SEAdLINNNG Let’s Get d!!! on 1/20/19 Review

Event: SEAdLINNNG Let’s Get d!!!
Date: January 20th, 2019
Location: Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 717

As I catch back up with what is going on in the world of Joshi, it was necessary to check out a recent big event for SEAdLINNNG. When SEAdLINNNG first launched I wasn’t sure how long it would last or how big it would get, but they have been trucking along now for three years and even have both singles and tag team champions. The roster is still small (three wrestlers) but they have access to a lot of other wrestlers so all their events feel complete. This is a big show for them as it takes place at Korakuen Hall and features two title matches. Here is the full card:

As this aired on Nico Nico, all matches are shown in full. As always, all wrestlers on the event have profiles here at Joshi City, you can click on their names above to go straight to it.

ASUKA vs. Himeka Arita

Its going to be a few matches until we reach any wrestlers actually contracted with SEAdLINNNG. ASUKA used to be a member of Pro Wrestling WAVE, however when the promotion went on hiatus she left to become a Freelancer. She is a former champion in WAVE and one of their brighter young stars, and losing her will be tough for the promotion once they do return. Himeka is a wrestler from Actwres girl’Z who debuted in 2017, she has yet to do anything of note in her young career but there is still time as she is only 21.

ASUKA won’t shake Himeka’s hand before the match starts as she has no time for scrubs, Himeka gets ASUKA into the ropes and hits a series of hard elbows. She goes for an Irish whip but ASUKA doesn’t budge, so Himeka slaps her instead. More elbows by Himeka but ASUKA switches positions with her and slaps her, ASUKA works a headlock but Himeka gets out of it and the collide into each other. Hard shoulderblock by Himeka but ASUKA kips up and hits a shoulderblock of her own. Himeka retorts with another shoulderblock, body avalanche by Himeka in the corner and she hits a running knee for a two count cover. Himeka goes for a scoop slam but ASUKA blocks it, knees by ASUKA but Himeka catches her when she charges in and hits the slam. Shoulderblocks by Himeka, but ASUKA kicks out of the pin attempt. Himeka goes off the ropes but ASUKA nails her in the face with a dropkick, superkick by ASUKA and she hits a gutwrench suplex. ASUKA goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, cocky cover by ASUKA and Himeka gets a shoulder up. ASUKA picks up Himeka but Himeka blocks the chokeslam attempt, slaps by Himeka and she delivers a Samoan Drop for two. Himeka goes off the ropes but ASUKA catches her with a superkick, she then goes off the ropes but Himeka hits the jumping knee. Himeka charges ASUKA but ASUKA avoids the knee and delivers a strike combination, chokeslam by ASUKA but the cover only gets two. ASUKA quickly goes up to the top turnbuckle and nails the moonsault, cover by ASUKA and she gets the three count! ASUKA is the winner.

I wouldn’t say this match was “good” but it was serviceable. ASUKA gave Himeka quite a bit of offense, which was nice of her since Himeka is still basically an unknown while ASUKA is a former champion. Everything was hit well and was pretty smooth, aside from one clunky moment during the chokeslam block. Inoffensive but not much to it.

Kaho Kobayashi vs. Mei Hoshizuki vs. Tsukushi

This is a High Speed match, meaning that Natsuki Taiyo is the referee and before making pins the wrestler has to bounce off the ropes a few times. Its a rather playful match. Seeing Kaho again warms my heart, she is one of my favorites but got injured in September. This is just her third match since returning and will look to shake off the rust in this high speed affair. Tsukushi is the 21 year old future Ace of Ice Ribbon, while Mei is a 16 year old wrestler from Marvelous who just debuted in November. In these types of matches you never know what you will get but its definitely a unique trio of wrestlers either way.

They all circle each other to start but get right into it with a triple headlock spot before Tsukushi and Kaho trade armdrags. Mei feels left out and goes into an exchange with Kaho, which she gets the better off until Kaho flings her down with a springboard armdrag. Mei and Tsukushi both dropkick Kaho in the corner, Kaho goes off the ropes until she is exhausted and eats a double dropkick. Tsukushi kicks Mei when Mei is celebrating and puts her in a camel clutch. Kaho returns and dropkicks Tsukushi, now it is Kaho that puts Mei in the camel clutch but Tsukushi recovers and dropkicks her back. Natsuki fusses at Kaho for grabbing Tsukushi’s hair while Tsukushi oversells it, Natsuki throws Kaho to the mat and she is double teamed by Tsukushi and Mei. Double Irish whip to Kaho but Kaho dropkicks both of them, she lays them together on the mat and applies a double crab hold. Natsuki breaks it up for reasons unknown, she gets into it with Kaho but Natsuki lands on her ankle wrong and Kaho dropkicks her.

Mei and Tsukushi trade quick pins on Kaho with no luck, Kaho dropkicks Mei but Tsukushi helps her out and Mei puts Kaho in a figure four leglock. Tsukushi goes up top and his a diving footstomp onto Mei, Tsukushi goes back to Kaho and dropkicks her while she is against the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl crossbody by Tsukushi, but Kaho kicks out of the cover. Tsukushi goes up top and delivers a missile dropkick, cover by Tsukushi but Mei breaks it up. Mei elbows Tsukushi and hits four dropkicks, but her cover only gets two. Mei picks up Tsukushi and knocks her against the ropes, but Mei avoids her dropkick and knocks Tsukushi out of the ring. Kaho returns, dropkick by Kaho and she hits a running senton. Kaho puts Mei in a modified armbar, she lets go after a moment but Mei blocks the fisherman buster and rolls her up for two. More flash pins by Mei have no luck, dropkick by Mei and two more, but Kaho catches her with a dropkick of her own. Kick to the head by Kaho, she goes up top but Tsukushi get back in and eats the missile dropkick instead. Mei dropkicks Kaho out of the ring, she goes to cover Tsukushi but Tsukushi reverses it into a cradle for the three count! Tsukushi wins!

I know some people love these matches and while I generally find them inoffensive, they don’t do a whole lot for me. They work better when there is more comedy since its a goofy match anyway but the funny bits here didn’t really land with me and it mostly was just running off the ropes and dropkicks. While it was great to see Kaho again and Tsukushi is one of of the better young wrestlers on the Joshi scene, there just wasn’t enough meat to the match for me to recommend seeking it out.

Hamuko Hoshi, Makoto, and Fujimoto vs. Hiroe Nagahama, Ryo Mizunami, and Sae

Still no contracted wrestlers but we are getting closer. This is an interesting collection. Some of it does make sense, as both Hamuko and Tsukasa hail from Ice Ribbon while Hiroe and Ryo are from Pro Wrestling WAVE. The other wrestlers feel tacked on (not that I’ll ever complain about getting to see Makoto) as Makoto and Sae are both Freelancers that used to be regulars in REINA. Nothing on the line here, just mid-card filler until we get to the two big matches on the card.

Team Ryo attacks before the match starts and isolate Tsukasa, triple teaming her while referee looks on but makes little attempt to help. The other wrestlers finally leave and Ryo stays in with Tsukasa, leg drop by Ryo and she tags in Sae. Sae stomps on Tsukasa but Tsukasa fires up and trades blows with her. Tsukasa wins the battle and tags in Hamuko, Hamuko poses on the mat while Sae looks confused. Hamuko tags in Makoto, Makoto boots Sae and kicks the second rope into her chin. Springboard crossbody by Makoto, her partners come in to clear the apron and all three do rolls over Sae. Cover by Makoto, but it gets a two count. Makoto goes to throw Sae into the corner but Sae reverses it and hits a back elbow followed by a big boot. She tags Hiroe, dropkicks by Hiroe and she hits a snap vertical suplex for two. Makoto snaps off a DDT and delivers a pump kick, she tags in Hamuko and Hamuko belly mushes Hiroe in the corner. Hiroe slides away from Hamuko and the two trade elbows, dropkick by Hiroe and she hits another one while Hamuko is against the ropes. Makoto comes in to help, boot by Makoto but Hiroe hits a Codebreaker on Hamuko and rolls her up for two. She makes the hot tag to Ryo, spear by Ryo and she chops Hamuko into the corner. Rapid fire chops by Ryo and she hits a lariat after some theatrics for a two count cover.

Elbows by Ryo but Hamuko slaps her in the chest, lariat by Hamuko but Ryo doesn’t go down. Hard lariat by Ryo, she goes off the ropes but Hamuko knocks her over with a belly bump. Running belly smash by Hamuko and she tags in Tsukasa. Tsukasa goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, another dropkick by Tsukasa but Ryo blocks the scoop slam and hits one of her own for two. Tsukasa bridges out of it and hits a dropkick, her friends clear the ring but Ryo catches her and delivers the dragon suplex hold for two. Lariat by Ryo, but Tsukasa barely kicks out. Ryo gets Tsukasa on her shoulders but Tsukasa sides away, they trade strikes until Ryo levels Tsukasa with a lariat for another two count. Ryo tags in Sae which doesn’t bode well, big boots by Sae and she applies the cover for two. Sae picks up Tsukasa but Tsukasa throws her in the corner and hits a dropkick, diving crossbody by Makoto but Tsukasa’s cover is broken up. Kicks to the back by Tsukasa and she delivers the PK, but Sae kicks out. Tsukasa applies the armtrap crossface but Sae gets to the ropes for the break, Ryo comes back in and cuts off Tsukasa with a lariat before Hiroe delivers a spear. Boot by Sae, but Tsukasa kicks out of the pin. Northern Lights Suplex by Sae, but this time her cover is broken up. Hiroe stays in the ring but Tsukasa kicks them both back, dropkick by Tsukasa but Sae sneaks in a backslide with a bridge for two. Sae goes off the ropes and boots Tsukasa, but that gets a two as well. Sae goes off the ropes but Tsukasa has had enough and rolls her up before applying the Straight Jacket Clutch for the submission victory! Hamuko Hoshi, Makoto, and Tsukasa Fujimoto are the winners.

This is just one of those cases where having so many wrestlers did nothing to enhance the match. Aside from a few spots here and there they didn’t all get involved too much since they were just thrown together teams and it felt disjointed at times. Sae was so obviously the fall person in this match that you knew when she tagged in it was time for the home stretch. For midcard fodder it was fine, as the wrestlers themselves are solid (aside from Sae who still needs some work), but it just felt like random moves until Tsukasa suddenly put away Sae with a submission out of nowhere. A decent match but utterly forgettable.

(c) Arisa Nakajima and Ayame Sasamura vs. Miyuki Takase and Yumiko Hotta
SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Tag Team Championship

We have reached the money fights. Arisa and Ayame defeated Rina Yamashita and Yoshiko in December for the tag team championships, this is their first defense of the titles. While Arisa is a seasoned veteran for SEAdLINNNG with many titles to her name, Ayame is barely over a year into her career. Even though she is affiliated with K-DOJO, she wrestles a lot of other places as well since K-DOJO has a limited number of Joshi wrestlers. The other team features the head Actwres girl’Z manager/trainer and super veteran Yumiko Hotta teaming with one of her young students. Each side has a veteran and less experienced wrestler so its pretty even, should be fun.

The match begins with Miyuki and Ayame in the ring, they trade holds until Ayame shoulderblocks Miyuki to the mat. Ayame picks up Miyuki and throws her into the corner, but Miyuki boots her when she charges in and delivers a dropkick. After a quick exchange they end up at a stalemate, Ayame tags out while Miyuki pretends to but she attacks Arisa instead of tagging in Hotta. Arisa doesn’t appreciate this and boots her to the mat, Miyuki gets back up but Arisa knocks her into her corner and Hotta finally tags in. Arisa and Hotta trade elbows, dropkick by Arisa but Hotta stares her down. Slap by Arisa and they grab each other by the hair, both let go and Arisa tags Ayame. Ayame tries to elbow and slam Hotta but Hotta shrugs her off and kicks Ayame to the mat. She tags Miyuki, scoop slam by Miyuki and she applies a crab hold but Ayame quickly gets to the ropes. Dropkick by Miyuki and she drops a leg on Ayame’s back for a two count cover. She tags Hotta back in, double Irish whip to Ayame and she eats a double shoulderblock. Camel clutch by Hotta but Arisa breaks it up, Hotta then goes for Ayame’s arm but Arisa keeps kicking at her until she lets go. Hotta tags Miyuki, Miyuki and Ayame trade elbows until Miyuki knocks Ayame down and puts her in a crab hold. Ayame gets to the ropes to force the break, Miyuki picks her up but Ayame blocks the suplex attempt and hits one of her own. Ayame tags in Arisa, Arisa boots Miyuki in the chest and hits Hotta as well before booting Miyuki again for a two count cover. Hotta kicks Arisa from the apron, Miyuki tries to hit Arisa but she elbows Hotta by mistake. She lands an elbow on Arisa anyway and tags in Hotta, heel kick by Hotta to Arisa and she gets a quick two count cover. Double underhook by Hotta but Arisa gets away and applies a cross kneelock.

Miyuki comes in but Ayame does too and tosses Miyuki to the floor, meanwhile Hotta has gotten to the ropes to get the break. Arisa boots Hotta out of the ring as well, she goes up top as Miyuki comes up to her but Arisa DDTs her into the apron. Ayame goes to the top turnbuckle to dive down onto Hotta, but Hotta moves and she lands on Arisa instead. All four battle around the crowd and floor, Hotta hits Arisa with a chair but Arisa ducks a shot and hits Hotta with the chair instead. Arisa tosses a bunch of chairs at Hotta before Miyuki comes over to help, but Arisa slams Miyuki on top of Hotta. Arisa returns to the ring with Hotta slowly following, she slides a chair into the ring as she gets in but Ayame dropkicks her from behind. Arisa goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, cover by Arisa but Hotta kicks out. Mounted elbows by Arisa but Miyuki trips her from the apron, Arisa and Miyuki trade slaps while Hotta gets the chair back. She goes to hit Arisa but hits the referee by accident, she picks the chair back up and cracks Arisa over the head with it. Ayame tries to help but Hotta keeps knocking her back to continue going after Arisa as things have officially broken down. Hotta breaks a chair over Ayame’s head before getting her chain and using it to throw Arisa into the crowd. Arisa recovers and trades elbows with Hotta, but Hotta knocks her back down and hits her with the chain. She finally gets back into the ring while the wrestlers check on Ayame, who is bleeding everywhere, but Ayame makes it back into the ring as the referee finally wakes up. Piledriver by Hotta to Ayame, but Arisa breaks up the cover.

They switch wrestlers as Miyuki picks up Ayame and hits a fireman’s carry rolling slam followed by a leg drop. Tiger Driver by Hotta to Ayame, but again Arisa breaks up the pin. Cross armbreaker by Hotta to Ayame but Arisa is still close by and breaks that up too, schoolboy by Ayame to Hotta but Hotta gets a hand in the ropes. Ayame slams Hotta with the help of Arisa, she tags in Arisa and Arisa kicks Hotta repeatedly in the head. German suplex by Arisa, she goes up top but Miyuki joins her. Arisa elbows Miyuki down and hits the diving footstomp onto Hotta, but the cover gets two. Arisa goes for the dragon suplex but Hotta blocks it and hits a Tiger Driver for a two count. Hotta slowly gets up but Arisa blocks her second Tiger Driver attempt, Hotta falls back into her corner and Miyuki tags in. Miyuki knocks Arisa back and hits a lariat, she goes for another one but delivers the Cutie Special for two. High kick by Arisa and she boots Miyuki in the face, German suplex hold by Arisa but Hotta breaks it up. Ayame tries to get Hotta out of the ring but fails, Arisa goes for another suplex but Miyuki reverses it. Knee and a slap by Arisa and she hits the trapped German, but Hotta breaks it up by throwing a chain at Arisa. Ayame has seen enough and grabs the chain, running over and hitting Hotta repeatedly with it. This gives Arisa time to pick up Miyuki, she nails the dragon suplex hold and she picks up the three count! Arisa Nakajima and Ayame Sasamura are still the champions.

Even though the story was predictable, this was still a lot of fun. Hotta is one of the few wrestlers out there that you really can’t tell any given moment if she is being cooperative or just doing her own thing, part of which is from her reputation and part is from just the way she acts in the ring. She always seems to straddle the line between playing along and not being in the mood, and it makes her matches a bit unique to watch. Arisa wasn’t trying to put up with her shit but at times had no choice and they had some entertaining exchanges. Miyuki and Ayame both stepped up and looked really good, Ayame never really got one over on Hotta but by beating her with a chain to stop her from making the final pin breakup she still got the last laugh. It somehow felt both predictable and haphazard at the same time in its structure, certainly not your normal match and even though it didn’t peak very high it stayed amusing throughout. Worth a watch as Hotta is a legend and the young wrestlers both made their presence felt.  Recommended

(c) Nanae Takahashi vs. Yoshiko
SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship

In a series of events that wasn’t particularly surprising, when SEAdLINNNG launched their own championship in the fall, Nanae Takahashi booked herself to win it by defeating Hiroyo Matsumoto, Takumi Iroha, and Arisa Nakajima over the span of a month. This is her first defense of the title and she doesn’t beat around the bush as her first challenger is the young star of the promotion who wants to be top dog. Yoshiko defeated Nanae the last two times they faced off in singles action, so Nanae will have to figure out a way to defeat her protégé or this will be a very short title run.

They start slow as they go into knuckle lock before transitioning into trading wristlocks, they reach a stalemate until Nanae shoulderblocks Yoshiko to the mat. Yoshiko regains the advantage by applying a keylock but Nanae inches to the ropes to force the break. Nanae rolls out of the ring to regroup but returns after a moment, Yoshiko greets her with a kick and continues working on the arm. Yoshiko starts choking Nanae with her own arm but Nanae gets away, she goes off the ropes but Yoshiko slams her to the mat. Yoshiko goes off the ropes but Nanae catches her ankle, running knee by Nanae but Yoshiko gets straight up and they trade elbows. Nanae gets the better of the battle and knocks Yoshiko into the corner before twisting her leg in the ropes. Kicks to the leg by Nanae and she puts Yoshiko in a figure four leglock, but Yoshiko gets to the ropes for the break. Nanae flings Yoshiko down by the hair but Yoshiko returns the favor, bootscrapes by Yoshiko but Nanae blocks the running kick attempt and hits a dragon screw. Yoshiko recovers and hits a running boot, Yoshiko kicks Nanae out of the ring and goes out after her but Nanae hits a vertical suplex on the floor. Nanae tosses Yoshiko into the crowd and throws chairs at her, but Yoshiko tosses Nanae into the ring post and hits a running senton. Back in the ring, Nanae puts Yoshiko in a sleeper but Yoshiko drives her into the corner and puts Nanae in an armbar. Nanae rolls out of it and they trade slaps, Yoshiko goes off the ropes but Nanae levels her with a lariat for two.

Backdrop suplex by Nanae, she goes up top but Yoshiko recovers and joins her, hitting an avalanche Samoan Drop. Running senton by Yoshiko, she gets on the second turnbuckle and delivers the diving senton, but Nanae kicks out of the cover. Yoshiko picks up Nanae but Nanae breaks away and hits a wrist-clutch backdrop suplex. She goes for the One Second EX but Yoshiko blocks it, jumping kick by Nanae but Yoshiko headbutts her. Nanae replies with a Superman Punch and both wrestlers go down to the mat. Nanae recovers first and elbows Yoshiko while still on her knees, but Yoshiko elbows her back as they slowly return to their feet. Lariat by Yoshiko and she hits a fireman’s carry slam, but Nanae kicks out of the cover. Yoshiko goes up top but Nanae rolls out of the way of the diving senton, Nanae picks up Yoshiko and struggles to hit the belly to back piledriver, eventually delivering the move for a two count. Nanae goes up top and nails the Refrigerator Bomb, but Yoshiko rolls through it and applies a keylock. Yoshiko sits down on Nanae’s chest, she goes off the ropes and hits the sliding lariat for a two count. Yoshiko goes up top but Nanae joins her and hits a superplex, cover by Nanae but Yoshiko gets a shoulder up. Nanae goes off the ropes and hits the Sliding D, she hits a second piledriver but that gets a two count as well. Nanae quickly goes up to the top turnbuckle, she delivers the Refrigerator Bomb and she picks up the three count! Nanae Takahashi retains the championship.

Nanae Takahashi is an old school veteran and this match was laid out how you’d expect an old school match to be, but without the excitement and suspense. Yoshiko gets more credit than Nanae when it comes to the limb work as at least she did go back to the keylock, even though never made any effort to show they were having any trouble due to the limb work done to them. Limb work going nowhere is not an issue exclusive to this match but at least a little arm shake would be appreciated. It really felt like they were just taking turns as the transitions were shaky at best, and the finishing stretch didn’t have the bombs that would be required to make up for a match that never felt like it got going. Add in the botched piledriver (and I hate when wrestlers mess up a move and then just immediately re-do the same move) and there was a lot going on here that wasn’t ideal. While having an “ok” match on the midcard is forgivable, when its the main event at Korakuen a bit more is expected. The single cam setup probably didn’t help the presentation, but a disappointing main event.

Final Thoughts:


I went in with hopes that this event would deliver as the potential was there, but overall it was a pretty lackluster event. Only one match went above what I could call the “good” line with the rest ranging from skippable to just ok. The midcard and undercard can have a filler feel if the big matches are bangers, but here the main event was a very “by the numbers” Nanae Takahashi match but without the excitement or big moves that generally elevate matches she is in. Aside from the hardcore SEAdLINNNG fans, this isn’t an event I’d recommend anyone seek out.