GAEA Japan “Miracle Night” on 8/5/95 Review

Event: GAEA Japan “Miracle Night”
Date: August 5th, 1995
Location: Niigata City Gymnasium in Niigata, Japan
Announced Attendance: 2,800
Air Date: August 26th, 1995

Over the next eternity, I will be watching and reviewing all GAEA Japan events in order, starting with their debut show on April 15th, 1995. Visit the GAEA Japan Project page for a brief history of the promotion, the roster page, my favorite matches from the promotion, and the full list of all events reviewed. I will also be uploading my favorite match from each show so that everyone can enjoy it.

If you want to watch the GAEA Japan events I am reviewing, Mike Lorefice sells the complete seasons at a very reasonable price both via download and physical copy. Mike’s is one of the sites I’m using extensively to write these reviews, its a great resource for learning more about GAEA Japan and wrestling in general.

For their first event outside of Korakuen Hall, GAEA Japan kept it pretty simple as they opted to showcase their top rookies in the main event instead of having a big Chigusa Nagayo singles match. For this broadcast, they are showing less of the matches that took place on the show, but with far less clipping of the matches so we will get to see more of the action. Of the six matches on the event, only three made air. Here are the matches we will be watching:

You can click on the wrestler’s names above to go straight to their profile on Joshi City. Hopefully since the matches will be less clipped they will have more of an impact than what we saw last week.

Bomber Hikari vs. Toshie Uematsu

While GAEA Japan didn’t have an official ranking of course, based on the match order in which they wrestle and their success, I have Toshie as the #3 rookie in GAEA Japan up to this point. Meiko and Sonoko tend to get higher billing, although Toshie does have a win over Meiko so its not a huge gap between them. Bomber debuted eight years ago but had a long layoff from wrestling, she still far outranks Toshie however so the best the rookie can hope for here is to last as long as she can.

gaea8-5-1Toshie dropkicks Bomber in the back before the match starts, another dropkick by Toshie but Bomber doesn’t go down. Bomber tries to sit on Toshie but Toshie moves, she goes for a crossbody but Bomber catches her and tosses Toshie to the mat. Bomber goes for a running body press but Toshie avoids it, side headlock takedowns by Toshie and she covers Bomber for two. Dropkick by Toshie, she goes off the ropes but Bomber hits a body block for a two count cover.Bomber charges Toshie in the corner but Toshie jumps over her and applies a cradle for two. Another cradle by Toshie gets a two count, she hits a Japanese Rolling Clutch but Bomber gets a shoulder up. Headscissors by Toshie and she hits a long series of dropkicks, maybe a dozen of them before covering Bomber for two. Toshie charges Bomber but Bomber catches her and puts Toshie on the top turnbuckle. Toshie goes for a missile dropkick but Bomber swats her away, military press slam by Bomber and she hits a top rope Reverse Splash for the three count! Bomber Hikari wins the match.

This was a good little sprint, it gave Toshie a chance to get some moves in while also putting over that Bomber is strong and can crush anyone at any point. GAEA Japan had no issues doing really short matches when the situation warranted it, its a rather common theme we have seen so far but I like it as not every pairing needs to go 10+ minutes. Not long enough to really get excited about but a fun watch.

Candy Okutsu vs. KAORU

Our first look at Candy Okutsu! Candy wrestles in JWP, at the time of the match she had only been wrestling for three years but had already held the AJW and JWP Jr. Championships (“Jr.” in this sense refers to experience level, not size) so she was a highly thought of young wrestler. KAORU was in her 9th year so she definitely had the experience edge, but Candy was a rising star in JWP and wasn’t going to go down easy in her GAEA Japan debut.

We join this one in progress, as Candy has KAORU in a Scorpion Deathlock, but KAORU gets into the ropes. KAORU quickly rolls out of the ring but Candy goes out after her and stomps her, Candy throws KAORU into the guard rail a few times and scoop slams KAORU onto the floor. Candy slides KAORU back in and dropkicks her in the back, scoop slam by Candy and she puts KAORU in a crab hold. Candy then applies a Camel Clutch followed by a bodyscissors but KAORU manages to get out of it with a tummy claw, kicks by KAORU and she hits a vertical suplex. KAORU puts Candy in a Mexican Surfboard, she releases it after a moment and stomps on Candy’s back before covering her for two. Irish whip by KAORU to the corner but Candy springboards out of it with a triple jump crossbody. KAORU rolls through the crossbody, she goes up top as Candy tries to join her, but KAORU pushes her back to the mat. She goes for a diving body press but Candy rolls out of the way, cradle by Candy but it gets two. Candy connects with a series of running boots but KAORU blocks one and slaps Candy in the face. KAORU hits her own boots, scoop slam by KAORU and she goes up top, but Candy avoids the moonsault.

gaea8-5-2KAORU lands on her feet but Candy quickly hits a release German, roll-up by Candy but it gets two. Candy goes up top but KAORU joins her and armdrags Candy back down to the mat. La Magistral by KAORU, but Candy gets a shoulder up. Sidewalk Slam by KAORU and she hits a bridging fallaway slam, but Candy kicks out at two. KAORU picks up Candy but Candy slides away from her and hits a German suplex hold for a two count. Rolling Germans by Candy, but that gets a two count as well. Candy goes up top and hits a missile dropkick, she goes up again and hits a diving crossbody, but KAORU again kicks out. Candy runs up the corner but KAORU kicks her in the chest, KAORU goes up top but Candy quickly joins her and suplexes KAORU to the mat. Big boot by Candy as KAORU falls out of the ring, Candy charges the corner and hits a triple jump plancha down onto KAORU on the floor. Candy rolls KAORU back into the ring and goes up top, but KAORU dropkicks her in the stomach on her way down and Candy rolls out of the ring. KAORU goes out after her with a springboard plancha, she slides Candy back into the ring and hits a swandive missile dropkick to her back. Brainbuster by KAORU, she goes to the ropes and nails the swandive moonsault for the three count! KAORU is your winner.

We saw less than half of the match, but they showed enough of it that it was still enjoyable. Candy is just a ball of energy, she runs up the turnbuckles more than any wrestler I’ve ever seen and has great Germans. I love that KAORU so far in GAEA Japan is just finishing people emphatically, not just pinning people but giving them a series of moves that you know means they aren’t kicking out. A fun match between the two, wish we could have seen the whole thing but at least what they showed was really good.  Mildly Recommended

Chigusa Nagayo, Meiko Satomura, and Sonoko Kato vs. Devil Masami, Kuzumi, and Tomoko Miyaguchi

Time for the main event, as GAEA Japan takes on JWP. This is a pretty even pairing, as I mentioned in past reviews, Kuzumi and Miyaguchi are both rookies in JWP while Meiko and Sonoko are both rookies in GAEA Japan. All four went on to have long and successful careers (Miyaguchi later changed her name to Ran Yu-Yu and Kuzumi became Azumi Hyuga), so its fun to see them before they were great. Nagayo and Masami are the Aces of their respective promotions, leading the rookies to battle.

Miyaguchi and Kato start the match, they don’t get far before Masami and Nagayo get into the ring as things already seem to go off the rails, but the referee calms them down and everyone leaves except the legal wrestlers. We try again, stomps by Kato to Miyaguchi but Kuzumi grabs Kato from the apron and Miyaguchi dropkicks her. Miyaguchi stomps Kato and tags in Kuzumi, dropkick by Kuzumi and she hits another one before scoop slamming Kato for a two count. Kuzumi applies a headscissors but Kato gets out of it, Kato yanks on Kuzumi’s arm as Meiko comes into the ring to help too. Kato tags in Meiko and she keeps on Kuzumi’s arm, stomps by Meiko and she hits a dropkick. Another dropkick by Meiko, she picks up Kuzumi and applies a headlock, but Kuzumi quickly gets into the ropes. Kuzumi gets to her corner and tags in Masami, Meiko tries to dropkick her but Masami shrugs her off and knocks her into the corner. Meiko avoids Masami’s lariat and tries to dropkick Masami over, but Masami absorbs the blows. Cross armbreaker takedown by Meiko, but Masami lifts Meiko by the head and slams her to get out of it. Dropkick by Meiko and she applies an armlock, Masami rolls out of it but Nagayo comes in and kicks her from behind. Vertical suplex by Masami to Meiko, and she tags in Miyaguchi. Miyaguchi throws Meiko into the corner so that Nagayo can tag in, Miyaguchi connects with running kicks but Nagayo shrugs them off.

gaea8-5-3Samoan Drop by Miyaguchi, she goes for a kick but Nagayo catches it and slaps her. Nagayo tags in Kato, dropkicks by Kato and she hits a scoop slam for two. Miyaguchi tags in Kuzumi, who comes in the ring with a top rope ax handle to Kato’s arm. Masami kicks Kato’s arm from the apron, stomps by Kuzumi and she applies a short armbar. Kato quickly gets into the ropes, Kuzumi goes for an armbreaker but Kato mostly blocks it. Kuzumi tags in Masami, Masami continues on Kato’s arm while staring at Nagayo, but Meiko runs in to dropkick Masami, which allows Kato to get close enough to her corner to tag in Nagayo. Kicks by Nagayo to Masami, but Masami blocks one and puts Nagayo in the surfboard. Masami tags in Miyaguchi, Miyaguchi comes in the ring with a diving body press, picking up a two count. Miyaguchi stomps on Nagayo but Nagayo puts her in the sleeper, Kuzumi comes in to break it up but Nagayo flings her to the mat. Missile dropkick by Kato to Miyaguchi, Meiko then hits a diving shoulderblock before Nagayo covers Miyaguchi for two. Uppercut by Nagayo and she tags in Meiko, Meiko stomps on Miyaguchi’s leg before hitting a trio of jumping shoulderblocks for two. Cross armbreaker by Meiko, but Masami breaks it up with a leg drop. Nagayo runs in and kicks Miyaguchi as payback, but Miyaguchi manages to make the tag to Kuzumi. Meiko elbows Kuzumi in both corners before tagging in Kato, dropkicks by Kato to Kuzumi but Kuzumi rebounds out of the corner with a dropkick of her own for two.

Kuzumi tags in Masami, Masami tosses Kato over her head but its close enough to her corner that she tags in Nagayo. Masami promptly powerbombs Nagayo, she tags in Kuzumi but Kuzumi missile dropkicks Masami by accident. Kuzumi connects with a swandive dropkick attempt but trips on the ropes when she goes for a second one, Nagayo stomps on Kuzumi and kicks her in the head. Nagayo knocks Masami and Miyaguchi off the apron before throws Kuzumi into the corner, Masami comes in but Nagayo kicks her in the head. She goes for the Running Three but Masami gets away and puts her in the sleeper. Nagayo gets out of it and both wrestlers lariat each other, sending them to the mat. Kato runs in and dropkicks Masami, Masami tags in Miyaguchi and Miyaguchi is dropkicked by all three of her opponents. Diving shoulderblock by Meiko, Kato goes up top and hits a diving crossbody onto Miyaguchi for a two count. Kato hits a bulldog, she goes for a tornado version but Masami grabs her from the apron to prevent it. Airplane Spin by Miyaguchi into a Samoan Drop, but the cover is broken up. Miyaguchi tags Kuzumi, diving body press by Miyaguchi but Kato bridges out of the pin. Miyaguchi gets to his corner and tags in Meiko, Masami comes in and lariats both Meiko and Kato, Masami then picks up Meiko and hits an assisted powerbomb with Kuzumi. Masami then picks up Kuzumi and tosses her onto Meiko, cover by Kuzumi but Nagayo breaks it up. Miyaguchi and Kuzumi stomp on Meiko until Nagayo runs in to help them out, Kuzumi goes to the apron and she hits a swandive sunset flip, but Nagayo breaks it up. Nagayo grabs both Miyaguchi and Masami, Meiko quickly cradles Kuzumi and she gets the three count! Chigusa Nagayo, Meiko Satomura, and Sonoko Kato win!

I really loved this match, both for the action itself and because I think it accomplished what they were going for. Masami has a reputation in some circles as ‘selfish’ but she is just old school, she was very giving to Meiko here and really put over a 15 year old rookie when she certainly didn’t have to. Nagayo did the same briefly for Miyaguchi as well as both veterans did their best to help out both their opponents and their own teammates. The brief sections with Masami vs. Nagayo were well done and the crowd got into it, so there was enough of the “main event” wrestlers to make up for the rookies. The action itself was fast paced, a few hiccups with the rookies but they always recovered well since Masami and Nagayo weren’t going to let the match go off the rails. A really entertaining match that set up more battles between the two rookie sides while putting on an entertaining show.  Recommended

Final Thoughts


I liked this show quite a bit more than the last. Not only were the matches generally better, but more of them was shown, and the main event wasn’t clipped at all. KAORU vs. Candy was clipped but still a really fun match, and the story for the main event was done just about perfectly. An enjoyable hour of wrestling for sure.