JUST TAP OUT “JTO HOUSE” on 10/16/20 Partial Review


Date: October 16th, 2020
Location: Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 147

Speaking of reviewing something different, lets take a look at JUST TAP OUT. JTO is a promotion run by TAKA Michinoku, and features both male and female wrestlers. Its pretty low-level even on the indie scale but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Since this is a Joshi website I will only be reviewing the matches with Joshi wrestlers, which covers the first two matches on the event. Here are the matches I will be reviewing:

Right, so three of the Joshi wrestlers on the event have profiles on Joshi City, you can click on their name above to go straight to it. As this aired on NicoPro, both matches will be shown in full.

rhythm vs. Tomoka Inaba
rhythm vs. Tomoka Inaba

This match was billed as the “re-debut” for rhythm, which seems a little extra since her original debut was in July of 2019 so its not like she had a long layoff. But its wrestling, what can you do. rhythm is only 18 years old and last we saw her she still needed some seasoning, so we’ll see if she has progressed any during her time off. She is against Tomoka Inaba, who is the top Joshi wrestler in the promotion after the departure of Maika. Even though Tomoka isn’t a veteran in the traditional sense of the word, she is acting in that role here as she welcomes back rhythm.

They tie-up to start, waistlock by rhythm but Inaba reverses it as the two trade holds. Elbow by Inaba and she works a headlock, rhythm elbows out of it and applies a headlock of her own, taking Inaba to the mat. Inaba quickly gets out of the hold and applies a headscissors, but rhythm gets out of it and goes back to the headlock. Inaba Irish whips out of it but rhythm hits a hard shoulderblock, she picks up Inaba and hits a snapmare. Irish whip by rhythm and she hits a hip toss, scoop slam by rhythm and she slaps on the headlock. rhythm gets Inaba to the mat but Inaba quickly gets to the ropes for the break, Inaba elbows rhythm and the two trade blows. Knee by Inaba and she kicks rhythm in the leg, more kicks to the leg by Inaba and she applies an ankle hold. Inaba slams rhythm’s knee into the mat and applies a kneelock, but rhythm gets to the ropes for the break. Inaba sets up rhythm’s leg on the second rope and kicks it repeatedly, she goes for a knee but rhythm moves out of the way and hits a bulldog. Cover by rhythm, but it gets two. rhythm goes for a choke and gets it applied, but Inaba gets a foot on the bottom rope for the break. rhythm picks up Inaba but Inaba elbows her, elbows by rhythm but Inaba slaps a sleeper hold on her. rhythm gets out of it and hits a few elbows, more elbows to the back of the head by rhythm but Inaba drops her with a head kick. Inaba sits up rhythm and kicks her some more before covering her for a two count. rhythm hulks up but Inaba promptly kicks her in the head again, Inaba sits up rhythm and delivers a PK for the three count! Tomoka Inaba wins the match.

I was slightly off as I figured it would be Inaba controlling the match when it ended up being rhythm that did the bulk of the offense. I appreciate the limb work by Inaba but in a seven minute match, it never really came to mean anything so that may be better saved for longer matches when they have more time to really take advantage of the effort. Inaba’s head kicks are really good though, so she should definitely keep doing those. rhythm looked a little rusty at times and a minor mistake made the finish look a little dopey, but overall she looked fine. Not bad for a “re-debut” and Inaba shows some potential as someone that enjoys kicking people in the head.

2 BM, Black R, and Black Changita vs. Chojin Yusha G Valion, EX Valion, and Yuki Shizuku
BM, Black R, and Black Changita vs. Chojin Yusha G Valion, EX Valion, and Aki Shizuku

I don’t necessarily know what is going on here. As far as I can tell, the Black Army are the evil bad guys and girls who are invading the good guys and girls of JTO. I don’t know who the identities of the wrestlers are (nor do I think I should), but Black Changita and Black R are both women (I’m pretty sure, I know Black Changita is but I am assuming Black R is also) so that is the reason I am reviewing the match. They are against another odd collection of wrestlers I can’t identify, but Aki Shizuku is a 13 year veteran who has been traveling around smaller promotions for most of her career. I don’t know what to expect, but matches where the bulk of the wrestlers wear masks can’t possibly be bad, right?

The Black Army attack before the bell rings (shocking, I know), with Changita staying in the ring with Aki. Changita kicks Aki in the back but Aki catches her next kick attempt and elbows her in the knee. Scoop slam by Aki and she tags in EX Valion, BM is also tagged in and the two trade elbows. BM knocks EX Valion to the mat but EX Valion hits couple armdrags before applying an armlock. Back up, EX Valion tags in Aki, Aki tosses BM by his head and he tags in Black R. Aki gets Black R to the mat and hits a series of mounted punches and slaps, Aki picks up Black R but Black R rakes her in the eyes. Hard elbow by Aki and she hits a shoulderblock, Aki picks up Black R but Black R gets away which gives BM time to hit Aki in the head with a paint can. Stunner by Black R on Aki and she tags Changita, Changita rakes Aki’s face and hits a series of punches. Vertical suplex by Changita and she applies a kimura lock, she then switches it to an armbar but Aki gets into the ropes for the break.

She tags in BM, Black R and Changita run in too as Aki is triple teamed. Flipping neckbreaker by Black R to Aki, and BM covers Aki for a two count. Punches by BM but Aki boots him back when he charges in and connects with a heel kick. This gives her time to tag in G Valion, G Valion throws BM into the corner and hits a running back elbow. DDT by G Valion and she covers BM for two. We get some chaos as all six end up in the ring, but things finally cool off and G Valion tags in EX Valion. EX Valion shoulderblocks BM and hits a jumping shoulderblock, EX Valion picks up BM and hits a gutwrench suplex for a two count. STF by EX Valion but it quickly gets broken up, G Valion runs in and dropkicks BM in the head. Aki is there too and hits an uppercut, backdrop suplex by EX Valion to BM but again its broken up. BM avoids both G Valion and Aki’s charge, during the melee Black R gets on the apron and hits EX Valion with a metal rod. The referee starts paying attention again as BM puts EX Valion in a small package, and he picks up the three count! Black Army win!

Matches like this are hard to evaluate by traditional means, so I generally judge it by how much fun the chaos is. The chaos here was pretty dialed down as for the bulk of it they just did a standard six person tag match. If you are going to do a heel stable brawl just go all-out with it, which they didn’t do here. It was pretty short so the ending felt sudden, and for the second straight match the ending was done a bit goofy in execution. None of them looked like bad wrestlers, which is a plus, but not much to see here.

Final Thoughts:


Its hard to really evaluate an event just on two matches, especially when it was the first two matches on the show so neither got a lot of time. Tomoka Inaba continues to be impressive in the little I have seen her, which is great, and it is good to see rhythm back. The Black Army match was what it was, I wish there was more chaos to it but the work was decent enough. Not a whole lot here for Joshi fans, probably safe to wait until JTO has the women in bigger matches, which they do quite often on their events.