2020 BBM True Heart Ambitious!! Joshi Set Checklist and Review

2020 BBM True Heart Ambitious!!

In my collection I have a wide variety of Joshi card sets from over the years, many of which do not have a card list anywhere on the Internet. So I hope to slowly add more of them to Joshi City, with the next set being 2020 BBM True Heart Ambitious!!.

Card Set: 2020 BBM True Heart Ambitious!!
Release Date: November 28th, 2020
Base Cards in Set: 104 Regular Cards
Cost per Box: 8,000 Yen
Where to Purchase: Third Party Vendors (Buyee, eBay, etc.)

For the first time in the history of BBM True Heart, the series is having its second release in one year! This is an interesting set. The cards are new in design, with a lot of variations that we don’t normally see in True Heart. The roster list is shorter however as there are a high number of wrestlers not represented, including all of SEAdLINNNG, Diana, Marvelous, OZ Academy, Gatoh Move, JTO, and Sendai Girls’, plus various Freelancers (Stardom is also not included but they have not taken part in True Heart since 2012). This change was likely due to COVID, as getting to events for the wrestlers to sign was likely more complicated. That leaves Ice Ribbon and Tokyo Joshi Pro as the two bigger promotions included in the set, plus Actwres girl’Z and PURE-J. For fans of the other promotions this is definitely a disappointment, especially as one box is a similar price as the full release back in February.

With entire promotions missing from the set, the appeal may be limited, however they did make an effort to make up for it with lots of repeat cards of the more popular wrestlers. Wrestlers such as Ram Kaicho and Miku Aono have a high number of cards, with Maya Yukihi dominating all with her own special collection both in base cards and autographs. While the set is more for serious collectors or big fans of one of the promotions that did make the cut, the cards have a clean look and the number of autograph cards is still impressive. Here is the base card checklist:

Red = Debut Card
Blue = Tag Team Card
Maroon = “Another Shot” Card
Green = Private (Regular) Clothes Card
Orange = Swimwear Card
Gray = Rifu Tourism Ambassador Memorial
Indigo = Bonus Track
Magenta = Maya Yukihi Costume Collection Card (regular card, no memorabilia)

1. Yuki Aino
2. Miku Aono
3. Saki Akai
5. Saori Anou
6. Rina Amikura
7. Noa Igarashi
8. Maki Itoh
9. Ayano Irie
10. Himawari Unagi
11. Maika Ozaki
12. Nao Kakuta
14. Manami Katsu
15. Yuki Kamifuku
16. Mahiro Kiryu
17. Crea
18. Momo Kohgo
19. Marika Kobashi
20. Yuka Sakazaki
21. SAKI
22. Yuko Sakurai
23. Sena Shiori
24. Hikari Shimizu
25. Suzu Suzuki
26. Suzume
27. Kakeru Sekiguchi
28. Risa Sera
29. Miyuki Takase
30. Rika Tatsumi
31. Momo Tani
32. Tsukushi
33. Nodoka Tenma
34. Satsuki Totoro
35. Shoko Nakajima
36. Hanako Nakamori
37. Cat Haruna
38. Hikari Noa
39. Hyper Misao
40. Yoshiko Hasegawa
41. Banny Oikawa
42. Ayumi Hayashi
43. Pom Harajuku
44. Hiragi Kurumi
45. Akane Fujita
46. Tsukasa Fujimoto
47. Ibuki Hoshi
48. Hamuko Hoshi
49. Tae Honma
50. Mirai Maiumi
51. Misa Matsui
52. Matsuya Uno
53. Yuna Manase
54. Mari
55. Mari Manji
56. Mii
57. Mizuki
58. Mochi Miyagi
59. Yappy
60. Miyu Yamashita
61. Maya Yukihi
62. Rydeen Hagane
63. Raku
64. Ram Kaicho
65. Leon
66. Miu Watanabe
67. Nao Ishikawa
68. Chie Ozora
69. Mai Sakurai
70. Waka Tsukiyama
71. Yuki Mashiro
72. Ami Miura
73. Moka Miyamoto
74. Daydream (Miu and Rika)
75. Tae Honma and Nao Kakuta
76. Sekiguchi & Aono
77. BeeStar (Maiumi & Suzume)
78. Frank Sisters
79. Risa Sera
80. Miyuki Takase
81. Ram Kaicho
82. Saki Akai
83. Saori Anou
84. Maki Itoh
85. Suzume
86. Tae Honma
87. Mirai Maiumi
88. Suzu Suzuki
89. Tsukasa Fujimoto
90. Miku Aono
91. Himawari Unagi
92. Yoshiko Hasegawa
93. Yuna Manase
94. Tsukasa Fujimoto
95. Miku Aono
96. Suzu Suzuki
97. Ram Kaicho
98. Maya Costume Collection
99. Maya Costume Collection
100. Maya Costume Collection
101. Maya Costume Collection
102. Maya Costume Collection
103. Maya Costume Collection
104. Maya Costume Collection

This is a unique set with autograph cards, as many wrestlers have multiple variations. The cards with (+C) means the wrestler also has a Cheki autograph /10 (unless otherwise specified) in addition to a regular autograph card. Most of the base autograph cards are /120. Here is a complete list of all the autograph cards:

Red = “Another Shot” Autograph
Green = Plain Clothes Autograph
Orange = Swimwear Autograph
Magenta = Maya Yukihi Collection Autograph

Yuki Aino (+C)
Miku Aono (+C)
Saki Akai (+C)
Saori Anou (+C)
Rina Amikura (+C)
Noa Igarashi (+C)
Maki Itoh (+C)
Ayano Irie (+C)
Himawari Unagi (+C)
Maika Ozaki (+C)
Nao Kakuta (+C)
Manami Katsu (+C)
Yuki Kamifuku (+C)
Mahiro Kiryu (+C)
Momo Kohgo (+C)
Marika Kobashi
Yuka Sakazaki (+C)
Yuko Sakurai (+C)
Sena Shiori (+C)
Hikari Shimizu (+C)
Suzu Suzuki (+C)
Suzume (+C)
Kakeru Sekiguchi (+C)
Risa Sera (+C)
Miyuki Takase (+C)
Rika Tatsumi (+C)
Momo Tani (+C)
Tsukushi (+C)
Nodoka Tenma (+C)
Satsuki Totoro (+C)
Shoko Nakajima (+C)
Hanako Nakamori (+C)
Cat Haruna (+C)
Hikari Noa (+C)
Hyper Misao (+C)
Yoshiko Hasegawa (+C)
Banny Oikawa (+C)
Ayumi Hayashi (+C)
Pom Harajuku (+C)
Hiragi Kurumi (+C)
Akane Fujita (+C)
Tsukasa Fujimoto (+C)
Ibuki Hoshi (+C)
Hamuko Hoshi (+C)
Tae Honma (+C)
Mirai Maiumi (+C)
Misa Matsui (+C)
Matsuya Uno (+C)
Yuna Manase (+C)
Mari (+C)
Mari Manji (+C)
Mii (+C, /11)
Mizuki (+C)
Mochi Miyagi (+C)
Yappy (+C)
Miyu Yamashita (+C)
Maya Yukihi (+C)
Rydeen Hagane (+C)
Raku (+C)
Ram Kaicho (+C)
Leon (+C)
Miu Watanabe (+C)
Nao Ishikawa (+C)
Chie Ozora (+C)
Mai Sakurai (+C)
Waka Tsukiyama (+C)
Yuki Mashiro (+C)
Ami Miura (+C)
Moka Miyamoto (+C)
Daydream (Miu and Rika) (+C)
Tae Honma and Nao Kakuta (+C)
Sekiguchi & Aono (+C)
BeeStar (+C)
Frank Sisters (CHEKI ONLY)
Risa Sera (+C)
Miyuki Takase
Ram Kaicho
Saki Akai (+C)
Saori Anou (+C)
Maki Itoh (+C)
Suzume (+C)
Tae Honma
Mirai Maiumi (+C)
Suzu Suzuki (+C)
Tsukasa Fujimoto
Miku Anou (+C)
Himawari Unagi (+C)
Yoshiko Hasegawa (+C)
Yuna Manase (+C)
Miku Aono
Suzu Suzuki
Ram Kaicho
Maya Costume Collection
Maya Costume Collection
Maya Costume Collection
Maya Costume Collection
Maya Costume Collection
Maya Costume Collection


Scans coming soon!