CMLL/LADYS RING Numero 2 on 1/22/20 Review

CMLL Lady's Ring Numero 2

Event: CMLL/LADYS RING Ring Numero 2
Date: January 22nd, 2020
Location: Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: 250

As any regular visitor to the site knows, sometimes I review really obscure events that may not be readily available to Western fans. This is one of those times, as I take a look at CMLL and LADYS RINGS Numero 2! This is a joint event between CMLL and the magazine LADYS RING, featuring wrestlers from CMLL in Mexico and Joshi wrestlers. Ice Ribbon has sent a couple participants for the fun, plus we have wrestlers from Actwres girl’Z, JTO, and various Freelancers as well. The main event sees Mina Shirakawa face off against Dalys la Caribena to crown the first CMLL-Japan Women’s champion! Here is the full card:

As I am watching this event on DVD, all matches will be shown in full. Every wrestler on the card has a profile on Joshi City, you can click on their names above to go straight to it.

Ayano Irie and Misa Matsui vs. Ayumi Hayashi and Mari
Ayano Irie and Misa Matsui vs. Ayumi Hayashi and Mari

We start the show with an Actwres girl’Z match, but to spice things up everyone is wearing a mask! This is the right spot for them on the card as even in Actwres girl’Z these four are still working their way up the card. Even though they don’t have a ton of experience, they are very familiar with each other so hopefully they can put together something fun.

Misa and Ayano try a few sneaky flash pins during the opening handshake but it doesn’t work, Ayano and Misa deliver dropkicks but Mari and Ayumi retain the advantage with armdrags. Ayano and Misa fall out of the ring, their opponents go to do a dive but do a pose instead. Things setting down with Ayano and Ayumi as the legal wrestlers, Ayumi tosses Ayano down by her mask and tags in Mari. Mari puts Ayano in the ropes, Ayumi returns and they double team her. Mari kicks Ayano in the back, cover by Mari but it gets two. Irish whip by Mari but Ayano catches her with a dropkick and makes the tag to Misa. Misa dropkicks Mari, Ayumi comes in but Misa dropkicks her as well. Misa hits a double crossbody but Mari catches her with a sidewalk slam. Mari wraps up Misa in a submission hold but Misa gets to the ropes for the break, Mari charges Misa in the corner but Misa moves out of the way. Mari kicks Misa back but Misa slides off her shoulders and hits a low crossbody for two. She tags Ayano, dropkick by Ayano and she puts Mari in a crab hold.

Ayano Irie and Misa Matsui vs. Ayumi Hayashi and MariMari quickly gets to the ropes for the break, snapmare by Ayano but Mari avoids her dropkick attempt. Mari puts Ayano in a Rocking Horse before dropping her back to the mat, Mari goes off the ropes but Misa kicks her from the apron. She comes in the ring and they drop Mari with a double dropkick, Ayano snapmares Mari and she eats another double dropkick. Ayano picks up Mari, scoop slam by Mari and she superkicks Ayano in the head for a two count cover. Mari tags Ayumi, snapmares my Ayumi but Ayano dropkicks her. Scoop slam by Ayano and she tags Misa, footstomp by Misa and she covers Ayumi for two. Dropkick by Misa, she goes off the ropes and hits a jumping crossbody for two. Misa and Ayumi trade elbows, dropkick by Ayumi and she rolls up Misa for a two count. They trade flash pins with neither having any luck, Ayano comes in and they both dropkick Ayumi in the corner. Misa picks up Ayumi and delivers the fisherman suplex hold, but Mari breaks it up. Mari stays in and helps out, Ayumi dropkicks Misa and she hits a back bodydrop. Misa hits a diving crossbody out of the corner, she goes up top  and hits a missile dropkick for two. Misa goes off the ropes but Mari runs in and superkicks her, Samoan Drop by Mari and Ayumi applies a jackknife hold for the three count! Ayumi Hayashi and Mari are the winners!

Skill-wise, these aren’t the best wrestlers but they gave it their all. Mari is pretty good, I always enjoy getting to watch her but the other three still have a ways to go and realistically at least a couple of them may have gone as far as they are going to go in wrestling. Still, they have the basics down for the most part and since they are familar with each other the action was pretty fluid. Seeing them in masks raised the fun of it all some, and they didn’t go too long. Good enough for an opener, but I don’t expect to see them moving up the card anytime soon.

Risa Sera vs. An Chamu
Risa Sera vs. An Chamu

Next is a first time match-up, as the Ice Ribbon wrestler Risa Sera takes on An Chamu. This is a major mismatch, as Risa Sera is a former champion in Ice Ribbon and is a seven year veteran, while An Chamu has never won a major title and has been wrestling for less than two years. An Chamu mostly wrestles in small indies but is seen in Gatoh Move from time to time as well, she has her fans but still is pretty low on the totem pole. Risa Sera is generally pretty generous so I assume she’ll give An Chamu some offense before putting her away.

Risa Sera vs. An ChamuAn Chamu gets Risa into the ropes to start but gives a clean break, while posing in the process. An Chamu rolls away from Risa and poses again, this time in the corner, and slides out onto the apron when Risa charges in. Elbow by An Chamu, she gets back in the ring and Risa drops down, but An Chamu jumps over her and does another cute pose. Risa gets tired of this and hits her from behind, Risa applies a crab hold before putting An Chamu in the Rocking Horse. Double kneedrop by Risa to An Chamu’s back, cover by Risa but it gets two. Giant Swing by Risa and she covers An Chamu for a two count once she drops her. Irish whip by Risa but An Chamu hits a spinning headscissors, she charges Risa but Risa moves and knocks her to the mat. Backbreaker by Risa and she throws An Chamu into the corner, An Chamu reverses the Irish whip and applies a headscissors in the corner. Double knee strike by An Chamu and she hits a few hip attacks for a two count cover. An Chamu sits down on Risa a few times but Risa finally avoids one, she goes for a slam but An Chamu blocks it. Irish whip by Risa but An Chamu blocks it and goes for a cross armbreaker. Risa keeps her from locking it in so An Chamu applies a cross kneelock instead before switching it to a modified STF. Risa gets into the ropes for the break, An Chamu goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving crossbody for two. An Chamu picks up Risa but Risa elbows her off and the two trade blows. Risa tosses An Chamu down and applies a high angle crab hold, she lets go after a moment and powerbombs An Chamu into the corner. Running double knee by Risa and she covers An Chamu for two. Risa gets An Chamu on her shoulders but An Chamu slides off and cradles her for two. An Chamu goes for a few schoolboys but each one gets a two count, An Chamu goes for an elbow but Risa blocks it and drops her with a Schwein. Risa applies the high angle crab hold and An Chamu quickly submits! Risa Sera is the winner.

This was probably a smidge better than I was expecting. An Chamu hasn’t been wrestling long but she has a lot of personality and connects well with the crowd. Risa wrestled a pretty basic match, which isn’t too surprising and it definitely felt like ‘just a midcard match’ at times. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but neither were really doing anything to elevate the match. Perfectly acceptable wrestling and not a bad match, but nothing particularly memorable about it either.

Makoto and Mima Shimoda vs. Maika and Tae Honma
Makoto and Mima Shimoda vs. Maika and Tae Honma

This is a unique foursome in one match. There is some method to the madness, as Mima Shimoda and Maika have some history. Maika actually wrestled Mima Shimoda in her debut match and won, a very rare example of a wrestler winning their first match. Which says a lot for Mima Shimoda that she was willing to do that. They’ve wrestled one other time in JTO so it wasn’t just a one time deal, and Shimoda made it clear she still doesn’t like her by refusing to shake hands pre-match. She teams with popular Freelancer and fellow Las Fresa de Egoistas wrestler Makoto while Maika is teaming with Tae Honma from Actwres girl’Z.

Makoto and Maika start the match, they trade wristlocks and headlocks until Makoto locks on a hammerlock. Makoto goes back to the headlock, Maika Irish whips out of it and delivers an armdrag. Makoto armdrags her back and both wrestlers tag out, they lock knuckles but Shimoda pushes Tae’s hands to the mat and tries to stomp on them. Tae moves out of the way and hits an armdrag, she throws Shimoda to the mat a few more times and they trade leg trips before reaching a stalemate. Takedown by Shimoda and she puts Tae in a crab hold, she switches it to a stretch hold before hitting a neckbreaker. Shimoda picks up Tae and throws her back to the mat, stomps by Shimoda and she tags in Makoto. Makoto kicks Maika off the apron and throws Tae into the corner, putting her in the Tarantula. She lets go after a moment and stands on Tae’s back, she tags Shimoda back in and they both boot Tae. Cover by Shimoda, but it gets two. Snapmare by Shimoda and she elbows Tae in the head, she puts her in a modified seated armbar, she picks her up and tags in Makoto.

Makoto and Mima Shimoda vs. Maika and Tae HonmaMakoto yanks on Tae’s arm and applies a Fujiwara Armbar, but Tae gets to the ropes to force the break. Scoop slam by Makoto and she covers Tae for two. Shimoda returns but Tae throws her into Makoto and hits a cross armbreaker takedown on Makoto, but Shimoda breaks it up. Maika runs in and dropkicks Shimoda while Tae gets the armbreaker back on Makoto, but Makoto gets to the ropes for the break. Double Irish whip to Makoto as she is double teamed, but Makoto avoids Tae’s lariat and boots Maika out of the ring. Double underhook suplex by Makoto to Tae, and she tags Shimoda. Makoto kicks at Tae repeatedly but Tae rolls her to the mat and delivers a dropkick. This gives her time to tag in Maika, Maika picks up Shimoda and the two trade blows. Elbow by Maika but Shimoda returns fire and hits a release German suplex. Heel drop by Shimoda, and she covers Maika for two. Shimoda picks up Maika and hits a side Russian leg sweep, she quickly puts her in a submission hold but Tae breaks it up. Shimoda elbows Tae but Maika catches her with a toss and tags in Tae. Shimoda throws Tae into the corner but Tae grabs her arm and applies a hanging armbar, she lets go and hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Tae goes off the ropes but Makoto kicks her from the apron, Shimoda tags Makoto in and Makoto boots Tae in the corner. Makoto slams Tae to the mat, but Tae kicks out of the cover. Makoto picks up Tae but Tae rolls her up and delivers a dropkick. She tags in Maika, Maika tosses Makoto around the ring and applies a Fujiwara Armbar, but Makoto gets out of the hold. Maika applies a stretch hold but Makoto gets into the ropes for the break, Tae comes in but she is tripped from the floor. Spear by Makoto to Maika, but Tae breaks up the cover. Shimoda comes in to take care of Tae but Tae dropkicks her out of the ring, she goes to the apron and hits a crossbody down to the floor. Back in the ring,  Maika catches Makoto with a side slam and covers her for two. STO by Maika, but Makoto gets a shoulder up. Maika picks up Makoto but Makoto catches her with a boot to the face, she waits for Maika to get up and kicks her in the face again for a two count. Before she can do anything else, the bell expires as time has expired. The match is a Draw.

While I am generally against having a Draw in a random non-televised mid-card match, this was still entertaining. All four held their own and Maika continues to really improve less than a year into her career. Its easy to think of Makoto as just a pretty face since she does so many gravure videos, but she’s a solid wrestler that had no issues trading holds with her more technical opponents, and they kept the action going so things never slowed down. Both teams worked well together so it didn’t feel like they were just randomly created teams, as they were constantly helping each other out instead of just watching from the apron. A really solid match with four talented wrestlers, but I wish it had more of a conclusion.  Recommended

La Jarochita vs. Tsukushi

We finally get our first CMLL wrestler on the show, as La Jarochita challenges the young Tsukushi from Ice Ribbon. This match has a stipulation where if Tsukushi wins, she gets to challenge for the CMLL-Japan Women’s Championship in Mexico. I don’t know much about Jarochita but she seems to be mostly a midcard wrestler in CMLL and she has yet to win any major titles in her 14 year career. Tsukushi is younger and less experienced but has had a more accomplished career, so I’m not really sure going in who the favored wrestler is.

They lock-up to start, Jarochita pushes Tsukushi into the corner but she gives a clean break. They lock-up again but Jarochita pushes Tsukushi to the mat before taunting her, a third lock-up follows but this time Tsukushi gets Jarochita into the corner and gives a clean break as well. Jarochita asks for a Test of Strength but gets Tsukushi’s back instead, she flings Tsukushi to the mat and goes for a submission, but Tsukushi rolls out of it. Armdrag by Jarochita but Tsukushi returns the favor, as both wrestlers returned to their feet. Armdrag by Tsukushi and they trade leg trips, headscissors by Tsukushi and she dropkicks Jarochita. Jarochita kicks her against the ropes, snapmare by Jarochita and she kicks Tsukushi in the back. Jarochita bites on Tsukushi’s head before picking her up and throwing her out of the ring, she goes out after her and kicks Tsukushi into a row of chairs. Jarochita wraps Tsukushi around the ring post and pulls her into it. Jarochita slams Tsukushi into the apron before rolling her back into the ring, cover by Jarochita but it gets a two count. Jarochita throws Tsukushi into the corner and hits a lariat, running boot by Jarochita and she covers Tsukushi for a two count. Jarochita applies a STF but Tsukushi inches to the ropes to force the break. Irish whip by Jarochita but Tsukushi ducks the lariat attempt, she goes for a crossbody but Tsukushi catches her and hits a backbreaker. Running knee by Jarochita, and she covers Tsukushi for two. Irish whip by Jarochita but Tsukushi applies a tilt-a-whirl armbar, but Jarochita gets into the ropes.

La Jarochita vs. TsukushiTsukushi charges Jarochita but Jarochita hits a dropkick, Jarochita puts Tsukushi on the top turnbuckle but Tsukushi hits a diving hurricanrana followed by the Murder Dropkick. Tsukushi takes Jarochita out of the ring, she goes to the top turnbuckle and dives out with a plancha suicida onto Jarochita. Tsukushi rolls Jarochita back in and covers her, but it only gets two. Tsukushi sets up Jarochita in the ropes and dropkicks her in the back, she goes up top but Jarochita recovers and joins her. Tsukushi gets on Jarochita’s back and applies a stretch submission while perched on the top turnbuckle, she lets go after a moment and they trade elbows back in the middle of the ring. Tsukushi charges Jarochita in the corner but Jarochita drop toeholds her into the turnbuckle and hits a running double knee to Tsukushi’s back. Jarochita picks up Tsukushi but Tsukushi sneaks in a cradle for two, she goes off the ropes but Jarochita delivers a lariat for her own two count. Gory Special by Jarochita, but Tsukushi barely kicks out of the cover. Jarochita goes off the ropes but Tsukushi does as well and hits a hurricanrana, but Jarochita rolls through it and the two trade flash pins. Tsukushi gets Jarochita’s back and cradles her with a jackknife, but Jarochita kicks out. Tsukushi runs to the ropes and delivers the Harukaze, but Jarochita kicks out again. Tsukushi goes up top and nails the diving footstomp, but Jarochita gets a shoulder up on the cover. The bell rings in the middle of the pin attempt anyway, as time has expired. The match is a Draw.

This is part of the issue with doing a Draw in the last match, as with this one it may have a storyline reason but it just feels a bit deflating to have a Draw in two straight matches. Anyway, this was fun. Tsukushi is only 22 years old but is so good (I mean, she is a ten year vet so I guess it makes some sense), all her moves are really smooth and they played off each other well. Jarochita was solid too, nothing looked awkward and she matched Tsukushi’s intensity. Too short and inconclusive to get excited about (it was just a ten minute time limit), but still a really good match that is worth a casual watch.  Mildly Recommended

Dalys la Caribeña vs. Mina Shirakawa
CMLL-Japan Women’s Championship, Two out of Three Falls

Time for the main event! When CMLL and LADYS RING decided to team up for events, it was soon announced a new title would be created – the CMLL-Japan Women’s Championship. To crown the first champion, Mina Shirakawa (best known for wrestling in Tokyo Joshi Pro) goes up against CMLL’s Dalys la Caribeña. Dalys is a ten year veteran of the promotion and one of their top female wrestlers, giving her a strong edge against the relatively inexperienced Mina Shirakawa.

They jockey for position to start, armdrag by Mina and she puts Dalys in an armbar. Dalys quickly rolls out of it and tries to slam Mina to the mat, but Mina blocks it and remains on her feet. They lock knuckles with Mina applying a wristlock, but Dalys quickly reverses it and gets Mina to the mat. Dalys applies a stretch hold and then gets Mina into the Rocking Horse, but Mina reverses it and goes for the Romero Special, but Dalys gets into the ropes before she can apply the move. Mina goes off the ropes but Dalys dropkicks her, she throws Mina into the corner and kicks her in the leg. Mina fires back with her own dropkick and sits on Dalys in the corner, Irish whip by Mina and she gets Dalys down before applying a cross armbreaker. Dalys quickly submits, and Mina wins the first fall! Mina Shirakawa is up 1-0.

After a brief pause the second fall begins, armdrag by Mina but Dalys kicks her in the gut. Dalys puts Mina in the ropes and kicks her in the back, she bullies the referee a bit before snapmaring Mina and kicking her in the back. Dalys yells at the referee some more, she goes back to Mina and pulls her by the hair in the corner. Hair toss by Dalys, and she covers Mina for two. Mina sneaks in a few flash pins for two counts of her own, Irish whip by Mina but Dalys grabs her when she charges in and puts Mina on the top turnbuckle. Mina pushes Dalys away and dives off, but Dalys catches her and delivers a swinging side slam for the three count cover! They are now tied 1-1.

Dalys la Caribeña vs. Mina ShirakawaTime for the final fall. Mina and Dalys face off and trade blows, Irish whip by Mina and she hits an arm drag of sorts for a two count cover. Mina throws Dalys into the corner but Dalys flips out to the apron and pulls down Mina by the hair. Slingshot body press by Dalys, but Mina gets a hand on the ropes when Dalys goes for the cover. Dalys picks up Mina and goes to slam Mina, but Mina blocks it and rolls up Dalys for two. Dalys and Mina trade chops while on their knees, elbows by Mina and she knees Dalys in the stomach. Running double chops by Mina but Dalys rolls out of the ring to prevent a cover attempt. Mina kicks Dalys from the apron and jumps down with a seated senton, she slides Dalys back into the ring and hits a dropkick while Dalys is against the ropes. Cover by Mina, but Dalys kicks out. Mina picks up Dalys and delivers a spinning chop, she goes off the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz Press. Both wrestlers go for flash pins before Mina hits a dropkick, Irish whip by Mina to the corner but Dalys throws her out to the apron when she charges in. Mina knocks Dalys back and goes up top, but Dalys catches her when she goes for a crossbody. Dalys avoids Mina’s dropkick attempt before picking her up and delivers a sit-down powerbomb for the three count! Dalys la Caribeña wins and is the first CMLL-Japan Women’s Champion!

They tried but this just didn’t work on several levels. Their lack of chemistry was noticeable, as there were several awkward spots during the match. The match was too short for a three falls match, as there were constant breaks in the action but no real long run of wrestling to give them a chance to get rolling again. The finish was rough as well, as Mina went from in control to being defeated quickly, and the final move wasn’t hit smoothly. Add in Dalys’ randomly yelling at the referee for no reason and it just came across as a match not planned out very well. I appreciate the effort, but for a main event and title match, a disappointing way to end the show.

Final Thoughts:


For a unique show, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t without its faults. One of the best aspects of events like this is seeing new pairings that you haven’t seen before, and we certainly got plenty of that here with unique match-ups up and down the card. The two matches that went to a Draw were the best on the show, which in a way just makes it more frustrating that they weren’t given more time/a more definite conclusion. The main event was disappointing and the only real downer, as they just didn’t have great chemistry and the match structure didn’t do them any favors either. Still, the DVD was a fun watch and I am happy I purchased it, just for providing something a bit different than what we normally see on Joshi events. Whether its worth the $35 or not to buy on DVD depends on your preferences, but if you are craving an event truly unique, this one may hit the spot.