and she gets Miyuki on her shoulders, but Miyuki slides off and Yoshiko hits Rina with a Codebreaker. Cradle by Miyuki to Yoshiko but Yoshiko gets out of it and applies La Magistral for the (quick) three count! Yoshiko is the winner.

I’m not the biggest fan of the “high speed” SEAdLINNNG gimmick but its been here since the beginning so clearly its something that Natsuki Taiyo really enjoys. Any combination of these two could have a banger match, so while this match was fine it was too chaotic and comedic to really let them show off their skills. If you enjoy these matches generally, you’ll probably like this one too, but to me its just a waste of three really talented wrestlers to play around with Taiyo, if Taiyo would just return to wrestling like she clearly misses the world would be a better place.

Ayame Sasamura, Makoto, and Riko Kaiju vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto, Itsuki Aoki, and Yuki Mashiro
Ayame Sasamura, Makoto, and Kaiju vs. Matsumoto, Aoki, and Yuki Mashiro

To fill the card before the main event, we get an interesting six woman tag. I don’t follow SEAdLINNNG closely enough to know if there is any method to this madness, but there are some really good wrestlers hidden in here. The Makoto team wrestle together (sometimes) as Las Fresa de Egoistas but its a pretty loose faction since they all also have other things going on as well. Matsumoto is clearly the Boss of the match, but Makoto on the other side is a respected veteran as well. The other wrestlers are all younger and have a lot of spunk, so it will be a good opportunity for them to show off. No real purpose or meaning behind the match but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

Kaiju and Yuki start the match, they lock knuckles and trade wristlocks before going into a fast exchange which ends with a Yuki dropkick. She tags in Hiroyo, Hiroyo tosses around Kaiju by the hair and slaps her in the corner. Hiroyo lays Kaiju across the ropes in the corner and hits a running knee, cover by Hiroyo but it gets two. Hiroyo tags Yuki back in and she hits a dropkick, but Kaiju shrugs it off. Yuki hits a few more with more success, cover by Yuki but Kaiju kicks out. Yuki picks up Kaiju but Kaiju hits a dropkick of her own, three more dropkicks by Kaiju and she covers Yuki for two. She tags Makoto, Makoto drives Yuki into the turnbuckle and chokes her with her boot. Irish whip by Makoto and she delivers a big boot, but Yuki bridges out of the cover. Makoto picks up Yuki and goes for a slam, but Yuki blocks it and applies a submission hold. Makoto gets into the ropes for the break, kicks by Yuki but Makoto drop toeholds her into the second rope before kicking it. Sasamura and Kaiju both come in the ring as they mess with Yuki, putting her in a pretzel and posing on her. Double footstomp by Makoto and she tags in Sasamura, Yuki tries to fight back but Sasamura bops her in the back of the head.

Irish whip by Sasamura and with Kaiju they both hit elbows followed by a double kick to the head. Sasamura picks up Yuki, Yuki gets away but Makoto hits her form the apron. Yuki dropkicks Kaiju anyway and tags in Aoki, hard shoulderblock by Aoki and she elbows Sasamura in the corner. Bulldog by Aoki but Sasamura delivers a dropkick, Sasamura picks up Aoki and the two trade elbows. Back elbow by Aoki, she picks up Sasamura but Sasamura dropkicks her in the knee and hits a DDT. She rolls to her corner and tags Makoto, Makoto kicks Aoki in the corner before kicking her in the back, Makoto picks up Aoki and knees her in the midsection. Drop toehold by Aoki and she dropkicks Makoto, giving her time to tag Hiroyo. Body attack by Hiroyo to Makoto but Makoto boots her and the two trade blows. Eye poke by Makoto but Hiroyo levels her with a lariat, vertical suplex by Makoto but Hiroyo blocks the spear and hits a suplex of her own. Hiroyo picks up Makoto, knee by Makoto and she hits a heel drop. Head kick by Makoto, she goes off the ropes and delivers a spear for a two count. Makoto tags Kaiju, Kaiju goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving crossbody for two. Dropkick by Kaiju and she goes for a slam, but Hiroyo blocks it and hits one of her own. Sasamura runs in and helps Kaiju regain the advantage, roll-up by Kaiju but it gets two. Kaiju goes off the ropes but Hiroyo nails a back elbow for a two count.

Elbows by Kaiju but Hiroyo hits a hard lariat, she tags in Aoki and Aoki hits a running double knee to Kaiju’s back. Snap suplex with a bridge by Aoki to Kaiju, but it gets two. Aoki slams Kaiju in front of the corner but Sasamura elbows her from the apron, she climbs up with her with Kaiju and they both drive Aoki into the mat. Aoki elbows Kaiju but Kaiju elbows her back, Makoto boots Aoki and both Sasamura and Kaiju deliver sliding kicks to Aoki. Makoto goes for her cartwheel double kneedrop, but Yuki runs in and covers Aoki with her body to protect her. Once the ring clears, Kaiju hits a diving crossbody on Aoki but it gets two. Aoki slides behind Kaiju and drops her with a STP, she picks up Kaiju but Kaiju cradles her with a jackknife for two. Boot by Aoki but Sasamura distracts her from the floor, giving Kaiju a chance to roll-up Aoki for two. Kaiju goes for a suplex by Aoki blocks it, lariat by Aoki but her cover gets a two count. Yuki runs in and jumps on Aoki’s back to assist with a body press, but Kaiju moves out of the way and Sasamura returns as they both deliver dropkicks. Kaiju picks up Aoki and hits a Northern Lights Suplex Hold, but Hiroyo breaks it up. Kaiju and Sasamura go after Hiroyo but Hiroyo hits a backdrop suplex on both of them, Hiroyo goes to the second turnbuckle and hits a reverse double kneedrop on Kaiju. Aoki then gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a body press, but Makoto breaks it up. Aoki picks up Kaiju and nails the Daikoku Drop, cover by Aoki and she gets the three count! Hiroyo Matsumoto, Itsuki Aoki, and Yuki Mashiro are the winners.

This was a pretty solid six wrestler tag leading to the main event to keep the show rolling. The match probably didn’t need six as Yuki did very little, this was the Aoki show and she really looked great. Itsuki Aoki is going to be a star if given the opportunity, she has the personality and the ability to hold your attention to whatever she is doing. Ayame and Riko looked good as well, while Makoto and Hiroyo did their spots but mostly gave the younger wrestlers the spotlight. Fast paced and entertaining, even though it didn’t have a lot of “meaning” it was still an impressive display by those involved. A good match in general but Aoki did her best to make it memorable.  Mildly Recommended

Arisa Nakajima vs. Hanako Nakamori
(c) Arisa Nakajima vs. Hanako Nakamori
SEAdLINNNG Beyond the Sea Championship

Main event time!  Hanako Nakamori, the PURE-J Openweight Championship, invades SEAdLINNNG in an attempt to take Nakajima’s title to become the champ champ. Nakamori and Nakajima have a history, as before Nakajima joined SEAdLINNNG she was a long-term member of JWP. Nakamori joined JWP in 2010 so the two had many years of overlap, and this is their 8th career singles match against each other. Nakamori won their last two singles matches, in 2018 and 2021 respectively, so even though she is the challenger she is not necessarily the underdog as at worse they are on equal standing. Nakamori has really turned it on the last few years and Nakajima’s skills are well known, so this should be a great match.

They circle each other to start, they end up on the mat as they grapple for position with Hanako getting the early advantage. She goes for a cross armbreaker but Arisa blocks it, they end up back on their feet and trade holds. Irish whip by Hanako but Arisa boots her, Hanako returns the favor as they exchange boots to the face. Arisa knocks Hanako off her feet but Hanako snapmares Arisa and kicks her repeatedly in the back. PK by Hanako and she hits a leg drop for a two count. Hanako gets Arisa in the corner and chokes her with her knee, waistlock by Hanako but Arisa reverses it. Cradle by Arisa into a double footstomp, Arisa kicks at Hanako’s head before delivering a running boot. Snapmare by Arisa and she kicks Hanako in the back, dropkick by Arisa and she covers Hanako for two. Chinlock by Arisa, she lets go after a moment but Hanako throws her into the corner. Arisa avoids Hanako’s charge and slides out to the apron, but Hanako grabs her and slams her head repeatedly in the top turnbuckle. Hanako goes out to the apron but Arisa boots her down to the floor, she then gets a start on the apron and hits a missile dropkick down onto Hanako.

Arisa goes to the top turnbuckle and jumps off, but Hanako kicks her in the midsection while she is on the way down. Hanako slides Arisa back into the ring and applies an Octopus Hold in the ropes, she lets go and hits a running kick to Arisa’s back. Armbar by Hanako, she puts Arisa’s arm around the top rope and twists it. Arisa fires back with an elbow but Hanako trips her and applies an armbar, but Arisa gets to the ropes for the break. Hanako kicks Arisa in the chest while she is against the ropes, she charges Arisa but Arisa catches her kick and hits a Sling Blade. Arisa picks up Hanako and puts her in the ropes, she goes out to the apron and elbows Hanako repeatedly. Arisa kicks Hanako back and goes to the top turnbuckle, missile dropkick by Arisa and she covers Hanako for two. Waistlock by Arisa but Hanako elbows out of it, she goes off the ropes but Arisa avoids her and kicks Hanako in the back of the head. Knee by Arisa, and she covers Hanako for two. Ankle Hold by Arisa and she hits a release German, she goes to the top turnbuckle but Hanako elbows her before she can jump off. Hanako joins Arisa and hits a superplex, she goes to the top turnbuckle but Arisa also recovers in time and gets on the turnbuckle too. They trade elbows, Arisa knocks Hanako down in a Tree of Woe outside the ring before she jumps off with a footstomp.

Arisa returns to the top turnbuckle and dives down to the floor with a footstomp on Hanako, Arisa slides Hanako back in and hits another diving footstomp from the top. Cover by Arisa, but Hanako kicks out. Knees by Arisa and she kicks Hanako into the corner, running double knee by Arisa but Hanako blocks the suplex and kicks Arisa in the head. Hanako applies a seated armbar but Arisa gets a foot on the ropes, knees by Hanako but Arisa elbows her in the head. High kick by Hanako and she delivers a Shining Wizard, cover by Hanako but it gets a two count. Hanako scoops up Arisa and nails a tombstone piledriver, but that gets a two as well. Hanako goes to the top turnbuckle but Arisa rolls out of the way of the guillotine leg drop, Hanako still recovers first and hits a heel kick but Arisa returns with an elbow. The two trade shots until Arisa drops Hanako with a release German, but Hanako delivers a step-up kick. Unfazed, Arisa rocks Hanako with an elbow before they both knock each other to the mat. They both slowly get up, elbow combination by Arisa but Hanako ducks one and hits another kick. Hanako hits two Requiem Drivers but Arisa blocks the third and they trade flash covers for two. Head kick by Hanako and she hits a third Requiem Driver, but Arisa barely kicks out. Hanako drags Arisa up but Arisa blocks her next move attempt, Arisa blocks Hanako’s kicks and catches one to hit a Leg Capture German Suplex Hold for two. Arisa puts Hanako in a Dragon Sleeper, she lets go so she can hit a Dragon Suplex Hold but it only gets a two count. Hard elbow by Arisa and she nails the DxD Suplex for the three count! Arisa Nakajima wins and is still the champion.

Arisa Nakajima doesn’t wrestle as much as she used to, but when she does she certainly doesn’t hold back. Her style really hasn’t changed that much since her “prime” years in JWP – lots of suplexes, lots of jumping off the turnbuckles, and lots of hard elbows. Course, even though she debuted in 2006 she is only 32 years old, so she still can certainly bring it. Hanako was very game, I wouldn’t put her on Arisa’s level but these two know how to put a match together and have great chemistry. There were a few little things that weren’t needed, such as Hanako’s half-hearted arm work that went nowhere fast, but there was little filler here as Arisa only knows one speed. It felt like it ended at just the right time, so many promotions now think the main event has to have a super long ending sequence, while this one felt satisfying without being excessive. Hard hitting and captivating, not quite a MOTYC but not too far from it as Arisa Nakajima is still one of the best in the world and she showed it here. Very entertaining and a fitting main event in every aspect, worth tracking down for some old-school Joshi action.  Highly Recommended

Final Thoughts:


For a four match event, this is about as good as it gets. The opener was one of the best trainer/trainee matches I’ve seen in a long time, and the six wrestler tag was entertaining. The High Speed match style doesn’t do a lot for me but at least all three wrestlers are really good, and the main event was fantastic. I wish there was more “meat” to the show as the total ring time was barely an hour, which is low when paying for a full priced PPV. So while the amount of wrestling may make it hard to justify the price, the action itself certainly delivered without a question.