Ice Ribbon P’s Party #41 on 5/13/20 Review

Ice Ribbon P's Party

Event: Ice Ribbon P’s Party #41
Date: May 13th, 2020
Location: Ice Ribbon Dojo in Saitama, Japan
Announced Attendance: 0

Some more pandemic Joshi wrestling viewing, this time swinging by Ice Ribbon. Ice Ribbon has been putting on small shows on Youtube and Nico from the Ice Ribbon Dojo, and this is one of their smaller events which made it ideal for a quick review. Not much introduction is needed, here is the full card:

As this aired on Nico, all matches will be shown in full. The wrestlers on the event have profiles on Joshi City, you can click on their names above to go straight to it.

Maika Ozaki and Tsukushi vs. Matsuya Uno and Yappy
Maika Ozaki and Tsukushi vs. Matsuya Uno and Yappy

For the first match, we start with a hodgepodge of young and/or inexperienced wrestlers. Neither of these teams are regular tag teams nor do the opponents hate each other for some reason or another, so no real backstory going into it. Tsukushi is by far the most experienced but also is the youngest, she is teaming with the second most experienced so the teams seem a bit lopsided. Hopefully just a fun little opener, probably won’t be anything deeper than that.

Yappy and Matsuya attack before the bell rings, double teaming their opponents in the corner before isolating Tsukushi. Maika helps Tsukushi as things settle down with Tsukushi and Yappy in the ring, with Tsukushi stomping down on Yappy’s fingers. Tsukushi pretzels Yappy before kicking her in the butt, stomp by Tsukushi and she dropkicks Yappy in the corner. Tsukushi stands on Yappy before stomping down on her chest, she picks up Yappy but Yappy blocks the slam attempt and rams Tsukushi into the corner. Yappy sets up Tsukushi across the second rope before hitting a body avalanche, swinging necklock by Yappy and she covers Tsukushi for two. Tsukushi bridges out of the pin and hits a dropkick, giving her time to tag Maika. Maika picks up Yappy and works a headlock, Yappy Irish whips out of it and the two collide with neither going down. They both keep trying until Maika finally knocks Yappy over, elbow drop by Maika and she covers Yappy for two. Maika picks up Yappy but Yappy blocks the slam attempt and hits one of her own for a two count cover. Yappy sits down on Maika a few times, Irish whip by Yappy but Maika ducks her lariat and elbows Yappy in the back. Maika goes for the Argentine Backbreaker but Yappy elbows out of it and hits a hard shoulderblock for two. Yappy finally tags in Matsuya, dropkick by Matsuya to Maika but Maika blocks the STO attempt. Maika throws Matsuya into the corner and hits a body avalanche, boot by Maika and she covers Matsuya for two. Irish whip by Maika to the corner but Matsuya jumps on the top turnbuckle and applies a hanging armbar.

Maika Ozaki & Tsukushi vs. Matsuya Uno & YappyMatsuya picks up Maika and hits the STO, cover by Matsuya but Maika gets a shoulder up. Matsuya quickly applies a cross armbreaker but Maika manages to block it, she switches to a kimura lock but Tsukushi breaks it up. Matsuya picks up Maika but Maika gets her in the Argentine Backbreaker, however Yappy breaks it up. Maika tags in Tsukushi, Tsukushi quickly cradles Matsuya before hitting a footstomp, but Matsuya grabs her ankle and applies an ankle hold. She lets go so she can apply a Fujiwara Armbar, but Tsukushi gets to the ropes for the break. Back up the two trade elbows, Irish whip by Matsuya but Tsukushi blocks it and elbows her in the head. Yappy runs in and lariats Tsukushi, she and Matsuya both hit hip attacks but Maika appears and levels Matsuya with a shoulderblock. Karelin Lift by Maika to Matsuya and Tsukushi drills her with a dropkick, Tsukushi goes up top and delivers a missile dropkick for two. Tsukushi goes up top again as Maika gets on the second turnbuckle, but Matsuya avoids her senton attempt. Matsuya throws Tsukushi back into the ring, Yappy runs in with a body splash and Matsuya hits a spear for two count. Matsuya picks up Tsukushi but Tsukushi wiggles away, she trades flash pins with Matsuya but neither can get the three count. Drop toehold by Tsukushi and she applies La Magistral, and she gets the three count pinfall! Tsukushi and Maika Ozaki are the winners!

Aside from one pretty noticeable miscommunication, this was a fine match. You’d think how often they wrestle that their match layouts would be a bit more interesting, but it was a pretty basic story with nothing to really set it apart or make it memorable. Tsukushi as always looked great and Yappy held her own, with Matsuya not really doing enough to leave an impression either way. This was just an opener for a very small event and it showed in their output, a serviceable match but forgettable.

Satsuki Totoro and Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Suzu Suzuki and Thekla
Satsuki Totoro and Fujimoto vs. Suzuki and Thekla

And we end things with this fun mixture of wrestlers. Thekla joined Ice Ribbon before the pandemic hit, which is probably good as otherwise she’d have been stuck there anyway like Masha Slamovich is currently with Marvelous. Like the last match, I wouldn’t consider these normal teams or factions, just fun tandems thrown together. Suzu Suzuki is arguably the future of Ice Ribbon, or at least a big part of it as at only 17 years old she has already shown a ton of potential. I’m interested to see how Thekla fits in with the rest of the wrestlers, and anytime Tsukasa is in the ring with Suzu I imagine they are going to bring it as they tend to do.

Satsuki and Suzu start the match, they lock-up and Satsuki pushes Suzu into ropes. She gives a clean break as they get back into the lock-up, they trade wristlocks until Satsuki applies a headlock. Suzu Irish whips out of it and dropkicks Satsuki, she goes to slam Satsuki but Satsuki reverses it into a slam of her own and tags in Tsukasa. Dropkick by Tsukasa and a second sends Suzu out of the ring, Tsukasa goes out after her and chops Suzu in the chest. Suzu elbows her back and they trade shots, Suzu gets a soccer ball and challenges Tsukasa, Tsukasa takes the ball into the ring and plays goalie while Suzu tries to kick it past her, which she succeeds in doing (according to the referee). Tsukasa argues with the referee about it before going back to Suzu, they have a sit-up and push-up contest before running the ropes. They both go up top but Suzu trips, and Tsukasa clearly wins their little duel. Irish whip by Tsukasa and she delivers a dropkick, Satsuki is tagged in and she elbows Thekla off the apron. Satsuki stomps on Suzu and chokes her against the ropes, she gets Suzu in the corner and pushes down on her with her boot. Satsuki slams Suzu’s head into the mat and sits down on her before applying a stretch submission hold. She lets go after a moment and stomps on Suzu’s back some more, Suzu fights back with elbows and she springboards out to the apron before snapping Satsuki’s arm over the top rope. Knee by Suzu and she dropkicks Satsuki, she goes up top and delivers a diving crossbody for two. She makes the tag to Thekla, dropkick by Thekla and she throws Satsuki into the corner. Dropkick by Thekla and she covers Satsuki for a two count. Thekla quickly applies an elevated armbar, schoolboy by Thekla but it gets a two.

Satsuki Totoro & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Suzu Suzuki & TheklaShe picks up Satsuki and elbows her against the ropes, she charges Satsuki but Satsuki hits a hard shoulderblock. She goes for a senton but Thekla rolls out of the way, she jumps on Satsuki’s back and puts her in a sleeper hold. Satsuki shakes her off and hits a senton, body press by Satsuki and she covers Thekla for a two count. Satsuki tags Tsukasa, Tsukasa puts Thekla in an Octopus Hold but Suzu comes up from behind and puts an eye mask on her. Thekla puts Tsukasa into an Octopus Hold of her own but Tsukasa inches to the ropes and forces the break. Thekla sets up Tsukasa in the ropes and dropkicks her in the back, cover by Thekla but it gets two. Thekla picks up Tsukasa but Tsukasa finally gets the mask off and they trade elbows. Dropkick by Tsukasa, she snapmares Thekla and puts the mask on her before kicking Thekla in the back. Suzu runs in and elbows Tsukasa, she gets the mask off Thekla and they hit a double spear onto Tsukasa. Cover by Thekla, but it gets two. Thekla applies a bridging headscissors but Satsuki breaks it up, Thekla is thrown into the corner and attacked by both Satsuki and Tsukasa. Tsukasa picks up Thekla and hits a scoop slam, cover by Tsukasa but it gets a two count. Tsukasa gets on the second turnbuckle but Thekla avoids her dropkick attempt and schoolboys the veteran for two. A backslide and cradle get the same results, Thekla goes off the ropes but Tsukasa kicks her back and applies a cover for two. Tsukasa kicks Thekla repeatedly in the back, PK by Tsukasa and she gets another two count. Tsukasa applies the Gokuraku Gatame, Thekla struggles but has no choice but to submit! Satsuki Totoro and Tsukasa Fujimoto are the winners!

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t watch/review Ice Ribbon more, and this match is a good example why. Ice Ribbon has a lot of great wrestlers but at times is a bit too goofy for me. Comedy in wrestling is always hit and miss with me and I prefer it just be in its own bubble, not randomly inserted with the bigger wrestlers in the promotion. They never really got into a flow in this match and there weren’t really any segments I can point to as must-see. Thekla seems to be fitting in well, no issues there and I still love Suzu and Tsukasa, but this just felt meandering without any hot sections before the match suddenly ended with a submission hold that wasn’t built up to. Even though this was just a Dojo Show, still a pretty lackluster and disappointing main event.

Final Thoughts:


I think its important whenever watching an event to set your expectations in line with what the promotion is offering. I wasn’t going into this show expecting any MOTYC type matches but I was hoping for just a fun and easy watch as both matches had wrestlers I really enjoy. Unfortunately I think the show was even more laid back than I was anticipating as the action was pretty pedestrian and ultimately forgettable. For hardcore fans, nothing wrong with this show but there are better options out there if you just need some new wrestling to watch during the pandemic.