Birth: December 26th, 1989
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Background: Trained in Sendai Girls’
Debut: July 9th, 2006
Retired: January 17th, 2016
Other Identities: Sachiko Kanari

Championships Held: Sendai Girls’ World Tag Team Championship, JWP Tag Team/Daily Sports Tag Team Championship, WWWD World Tag Team Championship, and the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship
Tournaments Won: JWP Tag League the Best (2013), Jaja Uma Tournament (2009)
Awards Won: None

Notable Matches:

  • February 1st, 2009 vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto
  • September 24th, 2011 with DASH Chisako vs. Manami Toyota and Tsukushi
  • December 15th, 2013 with DASH Chisako vs. Leon and Ray
  • September 23rd, 2015 with DASH Chisako vs. Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani
  • October 11th, 2015 with DASH Chisako vs. Kyoko Kimura and Takumi Iroha
  • November 15th, 2015 vs. Io Shirai

Signature Moves:

  • Assisted Shiranui
  • DDT
  • German Suplex Hold
  • Moonsault

In Action:

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