Birth: March 8th, 1973
Death: August 27th, 2018
Cause of Death: Cancer
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Background: Trained in JD’, also had a background in MMA
Debut: April 14th, 1996 vs. Sachie Abe
Retirement: April 7th, 2017
Promotions Wrestled For: Jd’, Big Japan, LLPW, Marvelous, and REINA
Notable Partners: Makoto (in REINA) and Aki Shizuku (in RETINA)
Other Identities: Aya Koyama

Championships Held: REINA X World Tag Team Championship
Tournaments Won: None
Awards Won: None

Notable Matches:

  • May 5th, 1998 with Sachie Nishibori vs. Kayo Noumi and Miho Wakizawa
  • December 22nd, 2013 with Aki Shizuku vs. Leon and Ray
  • May 25th, 2014 with Aki Shizuku vs. Kaho Kobayashi and Makoto
  • August 20th, 2014 with Makoto vs. La Comandante and Yumiko Hotta

Signature Moves:

  • High Kick
  • Tornado DDT

Sample of Matches Reviewed on Joshi City:

  • None Yet

In Action:

Tornado DDT

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