Actwres girl’Z Act 37 on 3/14/19 Review

Event: Actwres girl’Z Act 37
Date: March 14th, 2019
Location: Shin-Kiba 1st RING in Tokyo, Japan
Announced Attendance: Unknown

Occasionally I do this obnoxious thing where I review an event that I have on DVD, that is not anywhere online so only a small handful of people in the US have access to it. But I feel its important to shine a light on events that no one has seen, even though I know it can be annoying if I pimp a match that isn’t readily available. I picked this event because it was a pretty big one for Actwres girl’Z, with a title match in the main event. Actwres girl’Z is a smaller promotion based in Tokyo, they very rarely air on TV or online but do sell all of their events on DVD on their website. Check out the Actwres girl’Z Roster for a look at the wrestlers, here is the full card:

Since this is an official DVD, all matches are shown in full. Wrestlers on the show have profiles on Joshi City, you can click on their names above to go straight to it.

Ayumi Hayashi vs. Misa Matsui

The show begins with two of the less experienced wrestlers in the promotion. Ayumi debuted in November, so far in her career she has only had one match outside of Actwres girl’Z and is still in the ‘learning’ phase of her career. Misa debuted on the same day that Ayumi did, like Ayumi she has mostly stayed in her home promotion while developing her skills. This is my first time seeing either of these wrestlers, but obviously there are low expectations going in due to their experience levels.

Tie-up to start, Ayumi works the headlock and snapmares Misa around before applying a bodyscissors. Misa rolls out of it and applies a single leg crab hold, but Ayumi gets to the ropes for the break. Irish whip by Misa but Ayumi dropkicks her, they trade elbows until Ayumi knocks down Misa with another dropkick. Scoop slam attempt by Ayumi but Misa reverses it into a cradle for a quick two count. Back up, drop toehold by Misa and she hits a crossbody. A second crossbody by Misa, she picks up Ayumi and hits a scoop slam for two. Crab hold by Misa, Ayumi inches to the ropes and finally makes it to force the break. Misa charges Ayumi but Ayumi drop toeholds her into the ropes and dropkicks her in the back. Stomps by Ayumi but Misa avoids her dropkick and hits a running back elbow. Dropkick by Misa but Ayumi blocks the scoop slam, bridging cover by Ayumi but Misa kicks out. They trade flash pins with neither having any luck, Japanese Rolling Clutch by Misa and she picks up the three count! Misa Matsui wins.

Even though Misa won, I thought that Ayumi looked a bit better. Ayumi’s elbows were better, her dropkicks had more impact and she didn’t botch the ending of the match like Misa did. That doesn’t mean Misa won’t become better down the road but four months into it there is still plenty of room for improvement. A simple match, fine for an opener but nothing here to recommend watching.

Ayano Irie vs. Miku Aono

Unlike the last match, this one has a more clear favorite. Miku Anou debuted back in June of 2017, the vast majority of her career has taken place in her home promotion but she has also wrestled in Ice Ribbon, Diana, and REINA. Ayano debuted in October of 2018 and has never wrestled in another promotion, so up to this point none of her matches have ever “made tape” so to speak. I assume that Ayano is here to teach Miku some lessons, but I don’t know all the dynamics of Actwres girl’Z so we shall see.

They struggle with a tie-up to start, Ayano gets Miku in the ropes and elbows her, but Miku returns the favor. Ayano and Miku trade waistlocks until Miku applies an armbar on the mat, but Ayano gets out of it and applies a wristlock. Side headlock takedown by Ayano but Miku reverses it with a headscissors, Ayano quickly gets out of it and applies a crab hold. Miku gets to the ropes for the break but Ayano stretches Miku before putting her in a camel clutch. Miku tosses Ayano over her head to get out of it, Ayano goes for a slam but Miku blocks it and hits a slam of her own. Ayano goes off the ropes and hits a dropkick, Miku doesn’t go down so Ayano hits another one. Miku still stays up, she absorbs a third before dropkicking Ayano to the mat. Dropkick by Miku in the corner and she kicks Ayano in the chest for a two count. Ayano fights back with elbows but Miku gets away and applies a backslide, schoolboys by Ayano but she gets two counts. A dropkick by Ayano knocks Miku over, scoop slam by Ayano and she covers Miku for two. Ayano goes off the ropes but Miku lariats her and hits a kneebreaker. Modified crab hold by Miku, and Ayano taps out! Miku Anou is the winner.

This was more even than I was expecting based off their experience levels, but at least I got the winner right. Miku was fairly impressive, her dropkicks are solid and I liked her modified crab hold she used to win. Overall this was more fluid than the last match, they worked together well and it was smooth. Still a pretty basic match but I could see either of these two having a decent career if they stick with it, both showed a little something special here even though they still are putting on pretty simple matches.

Mii vs. Momo Tani vs. Yumiko Hotta

The master is here to get some hands-on work with her students. Yumiko Hotta is a legendary wrestler that needs no introduction, over her 30+ year career she has held ten different titles and is one of the most respected veterans still active on the scene. A couple years ago she became the “playing manager” in Actwres girl’Z and frequently wrestles on the cards as well to help her trainees along. She is in the ring with two wrestlers that debuted in April of 2018, so they are near their one year anniversary in wrestling. Neither have any wins of note so far in their young career, but look to impress in this match against the boss.

Mii starts in the ring first with Hotta, she asks for a knucklelock and gets it, which Hotta easily wins. Momo attacks Hotta from behind and both of the young wrestlers take turns dropkicking Hotta in the corner. Momo struggles with Hotta so Mii helps her out with a dropkick to the back, Momo and Mii both dropkick Hotta again before celebrating. Momo tries to slam Hotta but Hotta doesn’t budge, scoop slam by Hotta and she puts Momo in a camel clutch while Mii watches. Mii decides to start kicking Momo while Hotta looks amused, Hotta eventually lets go of Momo and congratulates Mii on her hard work. They both knocks Momo to the mat together, cover by Mii but it gets two. Mii runs over Momo before hitting a footstomp, but Momo hits a Backstabber. Hotta starts helping Momo now as she picks up Momo to help her kick Mii, crab hold by Momo but Mii gets into the ropes for the break. Momo puts the crab hold back on but again Mii gets into the ropes, Hotta comes in and she puts Mii in a camel clutch.

Momo kicks at Mii while she is in the hold, Mii reaches the ropes but Momo stomps on her hand. Hotta eventually picks up Mii, elbows by Mii to Hotta but Hotta doesn’t budge. Mii goes for a top toehold, it doesn’t work but Momo gets on the mat to help and they get Hotta over. Mii and Momo take turns running over Hotta’s back, Mii goes up top and she hits a diving crossbody for a two count. Momo knocks Mii away and gets a two count cover of her own, Momo and Mii start trading elbows while Hotta recovers. Hotta hits both of them, she stacks her opponents in the corner but when she charges in she only hits Momo. Mii schoolboys Hotta from behind for two, she suplexes Momo in the middle of the ring and covers her for a two count. Waistlock by Mii but Momo gets out of it, Hotta elbows Momo in the chest and Mii scoop slams Momo near the corner. Mii gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a diving footstomp, cover by Mii but Hotta breaks it up. Momo throws Mii at Hotta, Somato by Momo to Mii but Hotta breaks up her cover. Momo and Mii trade flash pins while Hotta watches, until Momo finally pins down Mii long enough to get the three count! Momo Tani wins the match.

This was an interesting match. Hotta was clearly not trying to win but just to get some in-ring time with the less experienced wrestlers, as at times she was just watching until she decided it was time to get involved for some reason or another. I liked the parts with Mii and Momo double teaming Hotta and if there was more of that it would have been a better match, but in the end it just felt unusual more than good. Some cute spots with Hotta, but not really a great match.

Hikari Shimizu, SAKI, and Sakuran Bonita (Cherry) vs. Himeka Arita, Miyuki Takase, and Tae Honma

So I am expecting these last two matches to be good. This match has a lot of young talent in it, plus Cherry under a gimmick to hopefully keep the younger wrestlers in line. Hikari Shimizu and Himeka Arita are the two least experienced wrestlers in the match, at two years and a little over one year respectively, but both have a fair amount of experience outside of Actwres girl’Z as they are two of the promotion’s better wrestlers. Tae Honma is a three year veteran and is seen as a rising star in the promotion, while Miyuki Takase is the most successful Actwres girl’Z original in this match as she has challenged for multiple titles in her two year career. SAKI is a six year veteran that started in LLPW-X before joining Actwres girl’Z in 2018, she also wrestles regularly in Gatoh Move. Finally we have Cherry, who was affiliated with DDT for 15 years before going Freelance in 2018. Quite a combination here but some quality wrestlers, hopefully they can deliver.

Hikari and Tae begin the match for their teams, Tae gets Hikari to the mat but Hikari kips up and applies a wristlock. Tae reverses it as they trade holds, armdrag by Tae but Hikari cartwheels away from her and hits a dropkick. Miyuki and Himeka come in the ring but Hikari hits a crossbody on both of them, SAKI and Bonita enter and they all pose on top of Himeka. Tae and Miyuki recover to help, they trey to pose on Hikari but Hikari collapses. The action spills out to the floor with Bonita choking Tae, Miyuki runs up the stairs and hits an elbow on Hikari. Hikari fires back with elbows to Miyuki and hits her own elbow after running down the stairs, Hikari then tosses Miyuki into a row of chairs at ringside. Miyuki slides Hikari back into the ring and the two trade chops, rapid fire chops by Miyuki in the corner but all the other wrestlers in the match get in the ring and get stacked up in the corner. Himeka charges in and hits a body avalanche on the whole lot (except SAKI who dove out of the way), and SAKI puts Himeka in a Rocking Horse. After a moment she lets go, SAKI picks up Himeka but Himeka gets away and hits a shoulderblock. SAKI doesn’t go over, she then tries to shoulderblock Himeka but Himeka stays on her feet. SAKI kicks Himeka but Himeka finally knocks her down with a shoulderblock, crab hold by Himeka but SAKI is too close to the ropes and forces a break. Snapmare by Himeka but SAKI avoids her knee, takedown by SAKI and she puts Himeka in a Scorpion Deathlock.

Himeka quickly gets out of it and gets SAKI on her shoulders, but SAKI slides away. Hikari runs in and hits a crossbody on Himeka to get her over on a sunset flip attempt, but the cover only gets two. Bonita is tagged in, she picks up Himeka and slams her to the mat. Miyuki trips Bonita from the floor, Himeka tosses her into the corner but Bonita avoids her charge and hits a knee. Swinging neckbreaker by Bonita, but he cover only gets two. Himeka fights back and hits a running knee, she gets Bonita on her shoulders in a backbreaker but SAKI and Hikari run in to rescue her. Himeka picks up Bonita again and hits a Samoan Drop, cover by Himeka but Bonita kicks out. Himeka tags in Miyuki, dropkick by Miyuki and she hits a missile dropkick off the second turnbuckle. Lariat by Miyuki and she hits a diving elbow smash off the second turnbuckle for a two count cover. Heel kick by Bonita and she dropkicks Miyuki, giving her time to tag in Hikari. Bonita stays in as SAKI comes in also and all three hit running strikes on Miyuki, PK by Hikari and she covers Miyuki for two. Hikari applies a choke but Miyuki gets out of it, Hikari goes for a crossbody but Miyuki elbows her in midair and gets a two count cover. Rolling fireman’s carry slam by Miyuki, but Hikari avoids the diving legdrop attempt. Chops and elbows by Miyuki in the corner but Hikari avoids one and slides out to the apron. She charges back in but Miyuki catches her with a powerslam and tags in Tae. Tae gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a front dropkick, cover by Tae but it gets two. Bonita comes in and stomps Tae, but Tae throws Bonita into Hikari.

SAKI runs in and boots Tae in the head, kicks to the back by Hikari to Tae but Tae avoids the PK. Tae and Hikari trade elbows until Hikari hits a scoop slam, cover by Hikari but it gets a two count. She tags in SAKI, SAKI boots Tae in the head and they start to do the “all six wrestlers suplex each other” spot but Hikari is in no mood and breaks it up with a kick. Vertical suplex by SAKI to Tae, she gets on the second turnbuckle but Himeka grabs her from behind and brings her back into the ring. SAKI hits a double facebuster on Himeka and Tae, SAKI goes for a boot but Tae catches her leg and goes for an ankle hold. SAKI quickly gets to the ropes, Tae dropkicks SAKI in the leg and covers her but SAKI is too close to the ropes. Tae trips SAKI and puts her in a cross kneelock, but the hold is broken up. Himeka and Miyuki come in and double team SAKI, Tae goes up top but Tae accidentally dropkicks her own partners. suplex by Bonita to Tae, Hikari gets on the second turnbuckle and hits a diving footstomp. SAKI follows with a reverse splash, but the cover is broken up. SAKI picks up Tae but Tae gets away and rolls up SAKI for two. Himeka shoulderblocks Hikari but Bonita chops her in the face, lariat by Miyuki to SAKI and Tae connects with a missile dropkick on SAKI for two. Tae holds SAKI but SAKI kicks Miyuki away and hits a vertical suplex onto both of them. Assisted footstomp by Hikari to Tae, SAKI picks up Tae and hits a vertical suplex for the three count pinfall! Hikari Shimizu, SAKI, and Sakuran Bonita are the winners!

This match not only met my expectations but exceeded them, a really fun match. You can tell they have been wrestling together for awhile as they have great chemistry, and both Hikaru Shimizu and Miyuki Takase have very bright futures in wrestling if they stay active. Matches with six wrestlers are generally too chaotic to tell a story and they embraced that here as there was constantly action going on and wrestlers running in to help their teammates. A fast paced and well executed match and the exact type you want in this slot to get the crowd excited for the main event coming up.  Recommended

(c) Saori Anou vs. Kakeru Sekiguchi
AgZ Championship

Championship time! Saori Anou is the first AgZ Champion, winning a tournament for the title on November 15th, 2018. The title is not defended very often, as this is only her second defense after beating Miyuki Takase in January. Saori is the undisputed young ace of Actwres girl’Z and also wrestles frequently in OZ Academy as well. Kakeru Sekiguchi debuted two years ago and has made a quicker climb up the ladder than most Actwres girl’Z wrestlers, as she has been a regular in OZ Academy since soon after she debuted, wrestling as a member of the MISSION K4 faction. She has never won a title however, and is looking to get her first one here to stake her claim as the top wrestler in Actwres girl’Z.

Kakeru pushes away Saori’s handshake attempt and elbows her repeatedly in the corner, Irish whip by Kakeru but Saori reverses it. Saori lands out on the apron but quickly gets back into the ring and boots Kakeru to the mat. Saori works a headlock but Kakeru quickly gets out of it, she goes for a dropkick but Saori avoids the move and hits a heel drop. Headlock by Saori but Kakeru inches to the ropes and gets there to force a break. Saori goes off the ropes and boots Kakeru in the face, she charges Kakeru but Kakeru hits a judo throw followed by series of dropkicks for a two count cover. Sleeper by Kakeru but Saori gets a foot on the ropes to get the hold released. Kakeru knocks Saori into the corner but Saori avoids he charges and hits an enzuigiri. Saori goes for a chop but Kakeru ducks it and hits a dropkick, another dropkick by Kakeru while Saori is against the ropes and she snaps Saori’s head into the apron. Kakeru slams her head into the apron again before returning to the ring, she goes up top and delivers a missile dropkick. Another missile dropkick by Kakeru, she goes for the cover but Saori kicks out. Kakeru picks up Saori but Saori elbows her back and the two trade blows.

Slap by Saori and she hits an enzuigiri, Kakeru comes back with more elbows and she delivers a dropkick. Kakeru charges Saori but Saori snaps off German suplex, Kakeru gets back up however and plants Saori with a STO for a two count. Saori goes for a boot but Kakeru ducks it and schoolboys Saori for a two count. Kakeru gets the sleeper re-applied, she lets go to cover Saori but Saori kicks out. Kakeru jumps at Saori and drops her to the mat with a grounded front necklock, but Saori doesn’t fully go to sleep so Kakeru releases it. Kakeru drives Saori’s head into the mat repeatedly before picking her up and re-applying the hold, but this time Saori is too close to the ropes and she forces a break. Kakeru doesn’t let go of the hold so Saori stands back up while still in it and slams Kakeru into the mat. This gets them even more in the ropes and the referee finally manages to break them up, Kakeru drags Saori to her feet and goes off the ropes, nailing a STO for a close two count. Saori goes off the ropes again but this time Saori snaps off a hurricanrana for a two count. Kakeru goes for the front necklock but this time Saori slams her to the mat to block it, Kakeru goes for a cradle but Saori kicks out. Kakeru goes off the ropes and hits another STO, but again it only gets two. Kakeru goes off the ropes but Saori goes behind her back and delivers a Wheelbarrow German Suplex Hold for two. Enzuigiri by Saori and she delivers a Dragon Suplex Hold, picking up the three count! Saori Anou is the winner and still the champion.

Even though I wish the match was a bit longer, it was still an enjoyable match. Kakeru’s STOs are fantastic, loads of impact and it is a perfectly reasonable finisher with the way that she executes it. I do wish that she wouldn’t just release submission holds for no reason, its a tough spot but if a submission isn’t going to work then its probably better to do a rope break or some other reversal as releasing them without victory isn’t overly logical. It really was Kakeru’s match as Saori was in despair for the bulk of it, but her move combination at the end felt definitive enough that it didn’t feel like a cheap victory. Overall I liked it, both are good wrestlers, even if it wasn’t completely without its flaws and was a little shorter than I’d prefer a main event title match to be.  Mildly Recommended

Final Thoughts:


With the total match time under an hour, its hard to compare an event like this to a major show, but for a casual watch I enjoyed this. The first three matches had limited appeal, mostly young wrestlers gaining some much needed ring time. The six woman match was the best match on the show and was better than I expected, they worked really well together and the almost 20 minutes flew by with very little downtime. The main event was good but didn’t have that big match feel I was hoping for, both wrestlers have a lot of fun offense however so I still enjoyed it. Overall, a solid presentation from one of the smaller Joshi promotions, I can’t recommend paying $40 for the DVD but if you see it floating around online the last two matches are definitely worth watching.