Birth: October 19th, 2002
Weight: 106 lbs.
Background: Ice Ribbon Dojo
Debut: August 27th, 2017 vs. Manami Toyota
Promotions Wrestled For: Ice Ribbon
Notable Partners: None
Other Identities: None

Championships Held: None
Tournaments Won: Kizuna Tag Tournament (2019)
Awards Won: None

Notable Matches:

  • May 3rd, 2018 vs. Yoshiko
  • January 13th, 2020 with Akane Fujita vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi (title challenge)

Signature Moves:

  • 619
  • Shiina’s Hair
  • Victory Sunrise

Sample of Matches Reviewed on Joshi City:

In Action:

Asahi 619
Asahi Victory SunriseVictory Sunrise

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