Joshi Card Grab Bag (10 Cards)

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For each quantity purchased, you will receive 10 Joshi Base Cards. Cards will be randomly inserted from the following sets:

  • 2019 BBM True Heart
  • 2018 BBM True Heart
  • 2018 Kagetsu Memorial Card Set
  • 2017 BBM True Heart
  • 2016 BBM True Heart
  • 2010 BBM True Heart
  • 2007 BBM True Heart
  • 1998 ARSION Card Set
  • 1998 BBM
  • 1997 BBM
  • 1996 BBM
  • 1996 AJW Card Set Vol. 1 and Vol 2.
  • More random older sets
  • Informal Signed Cards from various years (autograph cards but not officially stamped/certified)

For up to five quantities purchased, no duplicate cards, guaranteed! Due to the nature of the grab bags, requests for certain wrestlers/years are not accepted, however popular stars from the past and present are always included in each quantity purchased. The picture above is just a sample of cards available.

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