Joshi Match Medley #2: Super Battle FMW and WAVE


Every few weeks, I will review Joshi matches that took place in non-Joshi promotions. Promotions such as DDT, K-DOJO, Mr. Gannosuke, and FREEDOMS all either have Joshi wrestlers on their roster or frequently bring in Joshi wrestlers for special matches. Usually there is just one match per show (at the most), so as soon as a few take place I will review them in an attempt to not miss any great matches that may have flown under the radar. It also allows me to take a look at some Joshi wrestlers I don’t see as much, as not all Joshi wrestlers are active in the larger promotions that frequently have their events make TV.

I only have two today, I am mostly using this as an excuse to review Ohata vs. Takahashi, it was released on one of their collection shows but it was the only match from 2016 shown. So it goes in a Medley. Today I will be reviewing:

  • Kagetsu and Cherry vs. Miss Mongol and Miss Koharu in Super Battle FMW on 1/24/16
  • Misaki Ohata vs. Nanae Takahashi in WAVE on 1/3/16

Short review, let’s get it rolling.

Event: Super Battle FMW
Date: January 24th, 2016
Location: Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 302

Kagetsu and Cherry vs. Miss Mongol and Miss Koharu

There isn’t a ton of backstory here, aside from Miss Mongol continuing to take Miss Koharu (aka Koharu Hinata) under her wing. Cherry is a DDT wrestler while Kagetsu is a Freelancer, they had never teamed before that I am aware of before hooking up in Super Battle FMW. There is a bit more to the story, but we will find out more about that as the match reaches its conclusion.

fmw1.24Kagetsu and Koharu begin the match but Cherry attacks Koharu from behind and things immediately break down. Cherry and Kagetsu knock their opponents down in the corner and do some comedy tag spots on Koharu before things go back to Kagetsu and Koharu. Kagetsu elbows Koharu in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for a two count cover. Irish whip by Kagetsu but Koharu hits a spinning headscissors followed by a low Tiger Feint Kick. Crab hold by Koharu and she puts Kagetsu in the Muta Lock, but Cherry breaks it up. Cherry is tagged in and she pulls out Koharu’s hair before hitting a dropkick. Koharu rolls away from Cherry and hits a spinning headscissors, she covers her but Cherry grabs the ropes. Running footstomps by Koharu but Cherry hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Koharu kicks Cherry away and hits a tornado DDT, and she finally tags in Mongol. Mongol hits jumping lariats on Cherry before hitting a backdrop suplex, covering her for two.

Dump Matsumoto appears at the top of the ramp to watch as the action continues, Cherry chops Mongol in the neck and tags Kagetsu. Swandive missile dropkick by Kagetsu and she knocks Mongol onto the ramp. Everyone starts to battle on the ramp in front of Matsumoto, but they return to the ring with no damage done. Mongol is double teamed but she lariats both her opponents, Kagetsu picks up Mongol and she hits a Samoan Drop for two. Koharu hits a diving crossbody and then Mongol suplexes Kagetsu, but Kagetsu still won’t stay down. Kagetsu finally gets away from Mongol but Mongol immediately puts her in a crab hold. Dump Matsumoto and her helper have seen enough, she comes in with a kendo stick and hits everyone she sees. Lariat by Matsumoto on Mongol and they throw Kagetsu onto Mongol, allowing her to get the three count! Kagetsu and Cherry win! After the match Matsumoto continues to beat everyone with kendo sticks, making a lasting impression.

I appreciate Dump Matsumoto trying to make this match interesting but there just wasn’t much here to get excited about. I have never been impressed with Cherry, Koharu is still a bit rough even though she is adorable, and Mongol is in twilight of her career. That left Kagetsu to do the bulk of the work, and she looked good when she was in there, but too much of it was just uneventful. Matsumoto and Zap T (I am assuming) coming out at the end to set up a future match at least made it somewhat memorable, but just an average experience overall at best.

Event: WAVE Happy New Year WAVE ‘16
Date: January 3rd, 2016
Location: Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 377

Misaki Ohata vs. Nanae Takahashi

While this event has not been released in full, this match was included on Wave V-PARADISE #193. All future episodes should include mostly 2016 matches, so this should be the only WAVE match that has to split off in the Medley. This was the main event of the show on January 3rd, with Wave wrestler Ohata taking on SEAdLINNNG promoter and star Nanae Takahashi. Nothing seems to be on the line here, however this is Takahashi’s second match in the promotion recently so since SEAdLINNNG doesn’t run shows very often she may be looking for a new place to be a part of during her down time.

They start with a knuckle lock and end up on the mat with Ohata in control, but Takahashi gets into the ropes. Back up, shoulderblock by Takahashi and she hits another one, followed by an elbow drop to the head. Takahashi slaps Ohata in the corner but Ohata comes back with an elbow. Takahashi rolls Ohata to the mat and applies a modified stretch hold, Ohata gets out of it and they trade elbows back on their feet. Headscissors by Ohata and she hits a running crossbody while Takahashi is against the ropes. Ohata goes for a tornado DDT but Takahashi pushes her off, Ohata hits a DDT anyway and delivers a diving crossbody for a two count cover. Snap German by Takahashi and she kicks Ohata in the side of the head, but Ohata comes back with elbows. Lariat by Takahashi in the corner but Ohata reverses the backdrop suplex into a German suplex.

wave1.3Takahashi bounces back with one of her own but Ohata hits a series of rolling Germans. Ohata goes up top but Takahashi slaps her and goes up top also. Superplex by Takahashi, she goes up top herself but Ohata avoids the diving body press. Ohata gets on the second turnbuckle, Takahashi joins her but Ohata slides between her legs and hits a powerbomb for two. Ohata gets on the top turnbuckle but Takahashi gets her feet up when she dives off. Blue Thunder Driver by Takahashi, she picks up Ohata but Ohata hits a standing crucifix bomb for two. Fisherman Buster by Ohata but Takahashi kicks out of the cover again. Ohata goes for the Black Dahlia but Takahashi blocks it and hits a Nana☆Racka. Takahashi picks up Ohata but Ohata hits another standing crucifix bomb. Backdrop driver by Takahashi, she charges Ohata but Ohata catches her with a quick roll-up for two. Back up, Takahashi hits a big lariat, they trade blows on their feet and Takahashi hits another lariat for a two count. One Second EX by Takahashi, and she gets the three count! Nanae Takahashi is the winner.

The only thing missing from this match was simply time. Over 30% of the match was missing from this airing, and it made the match a bit disjointed at times since so much of the action was clipped out. Ohata and Takahashi are two of the wrestlers in Japan I enjoy the most, and it was a great combination with Takahashi’s strength vs. Ohata’s speed. They fought like it was a title match, not just a normal match in front of under 400 people, and it made it feel important. I can’t give it too high of a recommendation simply due to the clipping but still worth a watch as it was presented.  Mildly Recommended

Final Thoughts:


I don’t really feel comfortable giving this a rating as really it was just me finding an excuse to review Takahashi vs. Ohata since I enjoy them both so much. Sadly it was more clipped than I thought, with less than ten minutes shown, and the other match I reviewed was nothing special. Ohata/Takahashi is worth a watch but is sadly forgettable since so much was cut, and the FMW match is skippable unless you really love Dump Matsumoto and want to see her create some random carnage.