Mio Shirai Produce “M.I.O. 4” on 6/19/15 Review

Date: June 19th, 2015
Location: Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 325

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Some potential here for goodness, let’s see how it goes. All the Joshi wrestlers above have profiles on Joshi City, you can click on their name to go straight to it.

Chikayo Nagashima vs. Risa Sera

mio4-1Sera attacks Nagashima from behind to start and she hits a shoulderblock, but Nagashima boots her in the head.  Nagashima applies an armbar over the top rope and she steps on both of Sera’s hands.  Nagashima mushes Sera in the face with her boot but Sera hits a scoop slam followed by some running double knee drops.  Sera goes for a monkey flip but Nagashima has none of it and hits a footstomp.  Another footstomp by Nagashima, she picks up Sera and they trade elbows until Sera hits a dropkick.  Crab hold by Sera, she picks up Nagashima and she hits a Schwein for a two count.  Nagashima goes off the ropes and she hits a spinning headscissors followed by a dropkick.  Nagashima goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, cover, but it gets two.  Knees by Nagashima but Sera picks up Nagashima and hits an Attitude Adjustment for another two count.  Sera hits a running double knee in the corner, reverse double knee drop off the turnbuckles by Sera but Nagashima kicks out.  Sera picks up Nagashima but Nagashima quickly rolls her up for two.  German suplex hold by Nagashima, but Sera kicks out at two.  Nagashima charges Sera but Sera hits a hard elbow.  Sera goes up top but Nagashima joins her and hits a Frankensteiner.  Cover, but Sera gets a shoulder up.  Back up, Sera goes off the ropes but Nagashima hits a big boot.  Fisherman Buster by Nagashima and she picks up the three count!

This was a really solid way to open up the show.  Nagashima and Sera are both good wrestlers and they put together a somewhat short but fast paced and to the point match with little wasted time.  Good way to start things off.  Mildly Recommended

Hamuko Hoshi, Fukuda, and Miyagi vs. Mayumi Ozaki, Misaki Ohata, and Tsukasa Fujimoto

mio4-2Hoshi and Ohata start off, wristlock by Hoshi but Ohata reverses it.  Ohata tags in Fujimoto and they all triple team Hoshi while he is in the ropes.  Fujimoto throws Hoshi into the corner but Hoshi teammates run in and Fujimoto is triple teamed in the corner.  Hoshi tags in Miyagi and Miyagi hits a body avalanche in the corner.  Miyagi mounts Fujimoto in the corner and rubs her belly into Fujimoto’s face, but Fujimoto somehow survives and kicks out of the cover.  Fujimoto throws down Miyagi and she tags in Ozaki, and Ozaki whips Miyagi in the corner.  I mean literally whips her.  Miyagi sneaks in an inside cradle but Ozaki kicks out of it and tags in Ohata.  Irish whip by Ohata and she hits Miyagi with the whip.  Curb stomp by Ohata and she tags in Fujimoto.  Fujimoto kicks Miyagi in the back and twists her belly before tagging in Ozaki.  Ozaki throws Miyagi to the mat and she hits a corkscrew senton from the top for a two count.  Irish whip by Ozaki and she kicks Miyagi for another two count before applying a seated armbar. Ohata is brought back in as Miyagi plays face(?) in peril, until Miyagi finally hits a running belly bump and tags in Fukuda.  Fukuda shoulderblocks Ohata and kicks her, he goes up top but Ohata punches him in the stomach when he jumps off.  Fukuda rakes Ohata in the eyes, his teammates come in and all three of them hit body blocks on Ohata.  Lariat by Fukuda but Fujimoto breaks up the cover.  Tiger Feint Kick by Fujimoto, Ozaki grabs Fukuda and hits a release German suplex.  PK by Fujimoto, running body press by Ohata while Fukuda is sitting on the mat but it only gets a two count.  Ohata tags in Ozaki, Ozaki whips Fukuda in the corner and then chokes him, Ohata and Fujimoto come in and they all take turns whipping Fukuda.  Ozaki goes up top, Fukuda tries to convince her not to attack him so Ozaki climbs back down.  Everyone comes into the ring while Fukuda is still talking away and they take turns singing, but they can’t get Ozaki to do it.  Finally Ozaki does sing as everyone jumps around happy, Fukuda applies a small package to Ozaki but it gets a two count.  Quick kick by Ozaki, she gives Fukuda a small package of her own and she picks up the three count!

Just a bit too long and a bit too silly for me. There were some decent wrestlers hiding in this match, I love Ohata for sure, but this match just didn’t do a lot for me.  Very skippable.

Aoi Kizuki vs. Cherry vs. Dynamite Kansai vs. Kaho Kobayashi

mio4-3Everyone attacks Kansai right off the bat, hitting rolling sentons and a triple falling headbutt.  They pick her up but Kansai elbows all three of them, Kansai throws all three in the corner and she lariats Cherry and Kobayashi because Kizuki moved.  Kansai scoop slams Cherry while Kizuki cheers her on, and Kizuki poses with Kansai.  Kizuki sneaks in a roll-up on Kansai for a two count, and Kansai kicks her in the ribs.  Kobayashi comes in and dropkicks Kansai in the head twice but Kansai blocks the fisherman suplex.  Lariat by Kansai and a cover, but it is broken up.  Cherry and Kizuki Irish whip Kansai but Kansai and Cherry end up elbowing Kizuki.  Cherry puts Kizuki in a figure four, then Kansai puts Kizuki in a necklock.  Kobayashi then puts Kansai in a necklock, Cherry runs over and puts Kobayashi in a necklock but releases the hold so she can put Kizuki in a crab hold (rolling them all over in the process).  Kizuki pushes Cherry off of her, both Kizuki and Kobayashi convince Kansai to go after Cherry but they all end up triple teaming Kansai in the corner.  Kansai starts booting them back, Cherry covers Kobayashi but Kizuki breaks it up.  Kizuki hits a jumping lariat on Kansai, double Irish whip to Kansai and Kansai eats a double dropkick.  Senton by Kizuki and Kobayashi back and forth, double cover by the duo but Kansai kicks out.  Kobayashi and Kizuki charge Kansai but Kansai puts them both in the claw.  Double lariat by Kansai and she lariats Cherry as well.  Kansai goes for Splash Mountain on Cherry but both Kobayashi and Kizuki break it up.  German suplex by Kizuki to Kansai and then the all hit dropkicks.  Triple dropkick to Kansai, Kansai goes for a crossbody on all three but they roll through it and pick up the three count!  Kizuki, Cherry and Kobayashi are declared the winners!

In theory this was not a tag match but they quickly realized that keeping down Kansai was the key to success.  I actually didn’t hate it even though it’s silly on paper, since Kizuki and Kobayashi are such high energy.  Kizuki almost was having too much fun, lots of smiles throughout from everyone but Kansai, almost as if she wasn’t in on the joke.  Definitely above average and a decent mid-card match.

Isami Kodaka vs. Yumi Ohka

mio4-4They trade holds to start with Kodaka getting the first advantage, they then trade elbows but Kodaka throws Ohka into the corner. Punch to the stomach by Kodaka and he hits the baseball slide elbow smash (he was safe).  Ohka fakes she us running towards Kodaka but Kodaka cowers in the corner.  Ohka moves when Kodaka charges in and hits an elbow drop, stomps by Ohka but Kodaka regains the advantage and applies a chinlock.  Stomps by Kodaka but Ohka punches him before hitting a scoop slam.  Big boot by Ohka in the corner but Kodaka avoids the next one and hits a boot of his own.  Kodaka goes for a suplex but Ohka blocks it into a vertical suplex, she goes off the ropes and she boots Kodaka in the head.  She does it a second time and a third, she goes for a backdrop suplex but Kodaka lands on his feet and applies a submission hold.  Ohka gets out of it and they trade elbows, Ohka stomps on Kodaka’s foot and kicks him but Kodaka connects with the super kick. Back up Kodaka delivers a dropkick, he covers Ohka but it gets two.  Scoop slam by Kodaka in front of the corner, he goes up top but Ohka avoids the diving double knee.  Big boot by Ohka and she hits a backdrop suplex, but Kodaka avoids the next boot.  Chokebomb by Ohka, but Kodaka gets a shoulder up.  Heel drop by Ohka, she picks up Kodaka but he blocks the tiger suplex.  Roll-up cover by Kodaka for two and he kicks Ohka in the side of the head.  Kodaka picks up Ohka and drills her with a brainbuster, but she barely kicks out of the cover.  Kick to the back of the head by Kodaka and he nails the Isami-Ashi Zan for the three count cover!

This wasn’t as bad as I was expecting since I don’t think much of Ohka.  I thought it was smartly worked once we got through the beginning, it was a bit repetitious at times since Ohka is limited but they did the dynamic very well.  Kodaka didn’t hold back of course because Ohka is a woman which just helped make her look more legitimate, it never felt like a “gender” thing which is a plus.  Not great but certainly watchable.

Aja Kong and SAGAT vs. Neko Nitta and Shuji Ishikawa

mio4-5Kong and Ishikawa start off, side headlock by Ishikawa but Kong Irish whips out of it.  They take turns failing at shoulderblocks  until Kong manages to shoulderblock Ishikawa down, but Ishikawa immediately returns the favor.  Nitta and SAGAT are tagged in and Nitta hits SAGAT with her tail, Ishikawa comes in and they hit a double shoulderblock.  Ishikawa and Nitta both scratch SAGAT and stand on him near the ropes.  Nitta tries to go off the ropes but SAGAT grabs her by the tail and tags in Kong.  Kong pulls around Nitta by the tail before tying her to the top rope with it.  Chops by Kong and she keeps hitting Nitta by the tail, scoop slam by Kong but Ishikawa runs in and scratches her back.  Kong tags in SAGAT and SAGAT chokes Nitta by her tail, Nitta sneaks in a bodyscissors roll-up but it gets two.  Nitta tags in Ishikawa and Ishikawa shoulderblocks both SAGAT and Kong.  Ishikawa lariats SAGAT in the corner and he hits a backdrop suplex for a two count cover.  Irish whip by Ishikawa but SAGAT kicks him back, they trade elbows and SAGAT hits a DDT.  Cover, but it gets two.  Knee to the stomach by Ishikawa and he hits a vertical suplex.  Ishikawa tags in Nitta and Nitta hits a dropkick off the second turnbuckle.  Nitta picks up SAGAT and goes for a suplex, but SAGAT blocks it.  Nitta goes off the ropes and hits a springboard elbow, Ishikawa comes in the ring and he slams SAGAT to the mat.  Ishikawa picks up Nitta and throws her into SAGAT, picking up a two count.  Nitta and Ishikawa both attack SAGAT in the corner, Ishikawa gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a diving footstomp.  Nitta hits (well not really) a corkscrew senton, but Kong breaks up the cover.  Ishikawa takes care of Kong but SAGAT hits a Samoan Drop on Nitta.  SAGAT tags in Kong, Kong picks up Nitta and she hits a lariat.  SAGAT returns but Ishikawa comes in the ring and lariats both of them.  SAGAT is thrown into Nitta, while Kong gets a metal bucket and hits Ishikawa with it.  Wheelbarrow suplex by Kong to Nitta but Ishikawa breaks it up.  Kong picks up Nitta and she nails the brainbuster, picking up the three count!

Another goofy match on the card, I guess no one wanted to upstage Mio in the main event. There were a few cute spots with Kong and Nitta, it was just the third match with some comedy type spots in it so I’d rather have seen something a bit different. Certainly nothing to get excited about.

Arisa Nakajima vs. Mio Shirai

mio4-8Time for the reason I am watching this event in the first place, two of my favorites. They start slow, trading holds on the mat with neither having much luck. Back up Nakajima hits a big boot and throws Shirai into the corner before throwing her to the mat by her hair. She does it again, Irish whip by Nakajima and she delivers a dropkick for a two count. Seated armbar by Nakajima and she applies a wristlock before kicking Shirai in the chest. Nakajima applies a stretch hold and then a bodyscissors, stomp by Nakajima and she puts Shirai in a sleeper. Shirai gets up and slams her way out of it, she goes for the cross armbreaker but Nakajima blocks it. Stretch Muffler by Nakajima but Shirai gets to the ropes. Shirai puts Nakajima in the ropes and boots her hard in the back of the head, crossface by Shirai and she kicks Nakajima in the face. Eye poke by Shirai, she puts Nakajima in the corner and kicks her in the chest. Snapmare by Shirai and she kicks Nakajima in the back, cover by Shirai but it gets two. Camel Clutch by Shirai but Nakajima gets out of it and they trade elbows back on their feet. DDT by Nakajima and she dropkicks Shirai in the head, Irish whip by Nakajima to the corner and she hits a high knee. Dropkick out of the corner by Nakajima, cover on Shirai but Shirai kicks out. Kick by Nakajima, she picks up Shirai but Shirai hits a leg sweep and applies the figure four necklock. Nakajima gets out of it, she pulls down the rope when Shirai charges her and Shirai lands out on the apron. Shirai and Nakajima trade elbows but Nakajima wins the battle and knocks Shirai down to the floor. Nakajima then gets up on the top turnbuckle and she dives out onto Shirai with a plancha suicida. Nakajima throws Shirai around the floor and throws chairs on top of her before hitting a footstomp (I am assuming since it is off camera). Shirai fights back and throws Nakajima into the ring post before slamming her head into the apron. Shirai gets up on the apron and hits a jumping kick onto Nakajima, she then hits a vertical suplex out on the floor. Shirai hits Nakajima with a chair and chokes her, but the referee finally gets her to stop so Shirai elbows her instead.

miochairShirai finally rolls Nakajima back in the ring, she gets up on the top turnbuckle and applies a necklock over the top rope. Shirai goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, cover by Shirai but it gets a two count. Shirai gets a chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring, she puts Nakajima on it and boots it into Nakajima’s face. Shirai picks up Nakajima but Nakajima ducks the enzuigiri and hits a suplex. Running boots by Nakajima while Shirai is against the ropes, cover by Nakajima but it gets two. Nakajima gets a chair and she hits Shirai in the face with it, she then breaks it over Shirai’s head and Shirai rolls out of the ring. Shirai gets up out on the floor but Nakajima hits a baseball slide and goes after her, throwing Shirai into the ring post. Nakajima rolls Shirai back in and goes up top, and she hits the missile dropkick for a two count. German suplex hold by Nakajima but that gets a two count as well, rolling Germans by Nakajima and she holds the last one for another two count. Nakajima goes up top, but Shirai recovers and joins her, Nakajima pushes Shirai off but Shirai gets a chair and hits her with it. Back up Shirai goes and she hits an avalanche powerslam, kick to the head by Shirai but the cover gets two. Both wrestlers are slow to get up and they trade elbows as they return to their feet, and Nakajima knocks Shirai back to the mat. Shirai gets back up and hits a high kick, heel drop by Shirai and she covers Nakajima for a two count. Shisenkō by Shirai, she picks up Nakajima and she nails the double underhook facebuster. Running kick by Shirai, cover, but Nakajima barely gets a shoulder up. Shirai waits for Nakajima to get up but Nakajima catches the Egukeri and applies an ankle lock. Running knee by Nakajima, she picks up Shirai but Shirai applies a sleeper. Figure four necklock by Shirai but Nakajima manages to get a foot on the ropes. Shirai suplexes Nakajima back to the middle of the ring and re-applies the hold, but Nakajima gets to the ropes again. Nakajima snaps off a release German suplex, elbows by Nakajima and she hits the Dharma Style German, but the bell rings just as she does so and the match is a Draw.

mio4-9Shirai agrees with me that draws are lame and does not want to end her show that way, so after a few minutes of discussion the match restarts! Shirai immediately hits a hurricanrana, but Nakajima kicks out. She goes for the Tsuchigumo but Nakajima blocks it, but Shirai applies the Jorōgumo into a roll-up for two. Shirai goes off the ropes but Nakajima elbows her, knee by Shirai but Nakajima hits a bridging fallaway slam for two. Kick to the side of the head by Nakajima, she picks up Shirai and hits a few elbows. Shirai fights back with a hard headbutt, Tsuchigumo but Shirai but Nakajima gets a shoulder up. Headbutt by Shirai to the now bleeding Nakajima, she goes for a kick but Nakajima ducks it and hits elbows. Nakajima punches Shirai in the face, she picks up Shirai and nails the Dharma Style German Suplex Hold, and this time she gets the three count!

This really was a great match, only hurt by the fact it was filmed on a hard camera. That was really only an issue because a good chunk of the match in the middle was out on the floor, and with the camera some things were hard to see and others were missed entirely. Also, even though it was a hard hitting match some of that is lost when the view is a bit far away. That being said, what a match by these two as it had everything you could ask for… hard strikes (Shirai even busted open Nakajima with a headbutt), suplexes, submissions, memorable moves, the works. For a 30+ minute match it never felt like it was dragging, and of course I love the match was re-started and they didn’t end things with a draw. Really a must-see match by these two, with the only downside being the action missed due to not having a multi-camera setup. Highly Recommended

event originally reviewed on 7/1/15

Final Thoughts:


Unlike the last Mio Produce event I reviewed, I thought that the bulk of this event was pretty pedestrian. Some parts were fun but nothing was standout leading up to the main event, it just didn’t feel like anything special at all. Luckily the main event really delivered as I figured it would, as Shirai and Nakajima are two of the best when on the grand stage. They pulled no punches, literally, and it was just a brutal and great match. I definitely recommend watching Shirai vs. Nakajima but the rest can be safely skipped, you won’t be missing anything important even though nothing was outright bad.