At the beginning of each month, I will rank the Top 10 current Joshi wrestlers and Top 5 tag teams/factions.  The criteria for the ranking will be championships held, match quality, popularity, and wrestling frequency.

Rankings Last Updated: January 7th, 2017

Top 10 Singles Wrestlers

  1. Io Shirai (Stardom)
    • World of Stardom Champion (382 days)
    • Won Artist of Stardom Championship on January 7th (1 day)
    • Defended World of Stardom Championship vs. Mayu Iwatani on December 22nd
    • Best in the World
  2. Ryo Mizunami (Pro Wrestling WAVE)
    • Regina Di WAVE Champion (10 days)
    • International Ribbon Tag Team Champion (91 days)
    • WAVE Tag Team Champion (154 days)
    • Won Regina di WAVE Championship vs. Yuu Yamagata on December 29th
  3. Kairi Hojo (Stardom)
    • Wonder of Stardom Champion (201 days)
    • Goddesses of Stardom Champion (17 days)
    • Defended Wonder of Stardom Championship vs. HZK on December 9th
    • Won Goddesses of Stardom Championship vs. Oedo Tai on December 22nd
  4. Hiroyo Matsumoto (Freelancer)
    • OZ Academy Openweight Champion (56 days)
  5. Hanako Nakamori (JWP)
    • JWP Openweight Champion (11 days)
    • JWP Tag Team Champion and Daily Sports Tag Team Champion (147 days)
    • Won JWP Openweight Championship vs. Arisa Nakajima on December 28th
  6. Risa Sera (Ice Ribbon)
    • ICExInfinity Champion (8 days)
    • Won ICExInfinity Championship vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto on December 31st
  7. Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls’)
    • Sendai Girls’ World Champion (84 days)
    • Defended Sendai Girls’ World Championship vs. Cassandra Miyagi on November 11th
    • Least active champion
  8. Makoto (REINA)
    • REINA World Women’s Champion (289 days)
    • Defended REINA World Women’s Championship vs. Koharu Hinata on December 18th
  9. Mayu Iwatani (Stardom)
    • High Speed Champion (455 days)
    • Lost to Io Shirai for World of Stardom Championship on December 22nd
  10. Aja Kong (OZ Academy)
    • Defeated Meiko Satomura for #1 Contendership for the Sendai Girls’ World Championship on November 23rd

Top 5 Tag Teams and Factionsbest

  1. Hikaru Shida and Syuri (Freelancers)
    • Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Champions (46 days)
    • Oz Academy Tag Team Champions (119 days)
    • Won Sendai Girls’ Tag Team Championship vs. Chisako and KAORU on November 23rd
    • Defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto and Rina Yamashita on December 11th
  2. Misaki Ohata and Ryo Mizunami (Pro Wrestling WAVE)
    • International Ribbon Tag Team Champions (91 days)
    • WAVE Tag Team Champions (154 days)
    • Defended WAVE Tag Team Championship vs. Sumire and Yamashita on December 18th
    • Defended International Ribbon Tag Team Championship vs. Hoshi and Miyagi on December 31st
  3. Hanako Nakamori and Kyoko Kimura (JWP/Freelancer)
    • JWP Tag Team Champions and Daily Sports Tag Team Champions (147 days)
    • Defended JWP Tag Team Championship vs. Chisako and Hana Kimura on December 18th
  4. Kairi Hojo and Yoko Bito (Stardom)
    • Goddesses of Stardom Champions (17 days)
    • Won Goddesses of Stardom Championship vs. Oedo Tai on December 22nd
  5. Queen’s Quest (Stardom)
    • Artist of Stardom Champions (1 day)
    • Won Artist of Stardom Championship vs. Oedo Tai on January 7th