Birth: October 5th, 1992
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Background: Trained at Texas Wrestling Academy
Debut: February 22nd, 2018
Japanese Promotions Wrestled In: Stardom
Other Promotions Wrestled In: Sabotage Wrestling, RISE, and Shimmer

Joshi Championships Held: None
Joshi Tournaments Won: None
Joshi Awards Won: None

Notable Matches in Japan:

  • February 2nd, 2019 vs. Utami Hayashishita (title challenge)

Signature Moves:

  • 619
  • Cutter
  • Diving Body Scissors
  • Neck Snap
  • Rebound Crossbody
  • Shining Wizard

Sample of Matches Reviewed on Joshi City:

  • None yet

In Action:

Diving Body Scissors

Rebound Crossbody

Shining Wizard

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