GLEAT Joshi Match Reviews (July 2021 to September 2021)

GLEAT Poster

Event: Various GLEAT Shows
Dates: July 25th, 2021 to September 29th, 2021
Location: Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: Various
Broadcast: Streamed on NicoPro and Youtube

Time to spread some GLEAT love! What is GLEAT? GLEAT is a uniquely named puroresu promotion that is owned by Lidet Entertainment, which created the promotion after they sold Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2020. GLEAT has two sub-brands, but we are focusing on their “pro wrestling” brand which has more traditional wrestling. GLEAT airs on NicoPro and also puts their events on Youtube, so they are fairly easy to watch if you are so inclined. They have two Joshi wrestlers on their regular roster – Michiko Miyagi, better known to many fans as Andras Miyagi, and Yukari Hosokawa who is better known as RinRin. Yukari hasn’t had any matches in GLEAT yet, so this review series will focus on Michiko Miyagi, as GLEAT brings in outsiders to wrestle both with and against her. I am going to review her matches from the last four months, here is the line-up:

All wrestlers on the event have a profile on Joshi City, you can click on their name above to go straight to it. Let’s see how good GLEAT is.

Michiko Miyagi vs. Ayano Irie
Ayano Irie vs. Michiko Miyagi
GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 1 on July 25th, 2021

We start the match review series with GLEAT wrestler Michiko Miyagi against Actwres girl’Z wrestler Ayano Irie. Miyagi has had an interesting career so far, going from Sendai Girls’ to Stardom to falling off the map. Once she started wrestling more often, she eventually landed in GLEAT (and is now appearing in Sendai Girls’ again as well), which feels like a step down but sometimes smaller promotions are a better fit for people. Ayano Irie is in her third year and is 25 years old, she has no notable wins in her career but she isn’t a rookie, so hopefully they can pull together something fun for us.

Ayano manages to trick Michiko into hyping up the crowd to start the match, giving her a chance to sneak in a quick schoolboy for a two count. She rolls up Michiko a few more times with no luck, Ayano throws Michiko into the corner and tosses her down by the hair. She does it again before hitting a snapmare and putting Michiko in a bodyscissors. She eventually lets go and puts Michiko in an inverted crab hold, she lets go of that as well and picks up Michiko but Michiko delivers a scoop slam into a backbreaker. Michiko lifts Ayano back up and hits a scoop slam to the mat, Michiko stomps Ayano down in the corner before putting her in a chinlock. Ayano crawls to the ropes to try to slow down Michiko, but Michiko clubs her in the corner, Ayano fights back with elbows but Michiko boots her back to the mat. Scoop slam by Michiko and she hits a second one, she picks up Ayano and delivers a delayed scoop slam for a two count. Michiko goes for a crab hold but Ayano reverses it into a roll-up, she goes for a few more flash pins but each gets a two count. Ayano goes off the ropes and hits a dropkick, she rolls into an inverted crab hold but Michiko gets to the ropes for the break. Michiko gets back in control and quickly puts Ayano in a crab hold, Ayano almost gets to the ropes but Michiko pulls her back to the middle of the ring. Ayano struggles for another moment but has to tap out! Michiko Miyagi is the winner!

This was… pretty simple. Ayano isn’t a very good wrestler, I am sure someone on Twitter will get mad at me saying that but its just the simple truth. So her offense was either really basic, weak, or goofy and she never felt like she was in a position to win this match. Michiko always works better when she has a quality foil, she is fundamentally very sound and her offense looked fine, but there just wasn’t much to the match until Michiko put away Ayano with a crab hold. Hopefully Michiko gets more interesting competition for the rest of the review series.

Michiko Miyagi vs. Momoka Hanazono
Michiko Miyagi vs. Momoka Hanazono
GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 2 on August 4th, 2021

Next, Miyagi wrestles Momoka Hanazono! If you are not familar with Momoka, don’t feel too bad, as she wrestles in pretty small promotions. She wrestles most frequently in Dotonbori Pro but also wrestles in Colega Pro, plus occasionally she visits OZ Academy and wrestler produced events. She’s never wrestled for a title or anything like that, and is pretty under-the-radar on the Joshi scene. While this isn’t a big match either, she does get to wrestle a proven wrestler on a show that is readily available to view so that’s something, lets see if she can impress.

Momoka asks Michiko for a handshake to start, but its all a ruse as she applies a small package for a quick two count. She tries a few more flash pins but Michiko kicks out of each, Michiko throws Momoka into the corner but Momoka rebounds out with an attempted hurricanrana. Michiko catches her however and hits a sit-down powerbomb, picking up a two count. Michiko stomps on Momoka while she is near the ropes, she picks up Momoka and puts her in the tree of woe. Dropkick by Michiko and she pinches Momoka’s belly (I guess that would hurt), Michiko stomps on Momoka but Momoka elbows her back. Momoka hits a few more elbows but Michiko boots her in the face for her trouble, Michiko goes for a crab hold but Momoka blocks it and cradles Michiko for two. Momoka goes for a bodyscissors but Michiko catches her, she throws Momoka into the mat and puts her in the crab hold. Momoka gets to the ropes for the break, Michiko picks her up and goes off the ropes but Michiko catches her with a cross armbreaker takedown. Michiko quickly gets a foot on the ropes for the break, Momoka goes off the ropes and delivers a dropkick for a two count. Momoka picks up Michiko but Michiko blocks the suplex, Momoka gets Michiko’s back however and applies a sleeper hold. Michiko drives Momoka into the corner to break the hold but Momoka jumps off the turnbuckle with a diving hurricanrana before applying a small package for two. Sunset flip into a jackknife by Momoka but Michiko gets out of the hold and applies a Backslide for the three count! Michiko Miyagi is the winner!

What I liked about this one compared to the last is even though it was pretty simple, I got the real sense that Momoka could pull of the upset victory. She had several convincing nearfalls and got in some legitimate offense, so even though she was never in control for long she had enough spots that it didn’t feel like she was totally outmatched. As everyone knows, I love a good cross armbreaker takedown, so that helped. Michiko continues to be sound if not overly interesting, but she got a little desperate here which gave her a chance to show a bit more emotion. Nothing earth shattering but a solid little match.  Mildly Recommended

Michiko Miyagi and Rina Yamashita vs. Ryo Mizunami and Yuu
Michiko Miyagi and Rina Yamashita vs. Ryo Mizunami and Yuu
GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 3 on September 1st, 2021

This one is a little different from the other matches in the series. Not only does Michiko Miyagi have new wrestlers to interact with but all three of these are at a different level than we have seen leading up to this match. Rina Yamashita is a veteran of the Joshi scene, she was best known for her work in WAVE but since leaving WAVE has found success in SEAdLINNNG and Ice Ribbon. Ryo Mizunami is the most seasoned of the bunch, she also had a lot of success in WAVE before going Freelance a few years ago. Yuu started her career in Tokyo Joshi Pro but left the promotion to go Freelance, currently she reps Pro Wrestling EVE. There is no weak link here as all four are quality wrestlers, this may get a little goofy at times but if they stay focused this could be a stealthy good match.

Rina and Yuu start the match, headlock by Rina but Yuu Irish whips out of it and the two collide with neither going down. Yuu finally manages to knock Rina off her feet after they battle a few times, but Rina hits a lariat in the corner and tags in Michiko. Michiko tries to suplex Yuu but can’t get her over, Rina comes in to help but Yuu ends up suplexing both of them. Yuu tags Ryo, Ryo clubs on Michiko before Michiko goes for shoulderblocks, but Ryo doesn’t go down. Kick by Ryo and she delivers a hard shoulderblock that is successful, Ryo chops Michiko in the corner before doing her slow charge-up for a running lariat. Cover by Ryo, but it gets a two count. Ryo tags Yuu, Irish whip by Yuu and she delivers a spinning sidewalk slam for a two count. Running senton by Yuu, but Rina breaks up the cover. Yuu picks up Michiko and repeatedly chops her, Michiko blocks one but Yuu chops her again anyway and covers her for two. Yuu gets Michiko on her shoulder but Michiko slides away and hits a vertical suplex, giving her time to tag in Rina.

Running knee by Rina and she delivers a scoop slam, but she goofs around for too long and eats a chop from Yuu. More chops by Yuu but Rina drops her with a DDT, Rina goes for a German suplex but Yuu lands on top of her for a two count. Jumping kick by Rina but Yuu hits a hip toss, she rolls to her corner and tags in Ryo. Ryo picks up Rina but Rina knees her in the head as the two trade strikes. They both try to lariat the other over until Rina gets Ryo to the mat, she goes for a sliding lariat but Ryo kicks her in the face and both end up flat on their back after a double lariat. Rina tags in Michiko, elbows by Michiko to Ryo but Ryo blocks the suplex and they trade shots. Rina comes in but Ryo shoulderblocks both of them, cannonball by Yuu in the corner and Ryo hits a lariat on Michiko. Ryo picks up Michiko but Michiko slides away, cradling her for two. A schoolboy also gets a two count, Yuu tries to help but Michiko throws Ryo into Yuu. Ryo quickly recovers and hits a lariat, Hot Limit by Ryo on Michiko and she picks up the three count! Ryo Mizunami and Yuu are the winners.

These four could have a match like this in their sleep, so while it was a perfectly fine tag match it didn’t exactly break any new ground either. I find it interesting that in this series of matches that Michiko Miyagi has been wrestling underneath most of the wrestlers. She has a fair amount of experience and has had high profile spots in her career, but it appears that GLEAT is almost having her start from the bottom and work her way back up. The action here was all good, they kept the goofiness to a minimum and didn’t waste time with meaningless submission holds, it was pretty much all offense from start to finish. I enjoyed it but not a whole lot can be said about it, its a solid match that you’d expect from them that stayed active from bell to bell.  Mildly Recommended

Michiko Miyagi vs. Rina Shingaki
Michiko Miyagi vs. Rina Shingaki
GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 6 on September 29th, 2021

We wrap up this series of matches as Michiko Miyagi takes on Rina Shingaki. Rina Shingaki wrestles out of 2AW, she has already announced her intention to retire in November so this is a bit of a farewell tour for her. Her career mostly stayed under the radar – she won a few titles in BBW but no one watches that and she had limited success both in her home promotion and during her visits to other places. She’s been a semi-regular in Ice Ribbon and OZ Academy however and is a solid hand, the type of wrestler that may not pop off the page but every promotion needs to keep things rolling. Michiko edges her in experience but she hasn’t been wrestling like it in GLEAT, so we’ll see what they put together.

They circle each other to start, wristlock by Rina and she gets Michiko to the mat. Rina focuses on Michiko’s arm as she attacks it in the ropes, kick to the arm by Rina and she knocks Michiko into the corner. Rina twists Michiko’s arm in the ropes some more, Michiko charges Rina but Rina moves and Michiko falls in the corner again. Double knee to the arm by Rina, she picks up Michiko and flips her to the mat before applying an armbar. Michiko quickly gets to the ropes for the break, Rina picks up Michiko but Michiko gets way and sneaks in a DDT. Michiko quickly puts Rina’s legs on the top rope and hits a cyclone neckbreaker, Michiko picks up Rina and goes for a tombstone but Rina slides away and slams Michiko’s arm into the mat. Kick by Rina but Michiko elbows her back, they trade strikes until Michiko catches Rina and drops her with a tombstone piledriver. Slow cover by Michiko, but Rina has recovered and slaps on a Fujiwara Armbar. She switches it to a double armbar but Michiko gets too close to the ropes, so Rina pulls her back to the middle of the ring and applies the SBT Lock 2. Michiko barely struggles before she quickly submits! Rina Shingaki wins the match!

The way that Michiko is wrestling in GLEAT is fascinating to me. Its like she really is starting from scratch as she was dominated here by a wrestler with far less experience and successes. Rina is a respected midcard submission wrestler but to so methodically defeat Michiko in Michiko’s promotion is not what I was expecting. The arm work was really well done, and Michiko’s selling was great, so I enjoyed everything about their execution. It needed a few more minutes and maybe another “hope” spot or two by Michiko to look like maybe she would win (she never seemed close to victory), but the action itself was really well done. Rina’s retirement won’t send major ripples or anything but she does have a style that isn’t common on the Joshi scene so those that enjoy submission-based offense will no doubt miss her. Probably the best match of this series, nothing earth shattering but an entertaining match.  Mildly Recommended

Final Thoughts:


I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn’t seeing Michiko Miyagi being presented as a midcard-level talent by her own promotion. In four matches she got beaten twice and barely won another match, with only the first being a clear Michiko victory from bell to bell. I don’t know the long term plan here but I had assumed GLEAT was presenting Michiko as their Joshi Ace – they are not. All the matches were towards the start of the card so none were presented as “big” matches, but considering their card placement and run time they were pretty solid. Michiko Miyagi fans may be disappointed in the end result but she looked good when she had a chance to do something. No must-see matches but several of these were good, worth a casual watch.